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Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

You might remember that last week Karl and I went to the Amish and brought back Whoopie Pies for Kalissa’s family.  I decided that being they loved them so much, I would try to find a whoopie pie recipe that would compare to the Amish ones we love so much.

I pulled out an Amish recipe book…no Whoopie Pie.  Pulled out another, no Whoopie Pie.

I ended up at the computer, typed in Whoopie Pie and I found a Pumpkin Whoopie Pie recipe instead.  Hmm.  That sounded good.  So I printed the recipe and decided to give them a try.

I’m so glad I did as these are YUMMY!!

The dough is a little more like a thick cake batter.

They come out of the oven looking like this… Continue reading

Comfort Food: Chow Mein

I am a comfort food girl.  Since my husband, Kramer, passed away I am huge into comfort food.  When he was around it was a steak and potato kind of life that I lived.   Nowadays, not so much.

When the boys were on Monday, I knew I wouldn’t be having them here for a couple of days so I made a huge batch of Chow Mein.  I love making something and then eating it for the next few days.  Chow Mein and spaghetti are two of my favorite foods that I do that with.  YUM!!

I don’t really have a Chow Mein recipe.  I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of cook so my recipe went something like this… Continue reading

Funeral Meat AKA: Ham Salad

Our family has some food quirks.  I’ve told you about Hamburger Gravy.  Read about that HERE if you missed it.  I’ve told you about how we eat chili with rice.  Read about that HERE if you missed that.

Today I’m telling you about funeral meat otherwise known as ham salad.

Growing up in southern Minnesota in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, pretty much every funeral luncheon served ham salad sandwiches as their meal to the mourners so at our house, Kramer always called it funeral meat, and to this day, we still call ham salad funeral meat.

As a kid, my mom would sometimes buy some but not all that often.  When our kids were little, I bought some in the spring and fall when Kramer was busy in the fields farming.  It is one of those things that I often forget about but then once I remember, I’m really excited to eat it again.

We hadn’t had it for a long time until last week I was on the phone with Kelli and she said something about having ham salad.  The minute I was done on the phone with her I walked to the refrigerator, confirmed we had the ingredients, and there on the spot made ham salad.

My kids are CRAZY about it.

I had a bowl and ate it with those flat pretzels using the ham salad as a dip.  YUM.

Kalissa came over and had some…then when Karl was home he ate the rest.

I was so sad it was gone.  I guess I misspoke.  I guess I should have said the kids AND I, are crazy about it.  Proof?

The next morning I said to Karl, lets so to the Amish store and get more ham.  We hoped in the car and away we went.

South of us is an Amish community and they have bent and dent grocery stores.  They have recently gotten a freezer section and we love it.  The meat there is so reasonably priced.

We got this big 8 3/4 pound bag of ham ends.

It was $8.75 so, $1 a pound for the ham.  Many people wouldn’t like the ham ends as they aren’t creative in their cooking.  I love them.

I slice some and chop some of the pieces and then use them when cooking.  This time, I was making Ham Salad with some of it.

When I was a kid and only thought it was for funerals, I thought it must be something hard to make.  YEARS later and better kitchen equipment later, Ham Salad is a breeze.

I threw about 2 pounds of ham in the food processor along with 1/2 cup Mayonesa (you can use regular mayo), pepper and garlic salt to taste, 2 pickle spears, and 1/2 onion.  I turned on the food processor and in less than a minute I had ham salad.  You might have to adjust the amount of Mayo depending on the moistness of your ham.

We like Mayonesa. It’s a little different than regular mayo.  It has lime in it.  It is so good and has become our family’s favorite.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  I don’t think it’s available everywhere.

McCormick Mayonesa (Mayonnaise) With Lime Juice, 28 Fl Oz

Anyway…the ham salad was awesome.  I used honey ham and it was so good.  That made two containers full plus a little for Karl and me to use as a dip with some chips.  Oh my…what can I say.  We are definitely on a funeral meat kick.

I ended up taking the two containers to Buck’s when we went last Sunday.  I left what we didn’t eat there.  I know Buck has loved funeral meat too.

Sorry, it’s not a better recipe.  I’ve never had a batch fail.  You can always add half the amount of pickles and add more once you taste it.  I’m definitely a cook that makes food by taste!!

So curious minds want to know…is “funeral meat aka ham salad” a Midwest thing or a southern Minnesota thing, or just a Kramer thing.  Please leave a comment and let us know.

Breakfast Quesadillas

There is a new favorite at the Kramer house.  What’s not to love?  Breakfast food, an on the go food, something quick, and more of all TASTY!!  The food is breakfast quesadillas.

Making them is SUPER easy.  Beat a couple of eggs and put them in a pan as if you are making an omelet.  Put some cheese and meat on the eggs.  Then put a tortilla on top…then flip it.

The original recipe says to fold it in half like an omelet and you’re done.  For me, I put another tortilla on top and flipped it again.

At our house the secret ingredient to everything is.. Continue reading