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What I’m Making: Peach Muffins.

I know, I know.  The title of this post says “PEACH MUFFINS” but the recipe you see below says Strawberry Muffins.  It’s all good.  My recipe is interchangeable.  Put whatever fruit you want in and the muffins will be great.

I know there aren’t any mixing instructions.  It’s totally okay.  Mix the first four ingredients and then mix in the rest.  It’s a totally forgiving recipe that isn’t picky at all.  That’s why I love it.

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Mexican Zucchini Hash

I swear.  The best eating in the world in Iowa is mid-July to the end of September.  The gardens are BUSY and fresh fruits and veggies are in abundance.  It is so my favorite time of the year to eat..and eat and eat!!  Happily, it typically isn’t high-calorie food so it’s okay.

Like most people, I am always looking for ways to eat up extra zucchinis and today I have my latest rendition.  I just more or less morphed sweet corn into Zucchini Hash…and I love it!  This was my lunch.

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Making Fruit Pie

I love making pie.  It hasn’t always been that way.  I didn’t grow up with a mom that made pie from scratch.  Yes, she bought a pie crust.  Yes, she bought pie filling in can…but she didn’t make pie filling from scratch.  How to make it was a big mystery to me.  I spent years thinking it was too hard to learn and years thinking there was some mystery to it.

I finally decided to just try…and then I spent years perfecting it.

Anytime I went to the thrift store or a kitchen gadget store I bought stuff wanting to perfect my pies.  What I learned is that pie making is more practice than anything else.

Years ago I stumbled onto this newspaper clipping from The Iowa Farmer today.  It says it’s for rhubarb pie…but you can sub in any type of fruit.  It will be good no matter what you put in it.
I often mix ingredients so it will be half strawberries and half blueberries.  Any fruits you want…including apples work in this.

I told you that Kalissa and I went to the Amish and bought a case of peaches…so you guessed it.  I was making peach pie.

I am making two pies.  I think I’m keeping one here and gifting the other.  So what you see below is the filling for two pies.

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Cooking with Kelli and Georgia

Kelli is a big fan of the blog Six Sisters Stuff.  It is full of recipes from six sisters.  Typically our family is more of a baking or a meat and potatoes type cook but Kelli and Georgia stepped out of the box and made a jello salad for the 4th of July.  The recipe could be made with any color of jello so it can really be modified for any holiday.

In fact, the day Kelli and Georgie made it, Kelli was out of red jello so made the dessert with blue and purple jello.  The kids didn’t mind a bit.

Of course…she is wearing a horse shirt.

You can find the recipe HERE.

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