Stitch Along: Spring Messenger

Hey all…to you remember that I started a stitch along?  It’s for this project…

It’s a Scattered Seeds Samplers chart.  The gals at Stitchery Nook in Osage, Iowa have volunteered to makes kits and sell them.  I know many of you have already purchased kits and plan to stitch along.  You can order the supplies through THIS LINK if you you’re interested in joining us.

As I said earlier, feel free to start the kit as soon as you get it so you have time to stitch and finish it for spring display.

In the past I’ve had a few people who were disenchanted with me because they thought a stitch along is more hands on than I made it.  Typically in the cross stitch world, a Stitch Along has really only meant, “Hey, I’m stitching this, do you want to stitch it too?”.  I think many of you were more under the impression that a stich along meant, I would show you step by step how to stitch and how to make the piece.

That is all nice…I really wish I could do that completely.  I wish I could come to each and every person’s house who is new to cross stitch and help you learn to stitch…sadly, I can’t.  But, I tried to do a “next best thing”.

It’s not the very best…but…

A Busy Few Days

I have had a few crazy days.  If you sent an email recently, I haven’t gotten to it and likely won’t for a day or two.  I had company and quite a lot of it.  My company left earlier today and I’ll be playing catch up which is totally okay.

My daughter Kayla messaged me at the end of last week and said she was up for a visit.  She thought she’d come Sunday afternoon and stay through Tuesday.  My daughter Kelli messaged me Saturday and said her Sunday sitter was sick and she needed me.  Kelli works overnights as a nurse.  So she needed me to watch the kids Sunday so she could sleep…and possibly Monday.  My daughter Kalissa also had to work the overnight shift as a nurse and her husband who usually has the kids overnight had to be at work at 5 am Monday morning so, could I watch her kids and get them on the bus?  Sure??!!

So this was the crew that stayed overnight at my house on Sunday night.

It was crazy…I got no sleep but it was fun!  I’ll just show you some photos from our time together.  Here is Kayla with Eli and Emmett, Kelli’s twin boys.  Kayla was trying to figure out how to get the two of them downstairs.  They are too heavy to carry both at once anymore so she sat on her butt and slid down the steps.

Kayla was so sweet and gifted Gannon (who is crazy about Legos) some Lego man hand gloves that she knitted.  Gannon was CRAZY about them and wore them all day…more on that later.

Karl, our son, came over for a visit too.  He was the “funcle” (fun uncle) giving all the kids their favorite up-side-down hugs and even loving up on my foster dog Mork.

Mork was the star of the show…

We got all the kids ready for bed on Sunday night.  It turns out that Kelli’s hospital had a low census and she didn’t have to go in to work so she got to join in the fun.

The overnight was crazy.  Kelli had… …

Cross Stitch Finish: A Happy Life

I have my first fully finished cross stitch piece fully finished for the 2023 calendar year.  It’s just a little one but I am completely smitten with it.

I’ve had it stitched for a few weeks already but just haven’t squeezed in time to fully finish it.  Sometimes, I let myself ruminate over things for a bit before I finish them especially if they are small pieces.  This one is small and it’s improvised quite a bit over the original pattern.

I started out thinking I was going to make it into a pillow.  Then I thought I would attach it to the top of the box…but in the end, I didn’t do either of those.  I ended up framing it.

First, let me share the pattern with you.  It’s called … …

Pup Update

Before I get to the pup update I want to give you all a big shout-out.  Do you remember some time ago I mentioned that I put together a needs list for our rescue?  The updated list is HERE.  I delivered everything when I picked up my last pups and the rescue coordinator was so impressed by your generosity.  Believe me, I was too!!  She ended up taking this picture and did a write about you all on their Facebook page.  We all want to thank you.  It’s support from others that really keeps up going.  THANK YOU so much!!

Now to today’s post:
You all might remember that last week I got some foster puppies.  I started with three and am down to two.  One of the black ones was only at my house for a day and then he went to another foster.  Before he left, he got lots of loving.  If you missed the story about me getting them, you can find that HERE.

They were vetted on Wednesday.  All three went.  The boys were neutered and shots and the girl the white merle colored was spayed and given shots.  Her name is Mindy.  The boy I’m fostering is Mork from the old television show Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams.  The other dark male is Mahomes.

Here is my after school crew getting some puppy snuggles.

The kids just love… …

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