Glorious Autumn Block Party and GIVEAWAY!!

Hey all…Today is the day we get to show off our block for the Glorious Autumn Block party sponsored by the Quilting Gallery.  Have you been following along?  Here’s the link  if you want to check it out all the fun free blocks… there are great prizes that you won’t want to miss too!!

Here’s our block!

When my daugther Kelli and I were designing the block for the block party, we were morning the loss of Gracie, my beagle who recently passed away so we decided to design a block with a beagle.  Since designing the block, I now have gotten a new beagle puppy named Ruby.  She’s a great little pup, lots of work, but a great pup.

If you are looking for the instructions for the embroidery design and the block instructions, you can follow this link to a  free PDF pattern.  Kelli and are thinking about making a block for each season that features the little puppy.  Right now, I have intentions of completing my block as is and hanging it in one of those cute hangers.

You can read more about Kelli and I by checking out our latest designing venture as we added our design to the book Sweet Celebrations with the Moda Bake Shop Chefs.  If fact, we are giving away an autographed copy of the book on the blog today.

If you would like to win a copy, leave a comment here telling if you have made any of the blocks from the Glorious Autumn Block Party.  We’ll pick a winner next week.  We never require people to “like” us on facebook or follow our blog but we sure would love it if you did!

More blocks for the block party will be featured in the upcoming week.  You can find them below.

Wednesday, Nov. 7
Emily – The Caffeinated Quilter

Thursday, Nov. 8
Jacquelynne – The Noble Wife

Thanks for stopping by.

96 thoughts on “Glorious Autumn Block Party and GIVEAWAY!!”

  1. Melanie Winters

    Cute block! Sadly I haven’t made very much of anything lately, hoping to get out of my slump and caught up on some commitments I’ve made. Ruby is such a cutie, hope the potty training is going well.

  2. I like your block with the puppy. Cute. I stitched a number of the blocks early on but life got in the way. ;~} . Fully intend to make more.

  3. I hadn’t been following the block party, but after seeing your post, I checked it out and it looks like some nice blocks. I have to look at it more and will probably make some of them. Thanks for the chance to win Sweet Celebration and sharing the block party link!

  4. I have not yet made any of the fall blocks but I really want to! Thanks for the great giveaway. I have really wanted to add this book to my quilting library.

  5. I haven’t made any of the blocks yet, but I’m putting yours on my to do list. It reminds me of our dear dog Dusty, who was many shades of brown. We loved her with all our hearts–it still amazes me we had any love left over for the rest of our dogs, but we love them, too.

  6. Your block is so sweet, just the one to add to a quilt I am making for my grandchildren. So far I have made 10 plus your block in the Glorious Autumn Party blocks. I plan to begin the block tonight. Have added your blog to my favourites. :)

  7. What a wonderful tribute to Gracie. I haven’t made a block, because I need to now to out and check this site – woo hoo!

  8. I have not made any of the blocks from the block party. I would dearly love to, but have been swamped with other projects recently. I love the embroidery though, and should look into combining my love of stitchery with my love of quilting.

  9. Haven’t had a chance to make any of the blocks yet but they are in a safe place:)
    I love that you have hand embroidery in the block…..sweet!
    Sorry about your loss but happy for your new addition. We have a 19 yr old cat that just keeps trucking. His only ailment is a hyperthyroid and he is now blind. We did however get 2 strays and one was pregnant and we kept 2 of the babies so the house is full:)

  10. I have not made any blocks but I do have plans to make 3, when I get the chance. Thanks for the giveaway. I was eyeing that book. Vivian

  11. Veronica Kersting

    Love the block with the beagle. Beagles are great! Haven’t made any of the blocks due to other commitments. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win the book with your patterns included. Follow b

  12. Veronica Kersting

    Love the block with the beagle. Beagles are great! Haven’t made any of the blocks due to other commitments. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win the book with your patterns included. Follow your blog every day.

  13. I haven’t made any blocks, and probably won’t. I do read your blog every day and enjoy it. Thanks for the chance to win Sweet Celebrations book.

  14. I have been admiring all those Autumn blocks but have not had the opportunity to make any…yet. I have a baby quilt that needs to be finished–TODAY–and a church banner that needs to be finished by Sunday. So I have exercised great self-control and not let myself start anything new. It sure is a challenge!!!

