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Sunday in the Sewing Room

I spent much of Sunday at the computer trying to catch up.  I feel so behind in bookwork and emails and writing blog posts.  It started about a month ago and the behindedness has just stuck.  I thought I might make a dent if I stuck with it for a few hours but I still feel behind.  I’m sure I’ll catch up at some point but I can see, it won’t happen soon.

After so long I wasn’t concentrating and decided enough was enough.  I was going to head to the sewing room.  I had plans to get the dresser that I painted together.  The drawers were still in the garage and I needed to put the drawer pulls back on.  The problem, my dresser is the white one on the far left in the photo.  Whoever painted it, did a crappy job of painting it which was okay as it was easier to paint once I got it.  The problem was they paint the drawer pulls too.  UGH.

So I showed them to Karl.  He said, no problem mom, behold a grinder.

Karl ended up buffing them with the grinder and got all of the paint off of them.  They look fabulous.  Seriously, if I bought these drawer pulls in town, I’d have likely spent the price of the dresser.  I went to screw them on and that’s when I realized the screw heads were painted too.  So the screws all go buffed too.

I carried the drawers upstairs and put them in.  Now the moment of truth, do I like it? Continue reading

In My Mail…

I am writing this all in one post…I probably should write two but I’m trying really hard to catch up again.  So grab a pop, fill your coffee cup, or whatever you need to do as this is going to be a long post.

My first box came anonymously.  It had goodies and some postage money…

The next package came from Carla.  She is a long time blog reader.  She sent postage money and goodies…

A letter came from Josephine in NY.  She sent postage money.  YAHOO!!  Thanks so much.  Your generosity is so appreciated.  There is so picture with this as there was nothing to take a picture of that didn’t include the person’s address.  MANY THANKS.

The next box came from Linda in WI… Continue reading

What I’m Working On…

I’ve had such a busy week…seriously, so busy.  I’ve loved it and had a great time but I’ve not had a lot of time for actual quilting.

My friend Doreen contacted me and asked if I would longarm quilt one of her quilts that she had made with the intention of donating it to the school kids that needed quilts.  Of course, I would.

So that was supposed to be my Tuesday job so late Monday night I loaded the quilt in the frame.

Then Kalissa had a Covid scare again, had to be tested again, and I ended up having the boys all day Tuesday which was totally okay but that pushed me getting Doreen’s quilt done to Wednesday as Tuesday night after the boys left, I had to write blog posts.  Kalissa’s test was negative which is great!!

Wednesday was a miserable day.  I went to work on the quilt and the thread breaking issue I had was back.  It was back with a vengeance.  Oh, my word.  I didn’t end up crying over it.  I didn’t even say a cuss word.  I did however vow that once the quilt was off the machine, I was going to find out what in the heck was wrong with it.  I’ve never had trouble like this.

The thread was breaking about every 1/3 of the way across.  It was so annoying.  It was worse at first but I switched thread and that helped a little.  After another pass, I stopped to clip threads and look at what I saw lying on the quilt.  Continue reading

Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

Last week I told you that the Cresco ladies had delivered quilts to me.  I am actually so far behind in writing that there are TWO batches of quilts to show you.  This is the first batch.

There were several string quilts in the mix….

The outer border fabric fame from me!

This next quilt was a flannel quilt….

Another flannel one…

This was fun.  I love the four patches in the middle.

This was more “guy print”.

Lots more string quilts…

I really like these nine patches.  Seriously, nine patches and four patches are my favorite blocks. Continue reading