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What I’m Working On…

I’ve been a busy girl.  It’s because I had Thursday and Friday over the weekend off from childcare.  One of my childcare families was going to be gone so I decided it would be great for me to take some time off too.

I have a doctor’s appointment today so I’m off today too.  I’m back at Mayo Clinic for my six-month check-up for my thyroid cancer.  I’ll let you know how that all went later in a blog post later this week.

For now…let’s talk about something fun.  Let’s talk about what I’ve been working on.

I’m still working away on my Red Sampler Quilt Along with Lori Holt.  I am still loving it.  This week we made one 12″ and two 6″ block week.  I cut the blocks out during one naptime and sewed two the next morning…and one the next evening.  It’s so easy to squeeze it time to make these as they don’t long at all.

Admittedly I am getting a little lazy on my color selection.  At first I as so careful to not repeat any prints.  Now, I’ve totally given that up.  The stem of the leaf block is the same as the 12″ block star fabric.  The border fabric on the 6″ block on the left is the same as the corners on the 12″ blocks.

I am now trying to use up the strip of fabric as I do and have kept all of the leftovers in one box.  I rummage through the cut strip leftovers before I cut into any fabric.

Thanks so much to the blog reader who sent the neutral star fabric in the center of the block.  I saw the print and immediately knew it would perfectly in my sampler blocks.  I love the diagonal lines of the print.

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Update on AUCTION

There were several comments that didn’t post immediately as the people who bid were first-time commenters. All first-time comments are held for moderation so we can check if they are a spammer wanting to do something crazy like, sell you sex toys. I have gone through. All of those comments have been approved and this is the current list with current prices as of 8:00 pm central time on Sunday evening. Bidding continues through 5 pm tomorrow (Monday). Thanks to everyone who is bidding!!

There have also been several people who have bid the same amount for an item.  The first person who made the bid will be the bid that is honored.  If you want to bid more, you are welcome to raise your own bid.

If you get the blog posts via email, you will need to go directly to my blog to find the post and bid.  No email bids are accepted.  CLICK HERE for the link to the post.

Item #1: Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt top with pink sashing + $7 postage Current bid $90
Item #2: Vintage String blocks + $6 postage Current bid $80
Item #3: Four Charles Harper Cross Stitch Charts + $3 postage Current bid $25
Item #4: Six Charles Harper Cross Stitch Charts + $3 postage Current bid $50
Item #5: 11 Mini Vintage aprons + $3 postage Current bid $15
Item #6: Yoyo piece+ $6 postage Current bid $45
Item #7: Schnibble pattern collection+ $3 postage Current bid $100
Item #8: 15 Dresden plate blocks + $7 postage Current bid $80
Item #9: Grandma’s Garden blocks + $7 postage Current bid $75
Item #10: Vintage quilt top + $6 postage Current bid $35
Item #11: Quilt books + $4 postage Current bid $45
Item #12: Lot of Prairie Schooler Cross Stitch Santas + $4 postage Current bid $60
Item #13: Vintage Sunbonnet Sues + $3 postage 25.00
Item #14: Lot of stamped embroider blocks + $8 postage 60.00
Item #15: Lot of BLUE and GREEN embroidered blocks 26 blocks total + $7 postage Current bid $90
Item #16: Lot misc embroidered blocks + $9 postage Current bid $45
Item #17: AMAZING applique UFO + $8 postage Current bid $80.
Item #18: Lot of vintage feed sack fabrics + $4 postage Current bid $42.
Item #19: Lot of vintage quilt blocks + $7 postage Current bid $75
Item #20: Vintage Star Quilt top + $7 postage Current bid $60
Item #21: Grandma’s Garden top with green sashing + $7 postage Current bid $150
Item #22: Apron and pot holder kit + $8 postage Current bid $15
Item #23: Minkie Baby Kit + $7 postage Current bid $20
Item #24: Seven Sisters blocks + $3 postage Current bid $15

Community Quilts from Jazz

I’m so happy to be sharing quilts that Jazz finished.  They turned out so cute.

Jazz writes:
Hi, Jo! Here’s a note to say that you were right! In spite of accepting a new, part-time job I do still have time to continue my favorite pastime, quilting for the babies of the Ben Taub and LBJ hospitals in Houston, Texas. (Y’all might not know this about Jo, but she’s also a treasured, supportive listener if you have a disappointment or concern to share. And she gives excellent advice.)

My first example is one made from HSTs from the donated scraps of many of your devoted fans. You sent me the batting and luscious, blue flannel backing. Flannel is a favorite of new babies.

So are all the bright, cheerful colors. And even though you can’t tell by these pictures, I used glittery blue quilting thread on the back. Sparkly threads might be old news to most of your readers, but it’s new to me and I’m delighted with it.

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In My Mail…

My mailbox is booming.  I had two packages one day…on the next and them more and more.

The first package was from Pauline.  When I felt the package my immediate thought was that I didn’t order a book.  Then when I opened it I saw that sweet blog reader Pauline thought of me and sent me a phone book.  I’ll be using that to sew some string blocks.  THANKS!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, I use telephone books as foundation papers for making string blocks.  They are excellent for that.

The next package came from Julie.  It’s a full quilt kit.

I think this will be added to the postage auction that I hope will be happening soon.  Those blog posts take a lot of time for me to write so they are easy to put off writing.  Soon though…soon.  THANKS so much for this.

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