Friday Finish: Layer Cake Strip Quilt

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In Kelli’s stack of quilts she wanted me to machine quilt was this fun little patriotic quilt top.  She didn’t have any borders on it so I asked if she minded if I add one.


We planned on this being a charity quilt and to get it to a more use-able size I thought adding the borders would be a good idea.  I asked Kelli if she made up the pattern and she sheepishly said yes but there really isn’t a pattern.  Here’s the story….

She really wanted to make one of those Jelly Roll Race quilts but didn’t have a jelly roll.  We did have an almost complete layer cake here so she improvised.

She cut the layer cake pieces into 5 ~ 2″ strips.


She mixed up the strips and sewed them into one long-long-long strip until every single piece was used.


Ever single piece.

Then she cut off 5″ from one of the ends…and did the very same thing you do to make a Jelly Roll Race Quilt.


She found half way point in her long-long-long strip and cut it in half. the sewed the  pieces together.


She folded cut in half and cut and sewed..folded cut in half, cut and sewed again, and again and again until her unit was about 48″ x 46″.  If you make one, yours might be a little bigger.  Kelli didn’t have a complete layer cake to work with.  We were missing about about five squares.

I trimmed it up and added 5″ borders.


We used the same border and binding.  You would need to cut 5 border strips and 5 binding strips.  Meaning you’d need about a 1 1/4 yards to do that.

The quilt ends up being 54″ x 56″…yours might be slightly larger with a whole layer cake.

For the quilting I used a red on top and a cream on the back.  The design is what I call headbands.  It’s simple but puts down a lot of thread.


I really like using a dense design like that on simple quilts.  It seems to liven them up a bit and give them a little movement.


All in all, we are very happy with the quilt.  We think we’ll be taking it and donating it for a lap quilt for a nursing home resident.  If you make one, we’d love to see it.

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15 thoughts on “Friday Finish: Layer Cake Strip Quilt”

  1. This is a beautiful quilt. I have often wanted to try one of those jelly roll races but the end result would never be big enough since I want to make them bed size for a queen. I like the idea of the small pieces though – good for the grand kids! And I love your new top to your blog!

  2. Love the color and pattern. Seems very easy to do. Now if I would have my other quilt top done before I start another one. I need a Sewing Room instead of using the dining room!!

  3. This also would be so perfect for the Wounded Warriors Project or any of the charities serving our military service men and women. It’s gorgeous, I love the colors and the quilting, and I’ve had the race design on my mind for a while now. You’ve made it move up a bit on my list!

  4. Love love this quilt. like it so much better in the storter strips than the longg ones I have seen. you are the best Kelly and your mom Quilting is just fabolist .

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