Moda Bake Shop: Oh Good Night!

As many of you know, Kelli and I did a lot of quilts for Moda Bake Shop several years ago.  Some of the things you likely don’t know is that Moda Bake Shop isn’t run quite the way it used to run.  The site has been reworked and can now be found through  Well through all of this, Kelli and I have been overwhelmed by questions from interested parties wanting the patterns for specific quilts as some of the patterns have been “lost in the archives”.  Well, to be honest, we are wanting to avoid all those emails and requests so we are going to be featuring one of our old Moda Bake Shop quilt or projects each week until all of them are posted here on our blog so we can readily find them and have access to them whenever we want.  These quilts will be archived here on the blog in the free patterns section on the right column.

I’m so excited to be showing you this quilt.  It was my first step out to design quilts.  I was so nervous.  Kelli was there holding my hand just like she still is!!

The quilt got its name as a play on the “O” of the quilt.  Kramer’s mom used to always say “oh good night” as her way of saying “no way” or “I can’t believe it”.  So this quilt was named for her.   

This quilt is simple to make as it is made with only two shapes, squares and triangles. The challenge to this quilt is organizing the layout…but don’t worry, it’s very do-able.

If you look carefully, you will see that you need to make 42 blocks. The remaining blocks are created with sashing.

I loved this fabric line!!  It is designed by Basic Grey and even many years later I’m still in love with Basic Grey.

1 Fat Quarter Pack, Origins by Basic Grey
1.75 yards of background fabric
5 yards backing fabric

Full size quilt batting
No binding fabric is needed as the binding is cut from your fat quarter pack

We used an Easy Angle Ruler to make this.  You can get your ruler HERE from Amazon.  You can also use the Essential Angle tool.

From your background fabric, cut:

17 – 3.5 inch strips.
Sub cut into: 165 – 3.5″ squares and 48-easy angle triangles.

I am a HUGE fan of my easy angle ruler. It saves fabric and it just makes sewing triangles together easier. If you haven’t used this ruler before, don’t panic….

For easy instructions to use your easy angle ruler, follow this link to my blog, Jo’s Country Junction.

From your fat quarter pack you will need to cut 72 sets of 4 – 3.5″ x 3.5″ squares and one 3.5″ strip. Sub cut the strip into 4 easy angle triangles. Being my background was the solid brown, I chose not to use a few of the prints.

This quilt has a scrappy binding. To achieve this you will need to cut a 2.5″ strip from 16 of your fat quarters.

Start sewing:

Make 42 “blocks” as shown. Yes, my instructions are correct. We will add the corners later. The remaining pieces will be sashing.

Pick four of the blocks to be your corner blocks. Add background triangles to three of the corners.

Pick 18 blocks to be along the edge. Add two background corners to those blocks.

Now lay the blocks out as shown, putting the edge blocks along the edge and corner blocks at the corners. You should have a 6 x 7 design layout.

Take the remaining cut pieces and start filling in the spaces as shown. You really need a design wall or floor space for this. Take your time doing this. It’s not hard at all…it’s just easy to get the pieces in the wrong spot.

Turn the triangles on each corner over, pinning the triangle in place. Sew. Then iron the block.

Now go back and pin the three sashing squares that are between the blocks together and sew.

Then sew the row of blocks to the sashing pieces creating a row.

Pin together and sew the squares that create the sashing between the rows.

Sew the sashing rows and the rows of blocks together to create the quilt top.

Seam the backing together. Quilt as desired.

Your finished quilt should be 69″ x 81″.

I just loved making this quilt and watching it come together.  I’m so tempted to make another of this quilt only instead making it based on 2 1/2″.  Hmm.  I guess I’ll have to add that to my list.

8 thoughts on “Moda Bake Shop: Oh Good Night!”

  1. I really like this quilt! But, I would need to get a design wall to get it right! The laying out and placement really scare me! The block itself looks easy enough ( a basic 9 patch), Yep! This one is going on the: “Need to make this” list! HUGS… and stitches

  2. I like the idea behind the quilt. But the way you put it together I don’t have room to lay it out and leave it . It could be fun.

  3. Loved that line of fabrics and your design. I had a layer cake and extra yardage and used it to make a twister quilt. At the time I wasn’t thrilled with the grunge but have since grown to love them too.

  4. My father and aunt, who had a German father, also used the “good night” exclamation. If they were really disgusted, they would say “good night nurse!” Beautiful quilt!

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