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Hello and WELCOME to Jo’s Country Junction.   I am glad you found your way to my blog.

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All About Jo

I started blogging about my life as a mom, quilter, and farm wife back in 2011, so this serves as a sort of journal for my family. With five kids and many grandkids, my About Me page is always changing. Instead of editing, I have started archiving.

All About Jo 2019


I am not very good at talking about myself but here’s a bit.  I’ve been blogging here since 2009.  That’s a long time.  Through the years readers have watched the lives of my family unfold from weddings, to the gutting and remodeling of a foreclosure house, to farm life, to publishing quilts, to the births of grandchildren.  I use my blog as somewhat of a journal and open it up and let you all in.

I was married to a self-proclaimed redneck…and I loved him like crazy-still do actually.  Sadly on June 2nd of 2019, he lost his battle to lung cancer that had metastasized to his bones.  I had 129 precious days with him from diagnosis to death. We had been married for 32 1/2 years and we were very happy.

God blessed us with five great kids who continue to keep my life busy in a good way.  They can really make me smile…what more can a mom ask for?..except maybe grandkids.

Here’s the rundown on the kids:
Kelli is married to Jason.  She’s a nurse at a rural hospital in the Med/surg unit.  He’s a dairy farmer.  They have Georgia and twin boys Eli and Emmett along with an old dog named Puppycat.

Kayla is married to Spencer.  She was a family consumer sciences teacher (Home Ec) but has moved to greener pastures and works in web design and other media outlets.  Spencer is an electrician. They have a boy named Jasper and a big yellow lab named Bruce.

Buck (real name is Kasjen) is out middle child.  He had kids with Lora.  Buck works with a large home builder as the jack of all trades who fixes everyone else’s mistakes and Lora works as a manager of a large chain store.  They have three kids…Scotty is the oldest and Lucy is the middle child and Lilly is the youngest.

Karl is single and lives a few houses down from me in my same town.  He was in Houston Texas teaching 2nd grade until Kramer got sick.  He decided Texas was too far away.  He now works in Human Resources and focuses on Spanish translation for a large pig producer.

Kalissa is married to Craig.  They live right in the same town I do so I end up blogging about them a little more than the other kids.  Kalissa is a nurse and has a blog at ThePinkShoelaces.  Craig works at the farm that Kramer used to work at.  It’s a 2000 acre farm with just under 1000 head of cattle.  They have two boys…Carver and Gannon.

I am a stay-at-home grandma by day and blogger/quilter/cross-stitcher by night.  I also have a website www.makinglearningfun.com.  It is an early learning printable site that I worked on to help teachers, parents, and childcare providers to have projects that were educational for the kids they work with. I have a passion for children and believe the best way I can help them is by helping the people who care for them.

If you have read the blog you know that I love my family, quilting, reading, gardening, and cooking.  I am not into house cleaning or decorating.  Since Kramer’s passing I’ve started to chronicle life as a widow.

In 2009, the house started to feel a little empty so I begged my husband to let me get a house dog.  I actually told him, either we get a dog or we look into adopting a child.  He quickly said, “Let’s get a dog!”…first we had our rescue dog Gracie who passed away in 2012.  Then I had Ruby who passed away in 2019…and now I have Rosie.  All are beagles.

In 2015 our daughter Kelli and I published a quilting book.  We aren’t publishing books anymore but we do have many quilts published through magazines, American Patchwork and Quilting, Quilter’s World, Quiltmaker, McCalls Quilting, and Primitive Quilts and More are where you can find us.

New posts here happen often.  You can look for about 13 new posts a week…2 a day minus Sundays.  I am very honored that you take time out of your day to stop by and read the blog.

If you have a question…ask.  Truly, I’ll help if I can.

I am a real simple gal with a real simple life and I hope it always stays that way.

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