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Creamy Chicken and Ravioli Soup

I am still working on cleaning out my freezer.  I’ll be at it for a long time.  Seriously…a LONG time.  On top of that, Karl works at a local pork farm.  Employees get a pig each year.  They only pay for butchering.  Well it was Karl’s chance to get one, so Wilbur, all processed, is taking up space in the freezer now too.  It’s the whole one step forward two steps back thing…but if Karl is going to provide meat.  I will provide freezer space.  I think I’m getting the better end of the deal.

Anyway…back to my post.  When I was in town last I decided to pick up something to go with the bag of ravioli in the freezer that I could use up.  I make a chicken, spinach, ravioli soup but mine isn’t creamy.  I wanted a creamy version.

I bought a rotisserie chicken and spinach and figured I’d make due with the rest.

So when it came time to make it I went to the computer and typed in ravioli chicken spinach and a recipe came up for a lazangna.  Nope.  I wanted soup so I added the word soup to my search and found a recipe I thought might work.

I ended up making it…and here’s how it looks…

…and smell..oh my.  It smelled good too.

The true test was a taste test though….. Continue reading

Bubble Pizza

Renee, Kelli’s mother in law, is so sweet.  From time to time in a Christmas card or birthday card, she’ll give Kelli some momento from Jason’s childhood.  This Christmas she gave Kelli a recipe card that Jason had written out.  It was for “Bubble Pizza”…at the time his spelling wasn’t top notch so he wrote, “bube” instead of bubble.

Kelli ended up asking about the recipe and came up with this… Continue reading

Freezer Challenge: Pulled Pork Nachos

My freezer challenge lives on.  The last thing I pulled from the freezer was pulled pork.  We served pulled pork for Kramer’s celebration of life.  We ended up freezing the leftovers.  I’m not a huge pulled pork fan.  I like it and will happily eat a sandwich…and one the next day and then after that, I’m tired of it.  I had a gallon bag of it to use so I knew I needed to get creative.

I came up with these….
Pulled Pork Nachos….Oh my word.  These gave a whole new life and flavor to regular nachos…and was much better than a regular pulled pork sandwich.

Here’s what I did… Continue reading

Recipes from Kelli

Kelli has been on a cooking binge.  It’s so hard for her getting home after a long shift and needing to make a supper.  She’s been crock potting meals.  She’s been prepping food the days before.  She’s been doing what she can so she doesn’t end up picking up take out.

I told her I’d love it if she would share some of the recipes and she has.  Here is Crack Chicken.

You can find the recipe HERE.

She also made these Hawaiian Ham Sliders.

You can find that recipe HERE.

With both of these recipes, Kelli made extra and then had leftovers the next day for Jason for lunch and for her to pack with and take to work.

The last recipe she is sharing comes from this book…. Continue reading