Spicy Black Beans

This original post was written over two years ago.  We still eat these regularly and still love them.  I think the creamed corn makes the a little sweeter and creamier.  Today I am linking this recipe with all the creamed corn recipes over at Patchwork Times. If you missed it earlier, I have a quilt magazine giveaway and a fabric giveaway going on.

I have caught the pressure cooker bug.  After reading about all the great things Judy over at Patchwork Times makes with her pressure cooker, I thought I would give it a try….and I love it.  We’ve been eating amazing homemade bean recipes for weeks.  Here’s my latest creation.


Here’s the recipe:
Cook a bag of black beans according to the directions in your pressure cooker.  Mine were in for 5 minutes and I did a natural pressure release.

Then take the beans and add:
one small can of green chilies
1 can of tomato soup
1 can of creamed corn
1/2 c salsa

Heat them up and they are good to eat.

I have found that this makes a BIG batch.  I take small leftover containers and freeze some.  Then I pull them out of the freezer when we need them.  It’s been making cooking SO easy.

I truly do love my pressure cooker and I love that Kayla has been offering so many more uses for it over at her blog.  She’s working on 365 days of pressure cooker recipes.

7 thoughts on “Spicy Black Beans”

  1. I LOVE my pressure cooker. I have an electric model that I bought years ago from QVC, and use it almost exclusively for beans (we do a lot of Mexican cooking), although I make pot roast & stew on occassion. Putting the salsa in the beans makes all the difference!

  2. I just bought a new pressure cooker last week but haven’t used it yet. Maybe your spicy black bean receipe will be my first thing I make. Thanks Jo.

  3. What kind and size of pressure cooker do you and your readers have or even recommend? TIA (Hope that’s o.k. to ask.)

  4. recently i’ve started making bean dishes and i’m finding we really like them! my son is vegetarian, but the rest of us are not, so i can usually keep his part meatless if the recipe calls for meat, and it will still be tasty.

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  6. Terri L Benedict

    Tried this recipe last night along with your sour cream apple pie recipe. We REALLY liked the spicy black beans!

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