Try it on Tuesday: “Heart of the Prairie”

Sometime ago, Marcus Brothers contacted Kelli and I offered us fabric from their fabric line, “Heart of the Prairie”.  We were so excited.  I decided to design a quilt with it…and Kelli decided to sew it.

Here are some of the blocks.  The layout and design will be revealed at a later date but for now…we can show you this much.  We love the blocks!!  We love the fabric!!

We added the burgundy solid and think it looks great with the fabric line.

Marcus Brothers was so great and sent us two fat quarter bundles for us to give away here on the blog!!  How cool it that??  There are 22 cuts in each bundle.  Two fat quarter bundles…22 cuts each…all for you to win.  That sounds like fun!


If you would like a chance to win one of the fat quarter bundles, leave a comment here telling if you have ever bought a fat quarter bundle before.  I’ll pick a winner next week.

If you are looking for the fabric, you can find it at Fat Quarter Shop.

252 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: “Heart of the Prairie””

  1. I have not bought a fat quarter bundle yet but was very tempted a couple of nights ago. I’ve been working my way up from jelly rolls, through layer cakes & have been eyeing some fat quarter bundles. The shipping overseas can be too expensive but my mother is coming to visit so she can bring it instead! :-)

  2. Yes…when I see a fat quarter that has ‘my colors’ in it, it goes home with me! Sometimes they sit for a while but all eventually get used! Love fat quarters!

  3. I have never bought a fat quarter bundle before. I’m not sure why. I’ve bought lots of FQs but never a coordinated bundle. Seems like a great idea. The blocks are adorable and the burgundy does look great with those fabrics! Just Awesome!

  4. Hiya Jo!
    I’ve never bought FQ bundles because I have trouble justifying spending more than about $30 to $40 dollars at once on fabric. Yet at LQS sales, I’ll buy 25 to 50 FQ’s when they are a buck a pop. I also do not have too many “FQ Friendly” type of patterns, so that inhibits me a bit. Thanks for the chance and I love your quilt designs!

  5. Oh do I love these blocks – those colors are scrumptious — No – I have never purchased a fat quarter bundle – just single fat quarters… apparently have bee missing out on a lot of fun – with them already being perfectly coordinated – sure would save a lot of time trying to find just the right ones to match..
    Thanks for the chance – and so enjoy your blog – so much good information and ideas that you so willing share with us all..
    Thanks again

  6. What beautiful blocks and fabric! I love them! I have bought seeral fat quarter bundles. They are the answer to my problem of trying to get fabrics together for quilts! I lve them!

  7. I have purchased fat quarter bundles — I like the way the fabrics work together and I will use them and add some others to give the blocks a different look. I like the blocks you have made and look forward to seeing the whole quilt.

  8. Yes, I have – a Shangri-La bundle a few years ago. I also bought a bundle (not a big Moda name, though) at my LQS a few months ago that I can`t wait to cut into. This will be a new quilt for my bed, hopefully in my new rustic-style home!

  9. Hmmm….maybe just a couple (or a couple hundred??? LOL). OK, not a couple hundred, but I definitely buy FQ Bundles as I love not having to pick fabrics that work together. If you buy the bundle, all the fabrics just “work”.

  10. I have not bought a fat quarter bundle, because I usually am trying to use my stash and just buy something to supplement what I have. I think it would be fun to have thin gs already coordinated.

  11. Not only have I gotten into the fat quarter craze, I have been known to purchase a box of scraps, so another one would look lovely on the shelf and then eventually into a quilt,

  12. I received a gift certificate from Joann’s and decided to use the money on a fat quarter bundle as well as a yard of white fabric. I have never won a fat quarter bundle yet and sure would like to make your quilt pattern.This looks like fun and those fat quarter would sure come in handy. Thank you for the chance to win and I just really enjoy your blog.

    Sandi Timmons

  13. I love the fabrics in this line and can see they are right up your alley :) I have not bought a fat quarter bundle before…..just like a few other commenters, I haven’t been willing to spend the chunk of money. It would have to be a completely OUTSTANDING line to even entice me.

