Lots of Miscellaneous

I have a few things I really need to chat about. I’ve been trying to keep them all in my head and wait to address them individually but that just is making my head full so I decided to write a blog post and put them all together here. So if this post seems really …

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Cross Stitch Update

I had a great week of stitching. If you remember, last Friday I went to the stitching group in Waverly, Iowa. I had never been there before so I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to stitch. I really didn’t have a project that was ready for only fill-in work. So I hemmed and hawed …

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Community Quilts from Ray

Ray never takes a rest. He has taken his farm-boy work ethic from childhood and completely transformed it into a hard-working longarmer!! He has three quilts to share today. One is patriotic the rest are not. I think he’s getting close to having the patriotic quilts finished. Ray writes:“I pulled another smaller quilt top out …

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