Too many eggs…How about Breakfast Pizza

We have a flock of 18 laying hens.  In the spring, they take their job of laying farm fresh eggs VERY seriously.  This photo shows the afternoon picking.


 We cannot possibly use all the eggs so we “peddle” them off to whoever will take them.  It’s rare that a visitor comes to our house without leaving with a dozen or two of our fresh eggs. 

I try to use as many eggs as I can so I have developed quite a reportiore of egg recipes….breakfast pizza happens to be my husbands favorite.  Here’s a recipe of sorts.  I am not good with writing down recipes for things that I have “made up”. 


Take your favorite recipe for dough and press it out onto you pizza pan.  I am a HUGE fan of Pampered Chef’s pizza stones.  Take spreadable cheese like cheese whiz (I, of course, use generic) and spread some cheese over the pizza.  I usually have to heat it up for 25 seconds in the microwave in order to make it spread decently.   Fry how ever much bacon you would like.  I always keep a box of bacon ends and pieces on hand for this.  I cut it up into little pieces with my kitchen scissors before I put it in the frying pan.  After the bacon is done, I drain it and set it aside.  Then I break eight eggs into a bowl, scramble them, and pour into the frying pan that the bacon was fried in.  Once the eggs are mostly cooked, I put them on the pizza crust.  Then I put the bacon on and the cheese.  Sometimes I add other things like green peppers, mushrooms, or anything you would put on an omlet.  I always bake pizza in a 425 degree oven until the cheese is just starting to brown.  

I love this recipe because it helps me use all those eggs and my family loves it because it just plain tastes good. 

Keep checking back and I will share more recipes that use lots of eggs.

2 thoughts on “Too many eggs…How about Breakfast Pizza”

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  2. Thank You for this! We have 21 hens (we had a slight issue with the cuteness factor) and we can’t keep up with the eggs during the spring and fall. My kids are starting to complain having eggs so often. This new recipe will be a great shake up for them. It looks really yummy!

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