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Quilt Finish: Kelli’s Half Logs

When I was at Kelli’s shortly after the boys were born, I was up and down the steps and this quilt caught my eye.  I had machine quilted it for Kelli some time ago and sent it home with her to bind…after all, it was her quilt.

I saw that she hadn’t gotten it bound so I put it in the truck and took it home.  On Saturday I got it bound.

If you are unsure on how to bind by machine or want a refresher, you can check out my Youtube video HERE.

I asked Kelli about the quilt…she doesn’t remember a pattern and thinks he might have made it up.  It looks like it was made from a fabric line and that’s our only clue.

The blocks are basically half log cabin blocks.  Each big block has two matching blocks.

I do remember that when Kelli gave it to me to quilt, there was no outer border on it.  I told her I thought it was a little small without an outer border.

Then the quilt sat at my house in the flimsy pile.  I just didn’t have a fabric that might work for it.  The fabric line had “expired” and we couldn’t find more of the fabric.  I finally came up with this border fabric.

Of course, there was… Continue reading

Two Quilts-Special in Different Ways

I have two quilts that are special to me to share with you today.  The first one is a quilt made by a reader.

Debra sent me an email along with pictures.  Debra writes:
I made your gorgeous Bands of Color quilt from Spring 2020 Quilts and More magazine.

It is rare that I don’t change one or more things within a pattern but your example was exactly what I wanted to make. The aqua binding was genius.

I call it “Scrappy Rainbow” and it’s going to my granddaughter’s teacher- she went above & beyond, really helped my type 1 diabetic granddaughter to have a wonderful school year.”

See attached this picture.

Oh my, I love it.  Kelli and I designed this and it was originally in our book and later in the Quilts and More magazine.  I actually thought this design up while I was in the shower one day.  It’s amazing where or when inspiration hits.

This is an awesome beginner quilt as no seams need to match!!  Kalissa actually helped by sewing part of this for our book…and Kalissa’s sewing skills are limited.

Few things make a designer happier than seeing others make quilts that are their designs.  It’s truly the highest compliment so, THANK YOU, Debra.

Speaking of thanks I have a HUGE thank you to send out to Christi.  She sent this to me… Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: 101 Itty Bitty Celebrations

Instagram can be dangerous.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram.  I often love it more than Facebook.  I feel like there are fewer ads and less controversy.  So I do find myself on Instagram at bedtime for a few minutes.  I know people recommend no phone at bedtime but it’s not a problem for me.  I have no trouble sleeping at this point in my life.

Over the last month or so, Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings has been sharing her Itty Bitty Celebration pieces.  She would post one and I’d be so tempted…but I didn’t go and buy it.  She’d show one the next day.  Oh, tempted again.  I continued and continued to be tempted.  Then finally one day I went on Amazon to see all of the designs from the book…Well, that did me in.  I ended up ordering the book.   Here it is, Itty Bitty Celebrations by Lisa Bongeoan.

Happily, the pictures show all of the cute, cute, designs.  I’m sharing pictures of them all! Check them out… Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Karl’s Quilt

When I last left you on Karl’s quilt, I have machine quilted it…

…and it was off the frame.  I even had bound it.

All that was left was the picture taking…Here it is!

This is all simple squares cut at 6 1/2″.  All of the fabrics are recycled men’s shirts.

In a previous post, a blog reader had asked if I have a “pattern” to laying out the blocks.  The answer was Continue reading