Ariel’s Wedding Quilt: The Free Printable Pattern

We have gotten so many wonderful comments about Ariel’s wedding quilt.  Happily, we love it and most importantly Ariel likes it!

It’s a great quilt to make a dent in your 2 1/2″ strips.  It is also jelly roll friendly.  Grab two jelly rolls.  You can use almost all of it up if you make a scrappy binding with a few of the strips.  No matter what you use..jelly rolls or scraps, you’ll have a great-looking quilt.  It’s so scrap-friendly.


We made ours a big one…96.5” x 106.5.  If you want yours smaller it’s no problem.  Check out the diagram on the printable pattern.  For every row of blocks you take off your quilt size will shrink 10″ as the block finishes at 10″ x 10″.  Take off however many rows you want to get the size you want.

We love the clean look of the quilt and love that the colors can be changed up to meet almost any taste.  Have a little girl..make the strips pinks and purples.  Have a little boy…make them blues and greens.  Have a big stash of fall prints…use them up and possibly change up the background to green.  Have a sports team fan…use the team colors-one color for the scrappy strips and another for the background.  The possibilities are endless.


You can print your own free pattern by… following THIS LINK.  We will add this pattern link to the right sidebar with all of our other free patterns so you can find it again.

Well, believe it or not, we have another wedding in a couple of weeks so I’m off to get another quilt made.

Enjoy the free pattern and as always, if you make your own version of our quilt and want to share it, send a picture of it to me.  We love to feature them here on the blog.  Here’s my email.

20 thoughts on “Ariel’s Wedding Quilt: The Free Printable Pattern”

  1. Ariel’s Wedding Quilt is beautiful. Did you use a jelly roll (if so, could you share which one :-) )? Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  2. This little bird house looks like my wren house. It has a small whole and can also be used as a blue bird house. The wrens seem to like a low hanging limb on a tree where no one bothers them. The blue bird house works well on a fence post or on the side of a utility pole. I really like the wedding quilt you made for Ariel ~ great choice of colors and size. Thank you for sharing and the pattern too! Jo Stovall

  3. Thank you Joe and Kelli! Very generous to share a pattern for this cool quilt. I have a bunch of batiks that I have had for a long time and am thinking they would be beautiful with this pattern! Now to find enough time…..

  4. Received your wonderful book a few weeks back, and I really like it. I only have one problem though,,, I cant decide which one to make first!!! Again , thanks ladies, for an awesome addition to my library. I appreciate you.

  5. Received your wonderful book a few weeks back, and I really like it. I only have one problem though,,, I cant decide which one to make first!!! Again , thanks ladies, for an awesome addition to my library. I appreciate you.

  6. Hi. I love the Ariel’s Wedding Quilt you posted. I want to download it and print it but the link doesnt lake me to the printable quilt. How can I print it?
    Tricia Henry

  7. kristie hager

    could someone explain this part to me, I am not understanding the math of this particular step:
    From background:
    Cut 68- 2.5” x WOF strips.
    Subcut each strip into 4- 2.5” x 10.5” rectangles.
    (Note: When cutting these rectangles, you will need to ensure that you are able to have
    42” of usable fabric from each strip to get 4 rectangles from each strip.)

    I can’t get 4 rectangles out of 1 strip. did I do something wrong?
    please, I am waiting for response so I can continue project,
    Thank You ever so much.
    Kristie Hager

  8. Leslie Savitsky

    Picked up 2 jelly rolls in Yellowknife, NWT – one blue and one brown with the thought of making a quilt for my daughter and son-in-law who had moved there. I saw Ariel’s Wedding Quilt and thought it the perfect pattern. I found a white fabric that looked like a snow storm. The quilt turned out beautiful. It was a great pattern.

  9. I am confused by this part.

    Join the 11- 3.5” x WOF strips on the diagonal and press

    It is for the border but what it being to join on the diagonal if it is making 1 long strip?

    Thank you for any help!

    1. Some people like to join the border strips using the diagonal method similar to when you join binding strips. Sew the strips together however you’d like.

  10. Maggie Eggler

    I’d love to receive a paper copy of the directions and pictures of the Ariel’s wedding quilt. Any help you could supply to me, I would very much appreciate your help. If there are any charges for the information please let me know at the email address I provided.

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t have printed patterns…you can print them yourself or go to your local library. They can help you with printing if you don’t have a printer.

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