Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour Volume #7

Hello faithful readers and new friends…thanks for stopping by.  You have come across one of the busiest week’s here on the blog.  Last Friday we had a project featured on Moda Bake Shop (You might want to check out that post as we have a give-away going on)…this week it is Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour and coming later this week is the “Between Heaven and Texas” blog hop.  That’s okay, we are used to being busy around here…with five kids and a farmer husband, it’s always busy around here.

My daughter Kelli and I are so excited about being featured in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume #7.  If don’t know much about Kelli and I,  let me tell you a few things.  Kelli is the oldest of our five kids and my partner in crime (I mean design).  Both of us have beagle dogs.  Mine is Ruby who is only 7 months old but recently gave us a health scare that required surgery.  Kelli’s beagle is Puppy-cat.  They hang out together while Kelli and I sew.

Way back in the Fall we submitted a block on a whim and Quiltmaker accepted it.  Then they emailed and asked that we make the block into a quilt which had us scrambling again.  I do much of the designing.  Kelli does the majority of the sewing and I am the machine quilter and binder.  We love how our quilt turned out.   It showcases neutrals.  All of the reds in the block are the same and all of the blues in the block are the same.  The scrappy comes with the neutrals.  All of the neutrals in the block are different.


We were in such a big hurry to send the quilt in that we forgot to take a picture of the finished quilt but that’s okay….you can see it featured in the front of the magazine on page 14.


Quiltmaker also provided a great layout for the block.


You will want to check out Quilty Pleasure’s blog each day through May 3rd to see a listing of all the blogs you can visit for a preview of the designers block and a chance to sign up to win a copy of the new Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Volume #7.

I hope you’ll stop by again.  Kelli and I blog each and every day.  There is always something fresh and new going on.  Each Tuesday we “Try it on Tuesday”, reviewing and often giving away products and books related to quilting and crafting (we are giving away the book “Pieced Hexies” this week).  We are trying really hard to finish a project each week and feature them as our Friday Finish.  To stay up to date feel free to follow us on Facebook…we love hanging out with all of you…in fact we are starting to do that in person.  I’ve been doing trunk shows and teaching how to make my crumb quilt.

Getting a chance to work with all the people at Quiltmaker has been a real joy.  They are so patient to us newbies.

To have a chance to win a copy of the magazine, tell us if you have a dog.  We’d love to read a bunch of pet stories….

471 thoughts on “Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Tour Volume #7”

  1. Sweetie Lou is our blonde cocker spaniel. Her job in life is to offer comfort to my father-in-law who is suffering from Parkinson’s. One of my favorite sites is to stop in after work and find the two of them dozing in his chair. She visits every day and gets anxious if she doesn’t leave about the same time every morning. I am not sure how we are going to help her cope with her grief when he passes.

  2. Love your block and your crumb quilt. I have a peekapoo named Gracie. She just turned 3 yrs in March. She was a gift from a former student and I never had a dog before, so I am learning lots of new things. She is my strong willed child and very often forgets who is the boss. When she wants my attention so we can play, instead of me sewing, reading,talking on the phone, etc., she will find something she should not do until I stop what I am doing. She has learned to knock over the landry basket so she can trail a piece of my clothing throughout the house. When I tell her to stop, she promptly sits down on the item of clothes and barks at me to say “Don’t you know I am Princess Grace and we need to do what I want”. She has been a joy and a companion to me and I don’t know what I would do without her.

  3. Sadly, no dog for me. I live in an apartment complex that charges an astronomical fee for having pets. :(

    Your quilt block is lovely, and I’d love to make a quilt that features it.

  4. That’s a great looking block! We had a wonderful bassett hound for over 8 years. Rusty could make me smile or laugh just by looking at him. Then after Christmas in 2012 while at a kennel he passed quietly in the night. We have a shadow box with his favorite Buddy and pictures as well as a photo book to always remember him.

  5. We don’t have a dog right now but we do have two crazy cats. Growing up I had several dogs…..including a Newfoundland and Yorkie at the same time. They were the best of buddies and the Yorkie was the Newfoundland’s body guard (LOL). Thank you!

  6. Wow….. my comment is #378…. that’s a lot of comments! I have a Pekingese named Charlie. We got him from the pound a few years ago. He is a great dog. I absolutely love the block, and the quilt that you made with the blocks! Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I have the cutest Mollie dog! She is a mini Schnauzer and is so loved. She is my constant companion and is such a joy. My kids joke that I love the dog more than them. Our favorite thing to do is put cherrios between our toes and she will eat it- tickling like crazy! I love our block and love the chance to win!

