Brick House Quilt Directions

Some of you might remember a while back a blog reader, Roxanna sent a bunch of UFO’s to me.  They were meant to be sent out for charity projects and I meant to until I realized I make charity quilts and I could finish one of these for charity.  I ended up keeping this one….

You can read on how I was working on it HERE.

Here is is finished…

Roxanna sent a good start of the quilt…  in my sorting I realized that some blocks were oriented wrong.

See how the blocks are mirror images and not the same block?

I set the blocks to the left aside and I ended up making more blocks that were oriented the same way as the blocks on the right.

Gannon (pre Covid-19) helped me.

I have gone on to find out that Julie from Me and My Quilts was the originator of the idea.  You can read more about the quilt on her blog HERE.  You will find tons more of inspiration there on her blog.  What an accomplished quilter she is and a master at scraps.  Seriously I can tell you I’ve spent hours on her blog and have so many quilt ideas jammed in my brain about scraps, scrap use and quilts I want to make.

Well so many of you were excited about the quilt I was making and asked for directions.

I’m writing this post to give you an idea.  I don’t think it fair that I write a full pattern as it wasn’t my idea…but I will give you enough information for you to go on and make your own quilt.  Here goes…The quilt is 72″ x 90″.

The solid section of the block is made from two 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles.  The light part of the block is made from two 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ squares.

The block finishes in the quilt as a 4″ x 6″ block.  I wanted a twin sized-ish quilt as mine is going for a benefit.  I ended up making columns of blocks that were 15 blocks long.

I made 18 columns….

I made:
2 orange
1 royal blue
3 pink
3 gray
1 lavender
2 teal
2 green
2 yellow
1 chartreuse
1 purple

You can make whatever you want.  If you don’t have chartreuse, use a different color.  If you hate pink, don’t use it.  If you want it boy-ish, pick different colors.  Whatever you want goes.

Here’s how block construction goes….

The pieces are going to fit together like this…

Lay the square on the rectangle.  Chain piece them through.

At the ironing board, lay the like this.

Lift the rectangle and iron pressing the seam to the colored part.

You’ll have this…
At the machine take the two piece and put them right sides together.  The pieces MUST all be oriented the same way for each block.  I put mine with the bottom piece, square going in the machine first and the top piece with the rectangle going in first.

Press block…and there you have it.

It’s an easy block to construct.  The trick of the whole quilt is to make sure ALL of the block pieces on the final seam are oriented the same way.  If you don’t, this is what you end up with…

Roxanna the person who gifted this did it.  I did it too.  You don’t want to spend time with the seam ripper.

In the original quilt Julie had a row that was low volume.  I made a couple rows that were and tried putting them in the quilt and didn’t love it.  I went on to make more low volume blocks and put together this baby quilt top…

Once it is finished I’ll write more about it and talk about low volume fabrics and fabric selection for this quilt.  I have a couple other fun things planned with this.  I can’t wait to show you.

The baby quilt version is 10 columns each 7 blocks long.

I hope you can go on and make one of these quilts, it would make the PERFECT leader and ender project.

I’ll put a link in the right hand column under the tutorial section for this blog post so you can reference it any time you want.  Happy Quilting!

37 thoughts on “Brick House Quilt Directions”

  1. I really like this quilt pattern. I think you did a great job redesigning the layout. It is one I think I’d like to try some time. It has a “happy carefree flow”.

  2. Love the bright colours. Who could not be cheered by them?
    Bonnie Hunter has a patter Bricks and Stepping Stones that is similar, it my even be free.
    Regards from isolation in Shropshire, England

  3. BOTH versions look INCREDIBLE, Jo!! Thanks for the mini-tutorial, too. I made a similar quilt years ago. My group swapped components we called Bricks and Blocks. (From what I can recall, it’s basically the same thing as your blocks.) Off to unearth it from the depths of DS2’s room so I can check the difference…

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Jo. Your quilt is lovely! As is the quilting pattern you showed on your other post. I would love to see more of the freehand design you used for it. I need to work on developing those.

  5. I was thinking that you could use 5″ squares and add a 2 1/2″ strip, cut it in half and then turn one and sew the pieces back together. It would only be a 1/2″ longer but would make use of charm squares.

    1. Marilyn Smith

      Helen, I just completed a quilt similar to this one, using 5″ blocks And 2 1/2″ strips! It went together quite quickly.

  6. I love this quilt and it’s the perfect scrappy quilt. Thank you for the tutorial.
    Praying you and your family are well.
    Love and prayers

  7. Ok, here’s a good laugh for you! I read your blog as an email and, generally, on my phone. I saw the first picture, with the fish(?) Sharks(?) And umbrellas. And the white sashing between the patches. And then I read all the rest, and kept scrolling back up, looking to see when and how you put that white sashing in there, and why didn’t it show up in the final photo? About 3 times, I went back and forth, till, finally, I realized it was whatever your patches were laying on!! Silly me! But, it would look pretty, right, if you wanted to get all fiddly and fussy with bitty pieces!

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  10. love it. Making Granddaughter on e for college for an extra long twin. Thanks for the orientation tip. She wants purples…so I need to purchase fabric. I have not a clue to buy 1/2 yards or what??

  11. love it. Making Granddaughter on e for college for an extra long twin. Thanks for the orientation tip. She wants purples…so I need to purchase fabric. I have not a clue to buy 1/2 yards or what??
    Advice please and thanks.

  12. Tonya Reichard

    I really like that I can use up some fabrics with this pattern. I might need to make this for one of the grand kids that I still owe a quilt to. Thank you Jo!!! I really appreciate reading your blog and seeing your adventures.

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  15. I have a big tub filled with jelly roll strips I made from scraps and this pattern will work great using those varied scraps. This pattern can be used with many different fabrics and I can see why you like it so much.

  16. I’m working on a patriot quilt right now. As come across pieces in my red white and blue stash that are too small for what I need now. I’m putting them aside to make the Brick House Quilt.

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  21. This is totally a fun pattern, but I did sew my secon one backwards. Very funny! Thank you so much, and I did go to the original poster’s page as well.

  22. Wow.
    What a terrific looking quilt and the block is so simple!
    I’m in the throes of finishing 2 quilts for Christmas presents, but once that’s done I’m definitely making this.
    Thanks for such a clear tutorial. :)

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  27. Jo ~ I just love this quilt and all of the pretty bright colors! Earlier this year I purchased a Michael Miller Coco (tweed) layer cake and have been trying to find the perfect pattern for it & this might just be it! Thanks so much for sharing the instructions!

  28. I saw this several years ago, copied it and whenever I had ‘leftovers’ I made a block. SOMEWHERE along the line I lost the ‘put together’ post but I knew I’d figure it out…today I saw it again, didn’t realize until I clicked on the link that THIS was the pattern from all those years ago!!! THANKS!!!

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