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I love it when blog readers send me pictures of quilts they made using our patterns. Today I am featuring a finish by Paulette. She writes:

I’ve been meaning to send you some pics of a Picadilly Circus quilt that I finished recently using your wonderful YouTube tutorial series.  Hopefully, it’ll put a smile on your face and a little lightness in your heart. :)

I had just been gifted some blue and green scraps from another blog reader, Joy of The Joyful Quilter, about the time your tutorial launched, so I had a great assortment of fabric to work with, in addition to my own.

Your instructions were great.  The only difference I had was that my sashing strips and outer border were about 1/4 inch off from your sizes, as I’d probably taken a more generous seam when making the star blocks with the resulting leftover HSTs being a bit smaller.  I just rolled with it and everything turned out fine.  I thought about your “don’t stress about it” attitude throughout the videos, and I adopted the same, lol.

I posted a picture of the finished quilt on my personal Facebook page and a friend messaged me that he’d sure like that quilt for his new grandson.  That was fine by me, and he picked it up that very evening, so I didn’t have much time to “pet” the finished quilt like I thought I would.  Good thing I got some pictures of it earlier in the day to remember it by!

I may just have to make another one.  You know how scraps multiply.  Although this quilt did make a dent, there’s more where those came from!

Thanks for your wonderful instructions and generosity in sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for quilting!

All the best, Paulette (in Wisconsin)  

I sometimes still blog at, but have been on hiatus these past couple months, enjoying my favorite time of year! :)”

Thanks so much for sharing your version of my quilt. I just love it and really like the all-white background. It really gives the quilt a clean look. If anyone else is looking to make the quilt, I did a series of videos showing you how. You can find them in the links below. There are three videos. Just hit the arrow button and the videos will play.

Here is video one.

Next up is video two…

…and last, video three.

It’s a fun eclectic technique to make a quilt!!

If you haven’t watched the videos, I hope you enjoy them…and if you have seen them, maybe take them in again.

I’ve been asked about doing more Youtube videos, I’ll try is all I can say at this point. Between my new job and my appointments to get my cancer gone, I’m still adjusting. I don’t want to quit though so we’ll see. Don’t give up on me yet.

If you have a quilt that you made using one of our patterns and don’t mind having it featured here feel free to send me pictures and a few words about it. I’ll feature it here on the blog. You can send them to THANKS!!

Thanks again Paulette!!

8 thoughts on “Made by You! Picadilly Circus”

  1. Ana Marie Sweet

    Stopped at a country thrift store while in Ohio. Got a few quilt magazines to read on the ride home. Gosh I loved one of the quilts in the magazine and it looked familiar. Well it was one of yours with the rose and turquoise batik fabrics and lots of stars. A keeper.

  2. I just finished watching that series again earlier this week. It’s one of my favorites and is definitely on my list of quilts to make. Love seeing ones made by others! Thanks Paulette and Jo!

  3. I made a Picadilly Circus quilt following along wit your videos. It came out great and was so much fun to do. And being a baby sized quilt, I was able to complete the whole thing. Love it!

  4. What a weird coincidence! I sent you an email yesterday about the Piccadilly Circus quilt I had just finished and I’ve opened today’s blogpost to see another of your followers had done the same!

  5. Beautiful quilt – love the colors. I will have to add this quilt to my list of must haves! Have a great weekend.

  6. I made the quilt using Christmas fabric. Turned out great. My sashing HST were a little small to but just trimmed them up and put it together. It’s a great pattern. Thanks Jo, you are so generous.

  7. I made that quilt also. I won first prize for mine at a local fair. Thank you Jo for sharing with us. I plan on making another one with a different color scheme soon.

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