Sunbonnet Sue Dish Towel with my Accuquilt Go!

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Before I get into today’s post, I had a couple people asking for my Mock Ham Meatball recipe.  Here a link…and now to today’s business.

I was busy playing with my Accuquilt Go!, the Dresden Plate die, and the Sunbonnet Sue die.  Here is how it turned out…If you keep reading, there’s a giveaway too.


It’s a little Sunbonnet Sue on a flour sack dish towel.  She just sits right there on the corner and cute and country.  Being I haven’t really appliqued before, I think it turned out okay….If you want to see how to make one, you can check out this video.

Hopefully when I make the next one, my stitches will be a little more even and a bit less noticeable.  It’s all a learning curve….for me to have tackled this much applique is an amazing start.  Anyone else have applique anxiety?  I think I would actually like it if I ever found a method that I liked.  I tried applique stabilizer (here is my review of that)…it was okay but I don’t want to do machine applique.  I want hand applique.

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61 thoughts on “Sunbonnet Sue Dish Towel with my Accuquilt Go!”

  1. Dish towels are my FAVORITE thing to give as a gift to my friends for their birthdays!! I’m always looking for designs and ideas for new towels! How CUTE is little Sue on the corner of your towel! LOVE IT!!

  2. I think the dishtowel is adorable and I would love, love, love to have one. ;) I love your video tutorials! You make me want to run to town and buy more dies!!!

  3. Application anxiety? For many years my mantra was “I don’t do applique, I don’t do applique”. My quilting buddy recently told me I can’t use that any more. I still don’t have the answer, but there is more applique in my quilts these days.

    Very cut dish towel.

  4. How cute!! I’ve done a little applique but I’m still in the “learn to” mode.
    Love reading your blog – I’ve learned a lot. I’m sure the Sunbonnet Sue dish towel would love to come to live at my house.

  5. What a cute dish towel! Hint, hint: It would look good in my kitchen. . . Great video on How to make. I recently found your blog and have been reading daily.

  6. Love your Sunboneet Sue and everytime I see your tutorials with Accucuts it makes me want to buy one…am saving my money for one now :) Don’t be afraid of applique, there’s lots of great methods, like the starch paper method. If I find a good tutorial I’ll send a link. Good luck!

  7. Geraldine House

    I love that sunbonnet Sue tea towel. So cute. Now I am going to read about the Accu-Quilt, I know nothing about it. I love to applique. Straw needle and silk thread is the secret . Thanks for posting this

  8. I love your little Sunbonnet Sue, you did a great job! Iapplique using the fusible method and hand stitch a blanket stitch around the edge. I like the more country/prim look of it. Keep trying different methods, you will probably find something you like.

  9. I just “liked” you the other day. . . so I may be that 250th person!! :)

    Love the dish towel. Your blog always inspires me so much! Thanks!

  10. One tip for applique is to get magnifying glasses. The smaller the stitches, the better. I also went to a class where they used spray starch to wet the edges, then turned and ironed them. It gave a crisper finish. (Do I win the prize now?)

  11. Congrats on 250 fans! I haven’t done applique much – I was not good at it the first time I tried, so I didn’t try it again. :P

  12. I love Sunbonnet Sue!! My Granny made me a Sunbonnet Sue quilt when I was only 2 or 3 and I have cherished it ever since, it has been my favorite quilt to cuddle up with forever and I would love to make some towels with her on it!!

  13. The towel just looks so adorable. I think I could never bare it to use it as a dish towel. But I most certainly will look like a sixties-housewive with this beautiful towel taking my apron to a whole new level…

  14. Such a sweet little Sue – I would never have thought of using Dresden Plate blades for her body. I can always find inspiration or good recipes from your blog, keep ’em coming!

  15. Patty Swatzell

    I love the towel! My first quilt I ever received was a Sun Bonnet Sue. What a clever idea. Congrats on hitting 250. I have to go like!

  16. Yet another fun “Jo” project

    maybe make a “Jo’s the GO!!” project folder?

    don’t know something fun, have gone all hexie brained!!

  17. Love It!!!! Hand applique is the best and you will only get better with practice and time. Nice job, she will look great hanging in your kitchen. She’s a lucky girl :)

  18. Hi Jo!
    Just love your Sunbonnet Sue variation! I’ve always loved this pattern-makes me think of “Holly Hobby”-remember her? (You are probably way too young!) Thanks for the videos and all of your yummy recipes!

  19. That is sew cute! My MIL would have loved it! I think I will try to replicate it and call it ‘Wanda’. I rarely win anything so my only option is to reproduce.

