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Cabbage Anyone??

I know cabbage isn’t a highly popular veggie for most people but the Kramer family, minus Kramer himself, actually likes cabbage.

We like it cooked.  We like sauerkraut.  The kids like coleslaw…me not so much but it’s okay.

I make some other recipes too:
Potato Cabbage Soup-Link HERE.
Mock Chow Mein-Link HERE.

Jazzed up Ramens-Find Link HERE.

Bacon Cabbage is likely the most favorite recipe of all.  Find it HERE.

I make a goal to plant cabbage in the garden every year as it’s a veggie we use up.

I was looking at the garden and was a little disappointed.  We had a late frost advisory a bit ago and I had small cabbage plants that didn’t do the best with it.  They look puny and I didn’t know if they would snap out of it.  They might…might not.  I had about eight plants there but really would like to have at least 12 plants for harvesting.  Four looked “meh”.

Kalissa was going to town and asked me if I needed anything.  I said, “Ya.  A couple of packs of cabbages would be great.  I guess about 12 plants.  I don’t know how many that would be.”

Kalissa came a bit later and said, Continue reading

What Kelli is Making: Pork Steak

Kelli really wanted to join the kitchen challenge that Kalissa and I are doing but with the babies and Georgia, it’s just too much.

She has been working to get some “not favorite” cuts of meat in the freezer used up.

Butchering a hog and buying a whole or half of hog is awesome…but, it’s easy to quickly use the pork sausage and the pork chops and be left with pork steak or pork roasts.  For me, pork roasts are the favorite over pork chops…but whoever you are, there is always something you use first and something left that needs a little inspiration.

Kelli recently made Pork Steak and shared her recipe.  She got the recipe HERE.  This photo is courtesy of

Kelli was especially excited because Georgie loved it.  Here she is gobbling it down. Continue reading

Blueberry Coffee Cake

I’m trying as many recipes as I can from the two cookbooks that blog readers have sent me.  I’ve also been trying to use up things in my freezer.  I had blueberries in the freezer and I had seen this recipe so I decided to try it.  The recipe is Blueberry Coffee Cake.

I mixed it up and the batter looked like this…

I used frozen blueberries and it was just fine.

This is how it looked after I put the topping on.

Here it is fresh from the oven.  It’s not pretty…but… Continue reading

What I’m Making: Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

A blog reader sent me a cookbook and I’ve been spending time reading through the recipes.  This one caught my eye.
See where it says, “Large Marshmallows halved”.  That caught my attention.  I’ve never made cookies with marshmallows except for ones with nuts.

Well, I wanted to try these simply because they sounded really interesting.  Anything that sounds weird or different, is something I want to try.  After not remembering to get marshmallows for three trips for grocery pick up, I finally remembered on the third try…but then I accidentally got small marshmallows.  I needed large marshmallows.  So on the FOURTH try, I got the marshmallows.

The moment I had time, I mixed up a batch.  The batter is thick.

I used my smallest scoop to scoop the batter onto the cookie sheets.

I baked them for 8 minutes…

I took them out of the oven and put a large marshmallow cut in half on each cookie.  Back into the oven they went for 2 minutes.

They came out looking like this… Continue reading