  8. Love your block and the way it looks set in a quilt. I also like the scrappy use of the lights to bring it all together. Keep up the good work and congratulations on such a great block design.

  9. We had a wonderful cocker named Benji for over 14 years – loved that dog!

    Love your block & the colors & the variety of neutrals.

  10. My Iowa farm wife Grandmother made “crumb quilts” though they weren’t called such at the time. I like to think Grandma was way ahead of her time.

  11. I have two dogs…one is a a 7.5 y/o Lab/Border Collie and the other is a 2 y/o German Shepherd. Both think they are lap dogs because we spoil them rotten. Criss Cross is a fun block and I like the way it ‘plays with others’

  12. I love your Beagles, I have a Beagle also! His name is Maverick and he is a retired show dog. He loves to lay right next to my sewing machine when I am quilting and has been known to steal a fat quarter or two from my stash which he “hides” in the middle of the backyard grass!

  13. Pamela R in Leaburg

    Tasha is our 14 yo Tibetan terrier who everyone calls ‘Princess” for obvious reasons if you meet her. and every quilt is automatically her property. Your block works well in quilts. Thks.

  14. No, I don’t currently have a dog. I love dogs. I inherited my two grandkitties when son moved out on a short stay back home with me. They are 7 year old litter mates.

    I recently became single and my first husband (we had not spoken in the 15 years we had been divorced) decided to be friends. Well, I guess we each still had some feeling and decided to date. He certainly has changed. Maybe I should say we are back to not speaking after about 3 months. However, he has two dogs that own his trailer and he pays the mortgage. He kept telling me I didn’t like dogs and weren’t they cute and didn’t I want to take them home with me. NO! They aren’t even house trained and they don’t go outside. NO NO NO! I do like dogs, but …
    When the eventual end comes for the kitties, I don’t plan to get another pet. I was petless for a number of years. My allergies do much better. Unfortunately, my quilting will not have the same character without the addition of the pet hair.
    Yes, I do like pets, I just don’t do physically as well with them – emotionally they are great companions and comfort.
    Hearing of the mother/daughter relationship, I sure miss my mom. She taught me to sew and we’d work on projects together – one on the machine and one doing pressing and hand sewing. My daughter is crafty but not sew-y. She has requested a t-shirt quilt from the t-shirts I ganked from her college days. I did talk her dad out of a Dad’s day t-shirt for the quilt. She thought all the t-shirts were gone and on a trip home, she found the box+ of them in one of my craft closets.
    I’m bookmarking you.

  15. I have never had a dog. Grew up with a cat, Sweetie. When our kids were younger, they had guinea pigs. And now my married son and his wife have guinea pigs!

  16. I’m not a dog person, I much prefer cats, but a few years ago I took pity and took in Finley, a lurcher. He’s a rescue dog, and he needed a new home as his first rescuer was moving and couldn’t take animals with her. He’s a really stupid dog and is certain I love him, no matter what I say

  17. We use to have a dog about 10 years ago. My mother compared Hunter the black lab to Clifford the Big Red Dog. My Father referred to him on his bad days as Hunter the Hound from Hell. He ate rat poison twice, was electrocuted on Christmas after eating the plug off the car extension cord, choked on dog food and needed the Heimlich, pulled the phone cord off the house, dug a hole along the foundation where the old met the new the afternoon before the biggest rain of the summer, and would bring home flowers from the cemetery. This was put a stop to when he brought home one that said “DAD”.

  18. Karen Nicholson

    We don’t have dogs now, but as kids, both my husband and I had dogs; German Shepard’s and Dachshunds.

  19. Starsl, who just turned 12 this month, is the four-legged running our house. He’s a border collie mix with a delightful smile and loving soul. He’s also very smart and when he was younger (with better hips) he would scoot the chair by the table and climb up onto the table to look out the window so that he could bark at squirrels. He’s also known for unzipping bags to check out contents.

  20. Sorry, no dogs – just a cat. I’m away from home 12-14+ hours a day, so it would be unfair to a dog. I did have a Yorkie about 30 years ago – he was a great dog, although he did think he was an English Sheep dog like his best friend Daisy! Love the block and the settings!

  21. Jo and Kelli…No dogs, two tuxedo kitties! Wanted to say congrats to you both on having your block in the new Quiltmaker’s 100 block magazine. I love your block..it’s so me. The whole quilt is just beautiful. Congratulations again.

  22. Like your style and your blog. We have 2 dogs, a vizsla named Rudy and my son’s dog who is a lab named Millie. They are my constant companion when I’m out doing chores and such.

