The Quilts of 2020

I got quite a few quilts finished in 2020.  I think it was partly due to Covid and partly because I did a big push to finish up UFO projects.  Several of these projects were started or already tops.  This turned out to be my year of finishing a lot of projects.  I took the time to page through the archives and put all of the quilts together on one page.  Grab some coffee and sit down to watch my parade of the quilts I finished in 2020.

We had this quilt called “A Star is Born”, featured in American Patchwork and Quilting.

It was this issue, April 2020 one.  You can read more about our quilt HERE.

I finished Jasper’s baby quilt…

Oh my.  That quilt was a bugger.  I think that was one of the most challenging quilts I ever made.  I wasn’t happy with the instructions at all.  You can read more about the quilt HERE.  Of all the quilts I did in 2020, this was by far the hardest.  It sure doesn’t look that way, but it was.

I finished a Minky baby quilt for Jasper too.

I made a variation of Bonnie Hunter’s Wild Child quilt.  I had leftover blocks and came up with this design.  I did have to make a few more blocks to manage the design.  This quilt went to one of my childcare families when they had a new baby.

I made the older sister a wild child quilt.  I thought it was a fun idea to make a baby one for baby sister.  You can read more about it HERE.

I made two baby Brick House quilts.  You can read more about them HERE.

I finished a simple 6″ square quilt.  I have gotten a pack of 6″ squares at the thrift store.  I counted them out and decided I needed to cut a few more squares.  It was the perfect type of sewing to just relax and run fabric under the needle.

It’s a simple quilt but I sure was happy to have this one done.  Remember the big bunch of quilts I had to come up with for the area school kids?  This quilt was donated with that bunch.  You can read more about it HERE.

I made Bonnie Hunter’s Jewel Box Stars quilt.  You can read more about the quilt HERE.  I gave this one a graduation present.

Our Fun and Games quilt was featured in American Patchwork and Quilting.   You can read more about it HERE.

It was the June 2020 issue.

I made a Brick House baby quilt that was boyish.  You can see more about that HERE.

I made a large version of the Brick House quilt and did a little tutorial on how to make the block.  You can find that HERE.

I finished a String Star quilt.  This one was HUGE.  You can read more about it HERE.

This quilt was donated to a benefit and it brought a nice price.

I made Bonnie Hunter’s Unity Quilt.  You can read more about it HERE.  I changed the outer border.  I wanted mine bigger and it ended up being 88″ x 96″.  I explained the changes I did in the blog post link.

I finished the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Frolic.  You can read more about that HERE.

I finished my garage sale Leftover Quilt.  Read more about that HERE.

I gifted this as a graduation quilt.

I made and finished this Garage Sale UFO quilt.  You can read more about it HERE.

This is my Crooked Courthouse steps quilt.  You can read all about it HERE.  I had so much fun making this.

I finished my Texas Braid quilt.  Read about it HERE.

This is my Bargello in Plaids quilt.  You can read about it HERE.

I finished this charity quilt…Karl had started sewing this a year ago.  I finished it and passed it on to charity.

I finished this charm square quilt…Read about it HERE.  I seriously love charm square quilts.  I know you likely think that is weird, but I do.

I finished two of these quilts, Civil War Tribute.

Here they are.  One is Kelli’s and one is mine.  Read about them HERE.

This is Hawk’s Nest.  This was a UFO.  All I had done was the triangles.  You can read about it HERE.  This was on my bucket list so I’m thrilled to have it checked off.

Our Azure Skies was published in American Patchwork and Quilting.  You can read about it HERE.  Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations did the amazing machine quilting for us.  If you’re looking for a great longarmer, she’s your gal.

My favorite quilt of the year is likely this one…

Churn Dash in Plaids.  It was so fun to make.  You can read more about it HERE and be sure to check out the tutorial for the quilt.  I love a good recycled shirt quilt!!  Be still my heart!!

I finished this charm square quilt and it was passed on to help the needy.  You can read about it HERE.

I finished Bricks in the Barnyard…such a fun quilt.  I love the border.  You can read about it HERE.

I finished a trio of baby quilts…

These were part of my Dirty Dozen.  They were made with our free pattern, Stacking Bricks.  Find the free pattern HERE.

I did quilts as a gift.  These were from cheater or panel fabric so it did not involve a lot of piecing.  I didn’t get pictures of these myself.  Mom sent a picture.

I finished a bunch of quilts to donate to children in need.  The tops or the centers of the tops were donated to me.  Here they are…

You can read all about those quilts HERE.  Thanks so much to the people who donated tops.

I finished this quilt top that a blog reader sent my way and donated it to the fundraiser for the local pet rescue.  I’d love to do another next year so if anyone has a top they’d like to donate that is pet-themed, I’d happily quilt it and pass it on.

I finished and donate this one too…

Thanks to those that donated these tops as well.  You can read about both of them HERE.

We added a couple of fresh quilts to our blog store.  Here is Big Star.

We also added In a Black and White World.  You can read about it HERE.

Two Charming also was added to our quilt pattern shop.  Read about it HERE.

This one is actually Kelli’s quilt.  She sewed it but I machine quilted and bound it for her.  I wanted to record it though so I’m adding it into this post.  You can read more about it HERE.

This one was Kelli’s too.  It’s Cheddar Bow Ties.  You can read more about it HERE.  A lot of questions were asked about Kelli’s version of this quilt and I answered them in this “Ask Jo” post HERE.

I made a couple of mystery projects that will be featured in upcoming magazines.  I’m so excited for you to see them in the coming year!!  Here is one of them…

I made 600 masks and helped Kelli make a couple of huge batches too.

WOW…What a busy 2020 when it came to quilting.  I’m so happy to have completed so many.  The main thing on my agenda for 2021 is baby quilts for Kelli’s babies…and we have a few more projects that will be published in magazines.  I believe to date we have four that are already being worked on.  YAHOO!!  I can’t wait for you to see them…and that wedding quilt.  I did finish it but it’s going to be in the 2021 listing.

I do want to add my biggest accomplishment in the sewing room to this recap of 2020.  That was my sewing room makeover.

I am still so happy with it and so excited it finally got finished.  That is my biggest quilting relate accomplishment of 2020.

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