  15. Jenelle Boxberger

    No I haven’t made any of the blocks, but I’ve downloaded several of them. Same amazing ideas. Your block is a great tribute to Gracie. Read your blog every day.

  16. I haven’t made any of the blocks yet but I am downloading every one of them for use later. There are some great blocks and yours is right up there at the top. I love your beagle in the middle.

  17. I have been in a funk with creating since going back too school.I am carrying 18 credits and am trying too work as well. I want this book! I have been drooling over it for awhile. I am going to go print the pattern out and go to the other link too see what others are doing. I do so much more when I am quilting with others – even if it is on-line. Thanks Jo and I am glad you did the block with Gracie- I still tear up thinking about that cutie! Hugs!

  18. Sigh………I have been saving those I like in my special binder! I have stuff to finish, but I figure if I don’t keep adding (more than Christmas presents) I ought to be able to start some saved projects in February. These autumn blocks are perfect for pillows or table runners, something to do for a nice breather! I love your doggie block! He doesn’t look like my dogs, but very much like my best friend’s dog Momo!

  19. It’s so cute! I haven’t made any of the blocks yet – I’m just learning some basic embroidery right now. I think it adds alot to quilt blocks and can’t wait until my skills are up to doing blocks like that!

  20. eileen in spain

    Your block is great, it reminds me of our lovely dog who died last year, we miss her so much. I haven´t yet made any of the blocks, but have a few on my must do list.!! Would love to win the book

  21. Your block is cute and sew you! Love it! I vowed to finish UFOs before starting new projects. I didn’t even take any fall quilting classes at our local shop in an attempt to get something from the stash finished!

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  23. So far I have been too busy to make any block from the party, although I do have a gew picked out that I want to try.

  24. Love your block! Thanks for the tutorial :) I follow you in Google Reader, for some reason it won’t let me subscribe…not sure why.

  25. I haven’t made any blocks from the blog party yet, just collecting them for now. Thanks sew much for this chance to win!

  26. Hi Jo and Kelli,
    What a cute doggie block-my granddaughter is going to love it! I am going to make her a pillow for her bed with your pattern.

    Truly enjoyed reading your heartwarming story about your grandmother and her quilts. My grandchildren also receive personalized quilt because my kiddos are so special to me!.

    Thanks a bunch for the pattern, tutorial and a chance to win a fantastic quilt book!
    I am a new follower-just gotta see more of your crations!

  27. I have made a couple of the blocks and then used a double mirror to see how they would look in a quilt. It’s fun seeing the new ones each week.


  29. Hello Jo,

    I haven’t made any of the blocks, but have looked at each of them. Dog lovers will just fall in love with your block.

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway.

    Happy days.

  30. Hi!!! Very cute little block!!!! I love the puppy!!! I have followed along but have not made any of the blocks yet!!!! When I have more time I would love to make some though!!! This book sounds like it would be great to have!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  31. What a cute tribute to both your fur-babies! I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve not made a single block (yet)! I’ve got them all saved and even have fabric selections considered, so there’s no reason not to!! :) I’d love to win y’all’s book tho – I’d love to see what everyone’s up to.

  32. Cute block! I haven’t made any of the blocks from the Glorious Autumn Block Party because I’m trying to finish up some baby quilts for our church quilt ministry.

  33. I have printed out two of them that I want to make into a full quilt. I picked out the fabric but haven’t cut it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

  34. Oh how I would love to win this book. I tried to get it at my LQS but they did not have it yet.

    I have not participated in the Glorious Autumn Block Party. Too much going on right now. But I wish I had made time for it now!

  35. I haven’t made any blocks recently…have been knitting Xmas gifts instead…but I’m very curious what you two will pick for your 2013 quilt square quilt along…I’m rooting for Lori Smith’s Fit to Frame pattern six!

  36. Just love your beagle block!!! Wonderful tribute to Gracie! I haven’t made any of the blocks, just lots of inspiration!!! Too busy trying to prevent UFOs from taking over my life!!!

  37. Cute block. great tribute to a wonderful friend. I have been collecting the block patterns but have not yet made any up yet. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Sandy A in St. Louis

    I haven’t made any of the blocks yet, but have printed out several that I want to make. Yours is at the top of the stack. LOVE the puppy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  39. Hello! I’m popping over for the first time from the Block Party. I’m sorry to hear about Gracie. It’s so hard to lose a pet. They are so special to everyone. I like your idea of a set of blocks featuring Ruby though. That sounds so nice. I just signed up to follow your blog and am looking forward to reading more about your life in the country. I love country living too!

