Jasper’s Chores

A guest post from Kayla…

Our son Jasper loves to be part of whatever Dad is doing. We put a swing in the basement so he can “help” Spencer do laundry or work on the updates. He HATES being inside if Spencer isn’t. One day he was fussing and fussing inside with me so I just parked his highchair outside and he watched Spencer change oil. He was so happy!

He loves to clean. It is hard to vacuum with him around because he wants to be close and watch the dust swirl. When we are done cleaning him from eating he takes his washcloth and wipes surfaces. He has a mini cleaning set and walks around the house pushing a broom.

He feels most proud of himself when he can do “chores.” Back in November, we started having him put his own laundry down our chute.

Now that he can walk, any piece of laundry is all his. We have to get our laundry folded quickly or he will pick it up and try to put it down the chute!

It is fun to watch him be so proud of himself over something so simple.

He is at a really fun age where he is showing so much maturity but still reminds us he is just a baby. For example, he goes to put his laundry down the chute but then grabs the toilet paper. He is happily coloring a picture but then randomly eats the crayon.

I knew that I wanted to have a child, but anticipated just bearing the baby years so I could enjoy older kids. We have been really surprised by how much we have loved being Jasper’s parents all along.

What I’m Reading: Two Thousand Minnows

I have really been enjoying Audible’s new “plus catalog”.  Plus Catalog is an added opportunity for Audible users to get more books that they sign up for.  For me, I have the 12 credits a year subscription.  I have kept it as there are often books that I want that neither of the online libraries I use has.  Occasionally I use a credit if there is a scheduled release from an author I love and the waiting list at the library is months long.

The Plus Catalog comes free with my regular subscription.  The Plus Catalog allows me to get extra books for free.  Two Thousand Minnows by Sandra Leigh Vaughan was one of the books I got.  I actually downloaded quite a few!!

Two Thousand Minnows: A Young Girl's Story of Separation, Forgiveness, and Hope

I love memoirs. I love hearing the stories of triumph over tragedy.  I love hearing real-life stories.  This was all of that.

The book is well written and really kept my attention.  Occasionally I wanted the book to speed up a bit but I don’t think I would count that against it.  I think the reason I wanted to speed it up is that it was hard to listen to some of the dysfunction in this family.  I applaud the author for rising above her early circumstance and persuing the inkling that there was a skeleton in their family closet.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
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Community Quilts from Ronda

I have a treat for you today.  I have four quilts to share with you.  All were finished by Ronda.  She does wonderful work and was one of the first people to volunteer to help finish quilt tops.  I so appreciate her work.

Ronda writes:
The first top was sent to me from Cindy E. of Mansfield, Ohio.

This all batik beauty is a nice lap size at 64 X 80.  I believe she also sent the purplish batik backing, which I added a little blue to,  to make it bigger.  The blue I added and used for the binding is from Jeanne M. of Tucson, Arizona.

This quilt went to Opportunities Unlimited.

Barbara L of …
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In My Mail…

I am off for a week of writing blog posts about the mail and then I get overloaded with mail.  I had been doing good at keeping up and then with the birth of the twins, I got behind.  This is going to be a long post…

The first package for today came from “Longtime Blog Reader”.  That made me smile to see that in the return address!!

Inside was a UFO project.  I need to take a minute and see how these blocks go together.  I have a local lady who is in her 90s.  She loved finishing UFOs that are already made into blocks.  I think these will be passed on to her.

Gayle sent this box of goodies…

Gayle said to keep what I wanted and pass on or auction whatever I wanted.  These were the cutest prints.
I think they must have been samples from salesmen.  See the eyelets in the fox fabric below?  It makes me think they were a sample.

Here were some ufos and scraps.

This set is missing the fabric for block #1 but my plan is to pull some of my own fabric.  I think it will easily work.  I have a local lady I will pass this on to.

There were lots of fun fabrics…

along with a quilting T-shirt and some patterns.  Some of these will make their way into an upcoming postage auction.

There was also a quilt top that is in progress.  This one needs a finisher.  Any takers?
So many fun things…thanks so much!

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