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A Year in Review: The Quilts of 2021

Every year I do a bit of year in review and look back on the quilts that I finished during that year.  I thought I would share the year 2021 with you today.

I started out the year finishing this quilt.  It was a wedding gift for my daughter’s best friend and our neighbor girl when we lived at the farm.  Read more about the quilt HERE.

Kalissa’s friend was going with a farmhouse-type decorating theme and I wanted to design something that would compliment that.  This is what I came up with.  I went with straight line quilting to add to the simplicity.  The picture makes it look like lots of browns but it’s really taupe colors…grays and taupe greens too.

This is the quilt that launched the great Halloween fabric mailing.  I had designed this quilt and made it then contacted American Patchwork and quilting to see if they wanted to feature it.  They asked me to make it for them in Halloween print fabric.

Here is the Halloween version… Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Bitcoin

The minute that I saw Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Bitcoin, I knew I wanted to make it.  I actually laughed when it was released.  As it was released with another pattern at the same time and it was kind of like a “buy this pattern and get Bitcoin for 1/2 price” type of deal.  I was the odd duck.  I wanted Bitcoin and didn’t really care about the other pattern.

I loved the pattern so much that I, pretty much, started sewing on it right away.  I loved it that much.

I put in on the quilting frame right away and then the project stalled.  My shoulder started acting up and everything with the family got really busy.  My quilt just sat on the frame for over a month.

I recently got it off the frame and Rosie claimed the quilt for herself.

Just before Christmas I kicked her off it and finally got it bound.  Then I waited for a day when it wasn’t windy to take pictures but that didn’t happen so I finally took it outside and decided to do the best I could.

You can see I didn’t have the best luck snapping pictures.

Bitcoin is exactly the kind of quilt I love making and it fits in so well with my childcare life.  I can easily sew on a quilt like this in the morning before my childcare life begins and then do trimming over naptime in the afternoon.

It was a windy day.  You can click the arrow in the next picture to see how windy it was… Continue reading

New Ironing Board Cover

I told you that I’ve been off of childcare while I’ve been taking my oral chemo.  I’ve been trying to find a nice mix of getting some stuff done and taking it easy.  Our son, Karl, is watching me and keeping me in line.  He stops by most days and checks that I’m not doing too much.

I’ve made a deal with him that I can write blog posts, cross-stitch, quilt, and do a couple of other odd jobs.  Nothing big.  I’ve been doing my best to stay in compliance.

I really do want to get some things done around here so I’ve implemented a do one job I want to get done that I’ve wanted to get done for a long time.

On this day’s list was a new ironing board cover for the ironing board on the main floor.

The problem is that my ironing board isn’t any old ironing board.  It’s a special one by the company Rid-Jid.  You can see the old ad for them below.

The ironing board was designed so that you can sit at it when ironing.  The other fun feature is that at the end there is a lever that can be turned and “wings” expand out to make the end square.  See?? Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Stricking Strip Quilts

I’ve told you all that when the new year hits, I’m putting a big focus on tackling my strips boxes.  So many of them are overflowing and need attention.  Lately I’ve had more scraps in than scraps going out.  Back in September I was on Amazon and bought several quilt books that all deal with strips and slowly I’ve been telling you about them all.  The latest one I’m sharing it Stricking Strip Quilts by Kate Henderson.

The book has a neat clean look to it and there are quite a few quilts that I’d really enjoy making.  As I work through my strips I’ve decided that I’m going to make some quilts for me to keep and some for charity.  For the charity ones I’d love it they were quicker less complex quilts.  I think this book has several that I’d put in that category.
A blog reader sent some fabric that I kept with the hop of making this quilt…

This next one I spied thinking it might be a great way to use leftovers from a fabric line of jelly roll strips.  I have a few that might work for that.

I love quilts with this…

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