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Here is our landing page for things about charity quilts.

Several years ago we started working with our blog readers to provide charity quilts to people in need  or charitable endeavors that aide people in need.  Many readers have quilt tops hidden away in closets that they know longer love or want.  We even have some readers that have blessed their family members with quilts but still have ambition to sew more quilt tops and happily sew to share.  Many readers have been given those tops to me so I can finish them and move them onto someone in need.

I have volunteered to quilt them.  That often means providing the thread, batting and often the backing too.  I love being part of this project and enjoy giving to others.  I do this because I love it and because it’s a tribute to my parents who were always ready to help out others.  More than that, giving to others just feels good.

I’m setting up this page to answer so many of the frequently asked questions that we get.

1-Who can donate quilt tops?
Anyone who has a top they no longer want.  If you have questions email me at

We are looking for more long armers who want to volunteer to quilt tops.  Feel free to contact me about that at

2-What size of tops do you take?

All sizes.  We find homes for all quilt tops that get sent to us.  Twin size is much needed.

3-What do I need to send with my quilt top?
You are welcome to send backing or binding but neither is necessary.  You can simply send the top.

4-Where do I sent them?
Jo Kramer
111 2nd Ave NE
Waucoma, IA 52171

5-Where do the quilt tops get donated to?
Occasionally I keep one and donated it locally to a benefit or worthy cause.  I’ve donated to the local Humane Society, a benefit for a child who needed a trained dog to help him detect seizures, the local nursing home, families who suffered from a fire, Quilt of Compassion and other events.

We recently implemented an opportunity for people to volunteer to bind quilts.  Those that volunteer can donate the quilt or quilts that they bind to a similar type organization in their area.

6-I want to become a volunteer quilt binder or long armer?  How do I do that?
Send an email to Jo at  There is a listing of volunteers so don’t be surprised if it takes a bit of time to get to your request to help.

Please keep in mind that there are some requirements that you must follow if you are a binder.  We ask that:
1-A volunteer tells if you’d like one or two quilts to bind.
2-They tell me the size preferred to work on…I have baby, to lap, to single to queen.
3-I send it to them
4-They bind it and send me a picture of the quilt finished along with the name of the original maker of the quilt top
5-They pick a charity or worthy cause to donate it to, tell me the charity and donate it.
6-I write a blog post about it.

7-Can I request a charity quilt to be donated for an event?
Yes.  You can request it but there is no guarantee that we will provide one or that one will be available.  We recently were able to provide quilts for a family who went through a devastating fire.

8-I have fabric and sewing related things that I want to donate.  Do you know a resource?
Yes.  I am currently working with two different places to get sewing and crafting related things to them. I have a home for them with Sacred Heart Haiti Mission.  Read a blog post I did for them here.   If you have any of the needed items…treadle and electric sewing machines (they don’t have to run perfectly), fabric, thread, needles & pins, embroidery floss, lace and trim, zippers and scissors..they can use them.

I am also supporting Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  Read a blog post I did about them here.
You can send items directly to them at:

If via UPS/FedEx:
Parents Resource Center
Wounded Knee District School
201 Main Street
Manderson, SD 57756

If via US Mail:
Parents Resource Center
Wounded Knee District School
P.O. Box 350
Manderson, SD 57756

Thanks for your interest in our charitable quilting project.

Any other questions, feel free to ask them.  Here’s my email.

12 thoughts on “Charity Quilts”

      1. MaryAnn,
        Sorry I missed this. The address is –
        Quilts for Tanzania
        Peace Lutheran Church
        3530 Dayton Xenia Rd
        Beavercreek, OH 45431

  1. Cathy morrill

    If you want to send some projects our way. We would love to help out
    Cathy morrill1333 middle rd Caledonia ny 14423
    Gail Sherman 233 west st ludlow mass01056

  2. Hi Jo! I love your blog and especially appreciate all the quilters out there who do charity work! I’m interested in donating to Jazz as I am from the Houston area. I noticed you did not have any info listed with her name. If she is accepting tops or fabric would you let me know? I would also like to donate to Ray but I will email him for an address. Thanks for all you do in the quilting community!

  3. I have several quilt tops and backs I’d like to send. The email address is not showing active. Rogjok….
    Is the address in IA still good to send quilts to?
    Is there someone I can discuss the details with?
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks! I’ll be gathering what I have. Most have backs too, just never had a chance to complete. They’re not fancy, just simple, mostly squares, and NOT perfect.
    I have pics of what I’ve donated last year in a “charity quilt” thread. I usually include a same theme stuffed animal. What I’m sending is more adult themed. I’ll keep you posted on shipment.
    Thanks so much!

  5. I have 3 twin sized quilts tops and backings that need to be quilted and finished. I know at one time you published a name and e-mail address of a women(Karen or Karin) in Indiana who wanted tops and backs for quilts to go to kids who were getting beds. You also had comments about a finisher who donated to foster children, a particular calling for me.
    Further I have 10 yards of white flannel that I purchased for Christmas tree shirts but ended up using polar fleece. Plus I have 2 yards off polka dot flannel and 2 yards of juvenile flannel I would like to donate.
    Further I would like to contact Jay and offer to make 5 patriotic tops plus backing but I would like it to go to unhoused Veterans or one who just got housing’
    Thank you for all you do. I do enjoy your blog.

  6. Hi Quilted Twins is asking for help with stockings – yes they are preparing early. There is a lady who is 90 who makes them but I think she might be getting tired. If anyone can part with Christmas fabrics – the stockings are 28 inches tall. My store here doesn’t have a cutting table so they sell precuts and they didn’t even have Christmas fabrics this year. We are $300 under budget for our living expenses so I really can’t go to even Joann’s or buy from Amazon right now.If someone just wants to downsize from their stash I would be so grateful- if you want to help QS make the stockings that’s great too. They are online and located in Dade City Fl. This project is for an Indian reservation out west. My address is
    June Tibbetts
    6221 Vicney Lane
    Midlothian Tx 76065
    And I can still use scraps for the IFAQH project
    Thank you and God Bless

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