  20. “Somethings fun”. Ok – bad joke I know.
    I have just started applique-ing (is this even a word? Must be) and it can be a bit daunting because my little turn unders keep turning back out. I do like your little Sunbonnet Sue on the corner. What a good idea!

  21. Sunbonnet Sue always reminds me of my grandmother Bloomy who used feedsack material for curtains, pj’s, etc. She would have loved this dish towel. I wouldn’t have thought you were a beginner at applique’. It is so cute!

  22. Toni Anne Potter

    Sunbonnet Sue would sure brighten my day. My husband left the kitchen faucet running and walked out of the room and was side tracked. My kitchen and most of our finshed basement needs to be completly replaced. The good news is it was caught before it got to my sewing room. Also no one was hurt. Great video, you made it look easier than I expected it to be. Thanks for the generous giveaway! ;>

  23. What a cute towel! Applique scares me, too. I have a block exchange due in July of Santa’s, and, I am going to try to applique one set. I bought the fabric for them Saturday. These are fuse applique, not hand applique. I like hand applique better.

  24. deborah duncan

    Wow that looks like it would make a great gift for a grandma or someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. I would like to tray and make it but I don’t have a acu go cutter, guess I can try and guess at the pattern and cut it myself. I would like to enter your give away and hope I win so I can have a pattern to follow. Thank you for offering this give away. One of your new followers.

  25. I love this idea, I am a bit skeptical about hand applique but just might try this one..thanks for the idea and helpful video..

  26. oh great, I just got an accu-quilt, now I have a reason to buy even more die! as if I needed another reason! so much fun to use and this pattern is perfect for gift-giving. thank you for showing it.

  27. Thanks for a great video….love learning new things…working on a Sue Bonnet quilt that has feedsacks for the dresses….love the pattern. Am posting and sharing this video with my facebook friends.! Would never have thought to rip out the seam before putting on the dresden skirt…:_))

  28. I love the towel! I have shied away from applique, too- but this is so cute, I may try it!

    Is there a pdf file with a full size print of the pieces for hand cutters? I don’t have an accu-quilt and it’s not affordable for me right now – I’d still like to make one of the towels and cut the pieces by hand – thanks

  29. I love this towel and Sunbonnet Sue! I don’t have the Accuquilt, but I’ll bet I could figure out the pieces. It wouldn’t be as cute as this, so I would love to win it! Thank you for a great tutorial.

  30. I love that fabric range you are using, especially the bunnies! May I know what is the name of the bunny print fabric line?

  31. I am working on a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. My cousin sent the squares to me after she had already gotten a “little old lady to work out the materials for each square. There are two different squares. Part of them have a Sun Bonnet Sue wearing a blue dress, black shoes, and a blue bonnet. The rest of them she is wearing a pink dress but the sleeves had a pattern with the Breast Cancer Awareness signs. The two different squares are pretty and look good together but I have had the hardest time find a pretty pink fabric to join the squares together. I finally found a beautiful pin k that brings out the Breast Cancer Awareness Signs and also does not clash with the blue squares or the pink in the other squares. Of course, it is going to take a while before I finish it because I am working on other projects right now that are more important. I also dabble in cross-stitching and crocheting. Joyce

  32. This is very pretty Sun Bonnet Sue , very glad for the video . Has there been more videos I have mist ? Easy small things to do . Wood love to see more . Love this sight. Betty

  33. This is just adorable. However, for those of us who do not have dies, I wonder if there is some way we can get a pattern of the Sun Bonnet Sue.

  34. I love your videos..have watched a couple of them this afternoon..I have been thinking of getting the larger Accuquilt but wasn’t sure I’d use it much..Now I’m pretty sure it would be put to very good use.
    Love the towel..what a cute’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
    Thank you for sharing.

  35. Combining two quilt patterns has been an all-time favorite of mine. It’s great to see that it is picking up again. You should write a quilt book combining two or even three quilt patterns into everyday useful things. Thanks a lot.

  36. Vivian Monroe

    I love this, I collect dishtowels, and thought what a cute project to do for all of my sisters, and mom and aunt at Christmas. Maybe even use some Christmas colors.?? Well, I am new at sewing and teaching myself with tutorials as I go along. Thanks for sharing this sweet dishtowel.

  37. How do I find the pattern for the sentiment sue Dresden plate dish towel. I have been searching for a long, long time. Thank you

    1. There is no pattern. There is only a video that shows how to do it. The pieces I used were from an Accuquilt product. I no longer have mine so I can’t even trace the pieces. Sorry.

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