Bottle Cap Trivet Tutorial

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Following are the instructions to make a trivet similar to the one pictured.  It will make a great take along project.”


I collected 35- 3″ circles and 35 bottle capes.

I took needle and thread, turned over the edge of the circle a bit less than 1/4″ and ran a running stitch all the way around in the folded edge.

I put the beer top into the gathered circle and gathered up the thread.  Then I tied a knot in the thread.

Now the edges didn’t quite all come together so instead of clipping the thread, I caught the opposite side of the circle and pulled it tight.  Then I caught the two sides and pulled them in as well until it looked like this.

I tied it off and made a couple more.  Next step was to tack them together.

At this point, just keep covering your bottle caps and tacking them together.

I am opting to make an eclectic version and not a patterned one like I had purchased.

If you want a good chuckle, you can check out a video of me making the trivet on YouTube.

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  3. On the masks,Jenny Doan’s suggestion which I found works well,is to use a jell roll strip for ties.We all have those odd strips from rolls that you didn’t use all of for a project!

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