  23. I LOVE LOVE your block. It was my favorite for the blog hop day, and so I mentioned it in my comment on quiltmaker’s day 1 bloghop page. Thank you for making a quilt out of the block, because I’m one of those “can’t see the quilt for the block” types that need to see the fab-u-lousness put together. I have a 5 yr old son who we think is on his way to be a veterinarian and I can see using puppy prints in this block for his quilt. We have a whippet/black lab (yeah, I know, “a what?” )who is our uncertified service dog. I’m deaf, so he barks at the oven buzzer, phone, and door bell. Unfortunately, he’s still working on signing for Fedex packages . Love the photo of your fur babies, especially appreciated by our 5 yr old future Dr. Davis :)

  24. Congrats on your pretty quilt in Quiltmaker magazine. looks like a fun block to make.. also like your crumb quilt..it is so bright and exciting… a joy to read your blog each day and see what new and interesting things you all have come up with.
    My sweet love is Bingo – he is a shitzu/poo – will be 4 yrs old in May…. he had a terrible experience two yrs back. – while in our front yard together – a pit bull appeared out of nowhere and attacked him but somehow I managed to get it off of him & told him to get in the back yard and he listened — then when my panic subsided I was still choking the other dog — finally managed to let go of it and back away into the back and close the gate with it coming slowly… was the worse day ever…Bingo did have to have tubes put in to drain the wound – lucky he was bitten on his rear – just above his tail – know it was quite painful for him but over time he has healed well — he is a bit apprehensive around strange dogs – gets behind me – for protection I suppose…He is my constant buddy – he sleeps on the bed when I sew – other wise where ever I am he is also…so glad he fully recovered physically..

  25. Susan Griffith

    Our wonderful dog Becca passed away last December. We haven’t gotten another to replace her because it was just so hard losing her. Maybe one day we will get another dog but for now I’m kind of enjoying not having dog hair everywhere. I love your block and thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Great block! It makes a very pretty quilt. I do not have a dog as I am more of a cat person although I do like dogs. My husband is somewhat allergic to animals so he prefers not to have any around.

  27. Nancy B from Many LA

    We have 6 dogs. One is an inside dog, a miniature Schnauzer named Bella. It’s our daughter’s dog (our granddogger!), but don’t tell anyone, she’s really ours! LOL! We also have 5 outside dogs, who are as spoiled as an indoor dog! The one we’ve had the longest is Yella Dog(maybe a Samoyed mix?). We’ve had her for just about 7 years – we had gone out of town for 10 days, before we moved in here, and she was sitting in the driveway when we got home. Next was Jif, nickname is Miss Jif – get it? LOL!) a yellow lab mix we adopted as a puppy 5 months later. Then we got Whitey (a white lab mix) who showed up one day 2 months after Jif. Then Footz (he’s our celebrity – his picture was in the book “I Has a Hotdog” published by the Cheezeburger people came in Sept 2007. He showed up in on the street in June, and a family down the street fed him for a while. He ran up to me when I was feeding my dogs that September starving, so of course I couldn’t turn him away. He looks like he could be Jif’s brother, with long hair. Last but not least, a cute little dog mix showed up Jan 2010 – he barks like a beagle, has short legs like a Corgi, maybe has a little Jack Russell in him. We call him Odie. Everyone who meets Odie wants him! He’s such a cutie! He has 2 formal names – Ky Odie and Pay Odie (groan!)

  28. Do I have dogs??? Does a duck quack?
    We have 3 dogs, all rescues. Sometime out here in the country, dogs just mysteriously show up. But we love all three. When we first found Jennifer (or she found us) she got really sick with “puppy strangles”. I had never heard of it and it is awful. We always joke , “We spent $500 at the vet’s on a two-bit hound”. But talk about the love we have received.

    I would love to be able to win this book.


  29. I already Follow on FB and thru my reader – love you two! I have a Border Collie/Spaniel mix that is the most compassionate dog I’ve ever known. He’s been friends with all our past pets, including lizards, guinea pigs and gerbils. When a gerbil got free once he even picked her up and brought her to me.

  30. I love your block with the scrappy background, and I think the quilt is fabulous! My little Sadie is dancing circles in front of the door right now, wanting to see what the neighbor dog is barking about. She’s 11 years old, and after removing a tumor from her belly last year, she acts like a new puppy. Isn’t it great to have a focal point of love in the house?

  31. Your block makes a lovely quilt design!
    We have a great dog named Abby. She is a mix of German Shepherd and Collie. She has a gentle spirit and is wonderful with the kids.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I love the Mother and Daughter design team. Thanks for sharing your block. I love the scrappy look of the neutrals.

