Machine Quilting: Hook and Bump

Yesterday I showed you my Bargello in Plaid quilt…and today I am sharing a video I made while machine quilting it.  I used what I called a “hook and bump” quilting motif.  Other quilters I’m sure have other names for it but I like to call quilting motifs according to the pieces that make up the design…for this, you make a hook and then add bumps so “Hook and Bump” is appropriate.

Kalissa was a big help and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated her editing help.  Here’s the video….

If you have trouble seeing the video here, you can try THIS LINK.

The video is under 13 minutes long.  I tried to make it long enough to include the information needed and enough time to see me stitch it so you can feel comfortable trying the design yourself.

Here are a few close-up pictures of the quilt so you can see the design in a finished state….

I say in the video that I don’t really feel qualified to “teach” a machine quilting class.  I really don’t….but you asked for a video so I tried.  Please note that these videos are intended for beginners.

I did order another piece of equipment that I am hoping might help get the camera closer to the stitching.  Video making is all a big learning curve for me and Kalissa and I are still experimenting to find the exact equipment that will work best for filming.  If anyone does this type of thing, feel free to recommend something to me.

Please give me some feedback so we can make these videos the best they can be.  I hope you enjoy the video.

27 thoughts on “Machine Quilting: Hook and Bump”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    The one thing I really like about your videos is that the volume is high enough that I was able to hear it easily! Thank you for not making me work to hear you!

  2. Joy Van den top

    Thanks for the video! You make it look so easy and it looks beautiful! I look forward to reading and now watching you every day! Take care!

  3. Beautiful work. Thank you for the great instructions. I normally do FMQ on my Janome 6600. I’m going to try your hook and bump design.

  4. Your video was good and informative. I’ve never watched anyone FMQ before and it was awesome to learn more about the process. If I were a beginner you would have encouraged me to give it a try!

  5. This is a very good video. I’ve watched many videos and I was watching for certain things that I knew was important and you nailed it. Thanks for this formative video.

  6. Thanks so much for doing this video! It’s was just what I was hoping for! I appreciate it so much. I have a white board and really appreciated that part of the video too. I will be getting my board out today to begin practicing. I can’t wait to give it a try! Last weekend I spent time on YouTube trying to find quilting videos. I found some, but yours is the best! Thanks again for sharing your technique!

  7. Nice video! I’m not a long arm quilter so I really appreciated the camera angle from the “driver’s seat” to get a good idea of the motion of it on the quilt. You’re a natural teacher, Jo. Very easy to follow and I like your attitude of not sweating the small stuff and just going on because it will usually all work out.

  8. Great job! The white board instructions really let me understand the quilting design. The only constructive criticism I have to offer is the quilt was so very busy it was hard to follow the needle and see the stitches. But then you are a lover of scrappy quilts as so many of us are. Hope you offer this again.

  9. You make this look so easy! And you listen to audiobooks while doing this!?! Talk about multitasking! I’m very impressed. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and your book recommendations are spot on for me. Loved Defending Jacob and am now enjoying Heather Gudenkauf. I’m from George IA so your small town life is familiar to me. Thank you!

  10. Linda Ann Cook

    I don’t have a longarm but I really enjoyed the video. It was very easy to hear and understand you and am looking forward to more videos to come. Thanks Jo

  11. Love the use of the white board! It was easy to see the pattern there. Was a bit difficult to see it as you quilted with the machine because of the thread colour. I get it though-this was your actual quilt and not a practice sandwich! Thank you so much for sharing. A well done tutorial!

  12. Well done. Succint. You knew what you wanted to talk about and you stuck to the topic. The camera was stable. The sound was good. You did not say “uh” all of the time. You are well practised to be able to talk and demonstrate at the same time. That is quite a talent. Thank you. Cannot wait for more.

  13. That was awesome Jo. You did a get job. I really enjoyed hearing your voice. The girls are teaching great skills to use in your blog. Thanks for all that you do for us quilters.

  14. Bonnie Thornburg

    Awesome teaching, Jo! So encouraging because I seem to get in corners and don’t know how to get out with fmq. Echo! Also the part about “ugly” areas was great. Thanks for including the white board lesson and the pictures as I found it hard to see the quilting in the video as the thread color blended in so much.

    1. I’m working on how to get a camera closer to the actual stitching. I bought something on Amazon last night. I’m hoping it will help!!

  15. Very good teaching video! I really like the “hook and bump” design and will try it out myself. Thank you. Really enjoyed it!

  16. Your use of the whiteboard was excellent. Thank you. Most quilting videos I have seen show the quilting with the machine. It is very difficult to follow because of poor visibility. I couldn’t see your stitching very well, but because you did the whiteboard first, it was much easier to follow along. Very nicely done.

  17. white board was the best part to be able to see what you are doing as you say it. On the actual quilt it is not possible to see…..

  18. You absolutley are qualified to teach! I love that you have to remove the fear of imperfection. When we create, imperfection is part of our creation. It’s a given. That’s the beauty of handmade.

  19. Very nice video. I am amazed you can point with one hand,while talking and move the handle with the other hand all at one time. What coordination and concentration!

  20. Thanks for the video, it was so informative and helpful. I love the white board idea! I am not a long arm quilter, but it will be helpful to do the same thing before quilting on my domestic machine. Also, I was focusing so hard on what you were doing when you were stitching, that I totally startled everytime your left hand let go of the handle! LOL

  21. Jo I enjoyed watching your video on your hook and bump.. I never thought of using a white borad to learn design. So much easier to see you design that your trying to draw. Thanks for the tip and now this should help getting started. Your directions were easy to understand and very clear. Thank you

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