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Where We are Published: Pre-Cut Patchwork

Did you all know that that magazine Quilting Quickly, a Fons and Porter entity, has changed its name to Pre-Cut Patchwork?  I didn’t until we had one of our quilts published with them.

A few years ago we made LOTS of precut quilts.  In the last year or two, we haven’t made nearly as many.  When I cleaned out my sewing room, there were lots of bags of leftovers from precuts.  What’s a girl to do with them?

Some scraps blend easily with others…but other scraps, they don’t blend the best.  That was true of this batch of leftover pre-cut scraps.

That’s when I got the idea to sew the pieces of fabric together and make “slabs” of fabric.  Then I tried to come up with a simple design that would use those 3 1/2″ slabs.

This is what I came up with…

It’s not a fancy quilt but I am completely in love with it.  One reason…I feel like the quilt was a “make something from nothing” quilt.

The size of the quilt was dictated by the amount of scraps I had and blocks I could make.   If you look closely at the picture you can see the the fabrics are pieced together making square and triangles.

At one point I didn’t have enough of scraps left over from the precut so I dug through my other scraps and found a few greens and teals that would work….still the bulk of the quilt came from the leftovers of the pre-cut.

If you’re wondering the quilt that we made with the original pre-cut was this… Continue reading

A Little About Me…

So today was doctor day for me.  It was quite the day all around.  Kalissa, Gannon and Kayla went with me.  Kelli took Kramer to his radiation appointment.

For us, this is a trip from NE Iowa into Southern Minnesota, to Rochester, MN.  One of the towns we go through it Spring Valley.  If you’re a Kramer, Spring Valley means the bakery.

Everytime we go to Rochester we purposely leave a little early just so we can stop at the bakery.

Spring Valley also has some awesome old houses.  This one is Kalissa’s favorite.  She loves the black and white.  She has vowed should she ever reside her house, she’ll definitely do it in this color scheme.

Gannon was EXCELLENT….not a peep out of him.  (Promise…I’ll do an update on him soon)

The waiting room was PACKED…this was for the lab.

I got a student for the blood draw.  He missed and then the “teacher” had to DIG…It wasn’t terrible…but we didn’t get in at the right time so we were a few minutes late to the next appointment which was a neck ultrasound.

I checked in at the kiosk and then started waiting again.  We waited a bit and then we started wondering why I hadn’t been called back.  Kayla went into the check in and asked.  It turns out it didn’t check me for the ultrasound, it checked me into the chest CT scan which was supposed to be after the ultrasound.

We waited a bit more and then I got called back.

It was uneventful.  When I got back to the waiting room, Kalissa was all smiles and had her phone out to show me a picture she took of Gannon while I was gone.  This is the picture.

The story she told me was this: Continue reading

Community Quilts from Connie

Connie S. finished up some baby quilts…This is Connie an Iowa girl not my Connie who’s a Minnesota girl.

Connie S wrote:
I have finally finished and gifted these two quilts you sent me to bind in April of 2018. Both quilts were made by Marian in Tennessee. I enjoyed hand stitching the binding on both quilts – one very bright colors and the other quite subdued with more pastel colors.”

Marian makes THE MOST AMAZING baby quilts.  I’ve worked on so many of her quilts.  They are all so nicely coordinating and the patterns are all so fun.

Here is the second quilt…it’s precious… Continue reading

Here we go again….

Last week in my Time Hop on Facebook this picture came up.  This was a celebration day honoring that my cancer screen came back clear.  It was a wonderful feeling….WONDERFUL.

Image may contain: one or more people, drink, eyeglasses and indoor

For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March of 2016.  My thyroid was removed and I went through Radioactive Iodine treatment.  The long and short of that treatment is:

Go on a special diet for two weeks
Take a pill of radioactive iodine
Stay away from everyone for 2 1/2 weeks

That sounds kind of cut and dry…but it really isn’t.  It still comes with all of the feelings..all of the worries…all of the thoughts.  You still are told the words- Continue reading