A hole in the fence….

Last year, late in the fall, one little beagle known by the name of Gracie, ripped a hole in my chicken fence.  Gracie and I were outside.  I had thrown a bucket of leftover food scraps into the chicken yard and did chicken chores then went inside.  Gracie didn’t want to come in so I let her stay outside.  A short time later, I heard the chickens squawk.  I went outside to investigate and there was Gracie in the chicken yard eating the food scraps.  I couldn’t figure out how that could happen until I saw this….


…a hole in the chicken fence.  Hubby said he’d take care of it when he was done doing the fall field farm work.   We put some landscaping bricks in front on the hole and….. it was forgotten.


…forgotten until spring.  Well hubby is back in the field again….and his hand is still in a splint so the fence mending is suddenly my job.  I’ve been married to a farmer for 25 years now so this doesn’t surprise me a bit.  When I started patching, the chickens ran into the chicken house.  They are a flighty bunch that don’t appreciate anything out of the ordinary.  After five minutes passed, the barred rock came out to visit.


Then after a bit, the Delaware came out and started on her dust bath.


The landscape bricks put away and hole is patched….now I’m hoping that beagle of mine will leave the fence alone!

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3 thoughts on “A hole in the fence….”

  1. Toni Anne Potter

    Good Luck with Gracie not going after the scraps. My beagle, Bagel, was on Vet diet (no extras, nothing!). I found her out in the yard eating the bard off one of our trees. After my shock went away. I looked at the other trees, every one of them were stripped bare of bark. The vet said Beagles will eat until they explode. I know my Bagle would! Thanks for all your stories about Gracie I really enjoy them. Bagel was 14 when she died. We got her 2 days after we came home from our honeymoon, its been 10 years and I still miss her greatly.

  2. I have the problem of a wombat who every now and then comes to visit. He pushes through one side of the chicken run and goes out another! I keep fixing the fence but wombats can be very strong. I’ve also found our dog (an Australian cattle dog) in the run too. I couldn’t figure out how she got in there until I caught her another time. She managed to crawl under the wire. I didn’t know she could squeeze herself so small!

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