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Almond Bark Cookies

I had the childcare kiddos here and they wanted to make a treat.  I am okay with using the oven when they are here but if I can find other ways to make treats, I try to.  It’s less of a chance for an accident to happen.

When I had looked through the church cookbook I recently got at the thrift store I found a recipe for a microwave treat, Almond Bark Cookies.

Here is the recipe…

I’ve made something similar before with just almond bark and nuts…not peanut butter mixed in.

The kids love making stuff like this even if all they do is dump ingredients in.

Here’s how it looked as I was mixing it all up.

I had a HUGE laugh as I was writing this blog post.  The original recipe says that this recipe makes 6 dozen.  Ummm…I think I made mine too big.  HA!!

No wonder I have a weight problem.  Apparently, I don’t have a clue on serving sizes!!  HA!!

They were good and I’ll make them again for sure!!

The Ham That Kept on Giving

I’ve told you before that Kramer’s boss is a great guy.  Even though Kramer, my husband, passed away in June of 2019, his boss has continued to be great to our family.  Last year for Christmas he gave us a huge ham.  Karl’s work had given him a ham and being there were only a few of us gathering, we ate Karl’s ham.

Well…you know know how chest freezers go.  Something gets put in and if it’s not used immediately, it sinks to the bottom.  That’s where the HUGE ham landed.

I was working on getting things in the freezer under a little better control and discovered the ham.  I took it out with the intention of cooking it the first weekend in December when I had a lot of family home.  Well, I was just about to put the ham in the oven when Buck called and told me he was on his way home and had all of the kids.  I said great.  I was just about to put the ham in the oven.

Buck said, “Ham, really?”  His voice wasn’t excited.  Then he explained that since Thanksgiving that’s all their family has eaten.  We have ham at Thanksgiving and then they made another ham a couple of days later for Lucy’s birthday party.

Normally he loves ham but I agree.  That’s a lot of ham and to have it again here, that would be a lot.

So…what’s a good mom to do?  I made a different meal.

That left me with the HUGE ham.  I ended up putting it in the frig and cooked it two days later for Karl’s birthday supper here.  No one who was attending was “hammed out”.  It turned out great.  The ham was awesome…we all were so happy with our meal.

I offered to the kids to take some ham home.  Craig said, “I’d rather come back for Scalloped Potatoes and Ham.”  He knows me so well.  Yes, I’ll be making Scalloped Potatoes and Ham.

Karl took some ham…Kelli intended to but then forgot it here.

So the HUGE ham has been feeding us for lots of meals.  Here are some of the things I’m doing with it…After I cut much of the ham off, I left a meaty bone.  Pea soup is on the menu.  We all love pea soup.  HERE is my recipe.

Remember Craig wanted… Continue reading

What I’m Making: Josine’s Favorite Bars

I was thrifting and found a treasure.  It was a local church cookbook that I didn’t have.  YAHOO.  I keep telling myself no more cookbooks, but I’ve given up.  I’ve learned that they are my hobby and what’s a hobby without a collection??  It was $3 so it’s not like I’m spending money wildly.

This one is from the neighboring town to the east of here.  I know many of the people who submitted recipes to the book.  The grandma’s of several of my childcare kiddos have recipes in here.

I read cookbooks like more people read books…crazy I know.

This is the recipe I decided to try…Josine’s Favorite Bars.

I don’t keep oleo or margarine on hand so I opted to use real butter.

Other than that… Continue reading

Kelli Salad Recipe

After I wrote the Thanksgiving post about our family, blog reader Carol asked, “Who did the cooking?”

Well, we all did a little bit.  We’re really good at splitting up the tasks.  Buck got a turkey frier and he did the turkey and a ham.  Both were REALLY good.  He did the ham in the instant pot.  I highly recommend giving that a try as it was awesome.

Lora made the cheesy potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing.  I made deviled eggs and I made two pumpkin pies.   Karl brought drinks.  Kayla brought all the goodies for a charcuterie tray.  Kalissa brought green bean casserole and a cherry cheesecake.  Kelli brought bacon cheeseburger dip and two salads.

When we get together we all know the drill.  This is pretty standard.  Kelli is known for always bringing some type of dip.  Kalissa always brings the green bean casserole.  I’m always pies and deviled eggs.

Here Kelli is with the salads.  She always makes orange fluff…ALWAYS.  This time around she made a new, Cowboy Pasta Salad.

Kelli had sent me some pictures of her and Georgie making the salad… Continue reading