Community Quilt from Doris

I have had lots of quilts in lately.  I just love it.

Doris is the finisher on all of these.  She writes:

Hi Jo, here are three from the last batch you sent. They were all made by the Cresco ladies.

This was my first time quilting with Minky and I loved it. I did take the buttons off and FM some eyes since it was going to a program serving at-risk moms with babies.

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Community Quilts from Ronda

You were treated to some great quilts that Ronda finished on Thursday, happily, I have more quilts from Ronda to share with you today.

Ronda writes:

The first top was sent to me from Linda M. of Tucson, Arizona. 

She also sent the pretty teal-colored backing fabric. 

The binding was from some fabric you passed on to me from Sandra in Texas. 

The quilt finishes at 57 X 66 and was donated to Opportunities Unlimited.

The next quilt I have to share with you today is…
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Community Quilts from Celesta

I’ve had a really busy week and again am pressed for time to write blog posts.  Happily, I’ve gotten in a lot of community quilts. So I’m writing an extra post on community quilts today.  These are from Celesta and her group that works to help provide baby quilts for women in Tanzania who birth their babies through the sponsored clinic.

Celesta writes:
Life has thrown our little group into a busy time, with several new grandbabies and some health issues but we have some quilts finished, all thanks to Maryanne from Perkasie, Pa. She has been so generous to our cause. It seems generosity is a requirement for a person to be a quilter, those two skills seem to go hand in hand for just about every quilter I’ve ever met…

After a week of rain, I had to go outside and enjoy some sunshine with these quilts. Doesn’t the pink and green one give you a taste of spring, and aren’t they adorable?

These quilts were all from panels or fabric, and we turned them into whole cloth quilts. The orange one is birds and birdhouses, and the two with the safari animals are perfect for Tanzania, the home of the Serengeti. And what little boy wouldn’t love a quilt with trucks and dogs?


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A Treat from Kayla

I’ve told you all before that my grandparents on my dad’s side came to the United States from Sweden in the early 1900s.  My dad loved his Swedish heritage.  When he went to church he often talked Swedish to another churchgoer who could speak.  He would often say a phrase like, ” “jag alskar dig”…I love you in Swedish.

Even though Dad was a country music fan, he really Abba’s music because they were from Sweden.  If there was something Swedish, Dad often supported it.

Our family had a tradition of going to the Minnesota State Fair.  Dad enjoyed going and mom was happy to go.  Going to the fair was one of the very few times my dad left the farm.  I can honestly say that he might only leave ten times in a year.  Mom did the errands and Dad stayed home.  You can see that the state fair was a treat.

As a teen, we went and there was always a vendor booth there and everything in the booth was Swedish-made or Swedish-themed.  If we went to the booth, Dad would always let me get something.  About that time, Bastad clogs were popular in my high school, and Dad, who didn’t care about fashion at all but loved all things Swedish, let me get a pair even though they were far more expensive than he would normally allow.

I loved them.  I loved them a lot.  I wore them often and was so happy I “fit in” and was able to have shoes that were considered “in”.  The next year at the fair I was able to get another pair…and the next year another.  It got to be a bit of a tradition.  Dad did wise up and I did have to start paying for part of the cost of them.

I’ve talked about the clogs often to Kayla.  I just loved them.  The clogs are now known as Troentorp clogs…same clogs just a different name.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Kayla.  She said, “Mom, I want to get you a present.  I want to buy you a nice pair of shoes…something you wouldn’t normally buy yourself.  I was going to try to surprise you but I decided that I’d ask you instead to try to avoid returning the shoes.  Is there a kind of shoe that you’d like but would never buy yourself?”

Immediately I said, “Troentorp clogs”.

So with her on her phone and me on my phone, we searched the internet together and I picked out a pair of shoes.  Last week they came in the mail…

I was so excited.  I hoped I would still love them like I used to.  I’ve almost bought them so many times…then didn’t as they are over $100 a pair.  I’m kind of cheap that way.

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