Moda Bake Shop: Hooting with the Stars

As many of you know, Kelli and I did a lot of quilts for Moda Bake Shop several years ago.  Some of the things you likely don’t know are that Moda Bake Shop isn’t run quite the way it used to run.  The site has been reworked and can now be found through  Well through all of this, Kelli and I have been overwhelmed by questions from interested parties wanting the patterns for specific quilts as some of the patterns have been “lost in the archives”.  Well, to be honest, we are wanting to avoid all those emails and requests so we are going to be featuring one of our old Moda Bake Shop quilts or projects each week until all of them are posted here on our blog so we can readily find them and have access to them whenever we want.  These quilts will be archived here on the blog in the free patterns section on the right column.

This quilt is one of my favorites.  It’s quick and easy and is a great way to showcase one of your favorite fabric lines.

This fabric line is “It’s a Hoot”. This star quilt finishes at 48.5 inches square, which is a perfect size for that little toddler in your life.

After you check out the pattern, head on over to this blog entry.  There you can see the quilt made up in a different fabric line.  You can also see the pictures that didn’t make the cut.  It’s the blooper reel.  You can find it HERE.

1 It’s a Hoot layer cake
1 yard coordinating fabric for star border and binding
3 1/2 yards coordinating fabric for backing

Open your layer cake pack. Cut each square into 4- 5″ squares.

To make the star blocks, select 16 light squares and 16 medium-dark squares for the star points.

Using your preferred marking method, draw a diagonal line connecting opposite corners on the backs of the light squares.

Match each light square up with one of the selected medium-dark squares. With right sides together, sew 1/4 inch on each side of the marked line.

Using a rotary cutter, cut on the diagonal line. Iron four of the half square triangles to the light side and the other four towards the dark side.

Trim squares to 4 1/2 inches square. These will be the star points. Set them aside.

Select 16 additional light charms and 16 medium dark charms. Trim all pieces to 4.5 inches square.

Using 8 of the half square triangles (4 medium/dark 4.5 inch squares, and 4 light 4.5 inch squares), layout a star block as shown.

Sew together in strips like this….

Sew the strips together.

Create 3 additional star blocks following the previous instructions.

From fabric for inner star border, cut 8- 1.5 inch strips.

Subcut into 8 – 16.5 and 8- 18.5 inch strips.

Attach the 16.5 inch strips to opposite sides of each star block. Press.

Attach the 18.5-inch strips to complete the border. Press.

Repeat to have a total of four star blocks.

Sew together 4 five inch blocks together in a row. Make a total of 6 of these sets. These will border the sides of the star blocks.

Sew the borders to the blocks as shown to make a strip. Repeat so you have two rows.

Sew eleven 5″ squares together in a row as shown to create a border strip. Repeat to make 3 strips.

Sew the eleven-inch block strips to the star block strips. Your quilt top is complete.

Seam the backing piece together. Quilt as desired.

Lay your quilt out and admire your handiwork!

48.5 x 48.5 quilt.

Come visit Gracie and me over at Jo’s Country Junction.  Sadly Gracie has passed away.  Rosie is here with me now.  Oh, I miss Gracie.  She was a great dog!

7 thoughts on “Moda Bake Shop: Hooting with the Stars”

  1. Hi Jo, I love this quilt! You did such I great job with the pattern instructions that I think even I could try this one. Ever since you blogged about the Maureen McCormick fabric coming out soon I’ve been anxious to see it in person. I grew up watching the Brady Bunch and like the flowers and colors of her design. Your quilt might be something I could make with her fabric. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with it.

  2. I guess I’m looking in the wrong place, but I couldn’t find this pattern on the list on the right side. Another pattern to add to my to-do list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jo, Now you’re getting me really excited about the projects you’re working on with the new fabric line!! I’ll be checking your blog daily for the big reveal! Thanks, Jo.

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