  33. Very cool site, I’ve now got it on my daily stop! We only have 1 dog now, our other was put down just a week ago :( but Ballast is a fantastic dog! While on our honeymoon (a canoe trip), we were sightseeing with the empty canoe and I said we needed ballast – two weeks later we answered a newspaper ad and Ballast came home!

  34. I have a blond cocker spaniel-Lily–she is three years old now and the joy of my life….this is my fourth cocker in this life and I hope to never be without one….

  35. Ooh, I LOVE your block design and the idea of keeping the reds and blues the same and making the background the scrappy part. Cool!

    I don’t have dogs now, but we had everything when I was growing up: dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, gerbils . . .

    Now I have three cats, including a very bad one called Petie. :D

  36. No dog … no cat … no pets … :( We used to have cats until we became full time RVers. Now, instead of domesticated pets, we make do with deer and squirrels and possums and chipmunks and raccoons and bunnies and lizards and mice and birds of all varieties! It does actually make up for no kitty cats! :)

  37. I have two dogs, daschund mixes Abby and Baxter. Got Abby first but always wanted a “sibling” for her to play with. This does happen once or twice a day, however most of their time (not sleeping) is spent fighting over who gets a bone or a toy (even if 2 are alike, one of the bones/toys is the favorite of course). I love them dearly and they SO brighten my days. Dogs rule! (by the way, LOVE your block, thank you!)

  38. I do not currently have any pets right now, but I adopted a rowdy lab when my husband and I were living in Germany. He brought joy and taught me a lot about life in the 12 years that he was with us.

  39. No dogs at my house. But I do have a husband with a cold nose if that’s a suitable substitute. Congratulations on having your block accepted.

  40. No dogs at my house. We live in a high rise condo which makes taking a dog for a walk a real pain. We do however have 2 cats that are bother and sister. The just turned 3 years old and keep me and my husband on our toes! They are very loving and add a lot to our lives. Congrats on a great block and for being in Vol. 7!

  41. Love love your block. Congrats for getting in issue #7. Thanks for the chance to win this issue. So looking forward to getting the magazine so I can make your block.

    No I do not have a dog, I have a cat. But I have 4 granddogs, I love them all.

  42. I personally don’t have a dog because I am on the road all the time, and I don’t think it is fair to have a dog in the truck with the way I run. I did grow up with dogs, and had dogs while the kids were growing up (which is also before I became a truck driver lol).

  43. I had a shih tzu for about twelve years. Then one morning she was gone. I never did find her. So now I have no more pets.

  44. We have two dogs, both Huskies. When they are not racing around like superdogs they spend quality time covering every inch of the house in fur.

  45. I don’t have a dog but my son and his girl friend have a Boarder Collie and “Duke” is my friend instead of grandchilds.
    Erika from Austria, want to win a copy of designs.

  46. Unfortunately I live in a condo that has a no pet by-law. The one thing I hate about living there. But I look after my friends and families pets when they go on holidays. So I am always getting a furry pet fix. Currently looking after a very loyal springer spaniel.

  47. We had two dogs they came to stay for a weekend going from our house to a friends of our sons. Well 14 years later we still had them. We had one in our lives for 14 years and the other one made it another 2 years after that. We love them but are now with out pets at this time.

  48. I love your block, and the quilt it makes. I had a little Maltese dog for 13 years, she passed this last February. I’ll never enjoy that month again, but time heals. I still grieve for my constant companion. That is the true cost of having a dog, or cat.

  49. I have two dogs. Buster a Boston Terrier. He was a rescue and has been in our family for about 8 years. He is a good dog, a bit farty but still ready with a smile anytime. Now my baby is a 2 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He sits on my chest and watches the world. He sleeps with me and follows me to the bathroom. If I eat he is right there waiting for a little nibble. My youngest child is 17 and I thought I was done raising children but he proved that wrong. I love your block. It sure makes a great old looking quilt.

  50. Lovely block and such a beautiful quilt! Congratulations to you both for being included in this year’s issue. We have two dogs at the moment, rather my daughter has two dogs, hehe. My little miniture dachshund passed away almost two years ago and hopefully I can find another one to love soon.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  51. Great blocks on this web site! I sure want to enter for a chance to win! The book looks like it has nice patterns too! I’m always looking for new stuff to sew!

  52. Great blocks on this web site! I sure want to enter for a chance to win! The book looks like it has nice patterns too! I’m always looking for new stuff to sew!

  53. Nancy Angerer

    We don’t have a dog (or any other pet) because we travel so much. We do get to enjoy the dogs our children and grandchildren have when we visit them.

  54. Nancy Angerer

    We don’t have a dog (or any other pet) because we travel so much. We do get to enjoy the dogs our children and grandchildren have when we visit them.

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