  14. The fabric is lovely! And the blocks are great, I can’t wait to see the layout!
    I have never bought a fat quarter bundle before…I have been really tempted, but haven’t done it yet…

  15. Yes I have and it totally converted me to fat quarters! Okay, I still buy the solids by the yard, but the is just so easy to use the FQ’s as one makes several blocks. And it is so nice to have the bundle…everything matches and corrdinates and so much easier than to have to search for matching colors/prints for a quilt! Thanks for the chance to win a bundle!!!

  16. I’ve bought a couple of fat quarter bundles; generally ones with fewer pieces. I am looking forward to seeing what you have made with this fabric line. I love the looks of it. Thanks for the chance at your wonderful giveaway.

  17. I actually just bought my first fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop online. It was a bloggers choice bundle, and was mostly purples and golds and was irresistable to me!

  18. I haven’t bought a fat quarter bundle yet. Here in the Netherlands quilting fabric is so expensive, I just can’t afford it. But I would love to win one, these fabrics looks so beautiful!

  19. I LOVE your blocks and cant wait to see the quilt, and would love to make it too!! Have I ever bought a fat quarter bundle: how about “how many have I bought?” :-P Yep!! And I love them!!

  20. Love your blocks and would love to win these fat quarters to make these blocks. They are just my colors! And yes, I love fat quarters.

  21. I haven’t purchased a fat quarter bundle although I’ve been tempted many times. I did receive one as a gift and I’m just about ready to quilt with it–it’s hard to make that first cut!

    Thank you for the incredibly generous giveaway.

  22. I bought my first fat quarter bundle when I was designing and making sweatshirt jackets. I saw a bundle of orange and turquoise fat quarters–my favorite colors! I made my first “YingYang” jacket using that bundle.

    Since then I’ve purchased them as gifts for friends, but I currently have two bundles that I think are going into my own quilts . . . . or jackets!

  23. I love fat quarter bundles. I have bought several. I like a mixture so I usually open them up and see what else I have that the fabrics go with. I find that fat quarters give you alot of options.
    Marcus makes some very nice fabrics. I have bought a number of their fabrics both in reproduction prints and modern.

  24. These fabrics are gorgeous! I have purchased bundles several times, but always with a project in mind. If it’s a case of just loving the fabric with no idea what to do with it, I will get a smaller option, maybe a layer cake.

    Since meeting you when I was out at Country Threads this fall, I have been an avid follower of your blog and have several projects slated for this year based on what you have been doing, in addition to trying out some of the ideas and tips-thanks for all the ideas!

  25. I love fat quarter bundles – I’ve even purchased a few – It’s basically a scrappy no brainer if you want to put together a bunch of different fabrics that will all coordinate together! And the fabrics that I see here are right up my alley and I’ve already got an idea of how I would put these into good use! Pick me! Pick me!

  26. When I started quilting in 2001, my first fabric stash was a fat quarter bundle. I bet I still have some fat quarters around. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity from Judy C

  27. Yes, I have purchased fat quarter bundles. As a matter of fact, I am making a quilt right now from a fat quarter bundle.

  28. I have purchased several fat quarter bundles but I have to love 99% of the fabrics. I can’t justify the purchase otherwise. But I will easily buy individual fat quarters to add to a scrappy quilt if I need it.

  29. Yes indeed I’ve purchased a bundle, or two, or three, or …. along my quilting journey. The last bundle I purchased was all neutrals. Can’t ever get enough of these for scrappy quilts. A FQ is usually just enough for a feel of the fabric in a project! Thanks for a chance to win these beautiful FQs from Marcus Brothers. Sandi

  30. I love fat quarter bundles and one reason is that all of the material matches. I have a couple of good pattern books that use fat quarters to make the tops. It is a great day to be home sewing and quilting due to the ice storm we had yesterday. Have a good day, everyone!!

  31. I’ve only bought two. They were Japanese taupe daiwabo fabric; so serene. I was keeping it for a special quilt to make for ME someday. Then my daughter, who I said I’d make a quilt for, chose that fabric out of my stash. I’m working on it now and a little sad and a little happy. Sad that it isn’t for me; glad that it’s for my daughter.

  32. Yes, I have bought 1 fat quarter bundle before to have all the prints for a granchild’s quilt. The bundle you are offering looks lovely!

  33. No, I have not bought a fat quarter bundle, LOVE this fabric line, but am on a very tight budget right now so to win it would be a thrill. Thanks for the chance to win.

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