  40. I have been following your puppies adventures, puppies sure are cute – a bit like Ew granddaughters – but they can be a lot work, but the rewards are with it !

    Sadly I haven’t made any of the blocks I have been on sewing for baby duty.

  41. I am new and so this is the first time I am seeing this. It is being added to my list of wants as I progress through my quilting experience.

  42. I haven’t sewn any of the blocks yet, but I have a collection saved for when I am finished with Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing your block.

  43. Your beagle block is adorable and a touching tribute to Gracie! I have not been able to keep up with the block party but am admiring from the sidelines! awolk at rogers dot com

  44. What a cute block and a nice rememberence of your dog too.
    In all honesty, no, I have not had time to make any of the blocks so far although I wanted to. I just haven’t found time to even touch my machine in the past few weeks. That will change however by early next week.

    Thank you for this super cute block.

    PS ~ I just read your post done after this one. How scary about your daughter and the truck. I’m so happy to read she was ok and her friend too. Trucks can be replaced but children cannot so that’s what is the most important.

  45. Adorable block!!! Ruby is such a cutie and I hope the training is going good, and that she helps to fill the hole left by Gracie.
    I have made a couple of blocks with pumpkins and saved many others. Thanks for sharing the block and a chance to win the book.

  46. Sadly didn’t have much time lately with the new baby :) but love those fabrics and love this givaway! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  47. Cute block! I haven’t made any blocks from the block party yet–still trying to catch up after 5 days without power thanks to Sandy.

  48. REALLY ADORABLE BLOCK – currently not working on anything and still trying to get my “space” organized since our move last week Of course I need another book – doesn’t take up much room.. Judy C

  49. I haven’t made any of the blocks yet. I just stumbled upon this party on Monday so i am playing catch up. Thank you for your interview, block and giveaway!

  50. I love this block. It’s such a cute way to celebrate, and adding the embroidery is sweet. Right now I’ve been collecting some of the blocks. I’m not sure what I will do with them, but they are saved for when I need them. Thanks for a chance to win the book!

  51. I haven’t had time to make any of the blocks yet, but I have great plans! Thanks for the chance to win , and for your sweet block.

  52. I love these blog hops! I see some amazing blocks on them. Your block is one of them! I love the little dog!
    I have my sewing machine in the shop for it’s yearly check-up so I haven’t been sewing…just looking and waiting!

  53. Love your puppy block! I haven’t had time to do much quilting of any kind lately. So no blocks have been made by me. This book looks fabulous! :)

  54. I’m in love with your block!!! I haven’t been able to make any yet, but I bookmarked this one for a dog quilt I plan on making. Thanks!

  55. I haven’t had a chance to make any of the blocks YET! This has been such a great variety of blocks that I know some will be featured in future quilts. Thanks for the opportunity win!

  56. I haven’t had time to make the blocks yet but have saved them for future making thanks for the giveaway

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  57. As a fellow beagle lover, i am sorry for your loss. Ruby is so adorable (as are all beagles) i have a beagle in the house queenie who just had four adorable babies. I think they are the best house dogs. Thanks for the giveaway

  58. Love your block, haven’t had time to make any of the blocks yet, but sme look very interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  59. I love your beagle block and i will definitely be using the embroidery but I will have to alter the block as my eyes can’t make the triangles stay still. I have made the owl block and the cat with pumpkin.

  60. I haven’t made any yet but I saved them. Right now I’m working throught my list of Christmas sewing. Your Happy Fall Beagle block is very cute.

  61. No, I haven’t made any but am downloading some of them on my computer so I can do them later. Yours is too cute for words!!!

  62. Thanks for the cute embroidery block pdf. I haven’t made any of the blocks as have back problems. My third procedure is tomorrow with two more scheduled. Hope it works as miss my quilting and sewing. This is a wonderful book so please put my name in the drawing. I’m an optimist!

  63. No I have not made any of them yet however I have started a file with them in it. When I can get a free moment I plan on making several different block. I really enjoy looking at all the blocks every one of them are great. I love the beagle!! he he Thank you for the giveaway.

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