Kramer Day Sunday

Sunday was a Kramer Day.  Wondering what Kramer day is??  Let me explain.  We have two nurses in the family.  Both work weekends.  We have two men who actively farm and Buck works as a construction supervior by day and picks up lots of jobs on the weekends.

This year Kalissa decided it advance she would announce a couple of weekends over the summer that would work for us all to get together.  That way the cousins can have big cousin weekends and get to know each other better.

This weekend was a Kramer day.  Whoever comes, comes.  Spouses don’t always come.  We’re fine with whatever.  It’s really laid back.  For some of the spouses, all of the Kramer kid siblings plus their kids is just a little too much to take it.  I don’t blame them a bit for staying home and getting caught up, it’s a wild and crazy mess with everyone here.

I snapped some pictures of the day.  I didn’t get a lot.  I was in the moment.

Kalissa LOVES hanging with Lucy, Buck’s little girl.  They bond over Lucy’s hair almost every time they see each other.  Kalissa loves braiding hair and happily Lucy loves getting her hair braided.

Georgia, Kelli’s litte girl came.  She wore her apron here and wore it all day except when they were outside playing with water.  She insisted on wearing it because she is in love with pockets.

Georgie is deep into potty training now and stayed dry the whole day.  That’s a big accomplishment when there is so much excitement.

Eli and Emmett, Kelli’s twin boys were here.  Carver wanted his picture taken with them.

Here Kalissa and her son Gannon are loving up on Eli…

Lucy loves to play every game in my cupboard.  She is constantly saying, “Grandma Jo, I want a new game”.

Gannon was playing fair and took some time to hold Emmett too.

The boys are really getting big.  Jasper thought the boys were pretty neat too.

The babies got loved on by everyone including Lucy.

Lilly, Buck’s youngest, was a little shy at first but after that, she was all smiles and very busy.  She turned one in March.

Here I am on the floor playing with the kids.

We were playing Legos.  I will die being known as the grandma who loved Legos almost as much as the kids.

Here is Scotty, Buck’s oldest…soon to be six and his sister Lucy.

Kelli, Kayla and Kalissa wrangled the kids outside to play in the sprinkler while Craig, Buck and I, (really Craig and Buck) trimmed the trees at the front of my house.  We trimmed them two years ago but the bus driver requested they be trimmed again.  A couple of branches rub on the bus.

Not anymore!!

Buck has a handy Dewalt Tree Trimmer.  It has an extension arm with an almost mini chain saw on the end.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  It worked so slick.  He could stand on the ground and trim.  There were a couple of higher branches that needed trimming so he stood in the truck bed and trimmed.  It was so much safer than a ladder and chainsaw.  I recommend it!

There were two pick beds of sticks and branches that had to picked up by the time they were done.

I walked to the back of the house to check on the kids.  Here were my girls…

The kids were busy playing in the water…Here is Jasper.

May be an image of child, standing and text that says 'LOOK ON THE BRIGH SIDE'

After the water they came in a watched a movie with popcorn as a treat.  This is Carver and Scotty.

May be an image of 1 person, child and indoor

By supper time, the girls all thought they deserved a drink and requested that I make the bloody marys.  Here we are with our drinks.  HERE is my recipe for bloody marys.

Meals were pretty easy this time around.  For lunch we had fruit and Crunch Wraps.  Find the recipe for Crunch Wraps HERE.  We upped the game on Crunch Wraps by adding cilantro and doritos instead of hard taco shells in the middle.  Everyone liked them.  We had quesadillas for the kids.

For supper Craig won out and I made biscuits and gravy.  This is a big family favorite.  I’ll have to give you all a recipe for this at some point.  I’ll try to remember to take some pictures and write a post next time I make it.

For my family, this is the likely top on the list of comfort foods.  There is not a person that doesn’t smile if I say I’m going to make biscuits and gravy.  I don’t make it as often as I could as I make the biscuits from scratch.

Buck left in the late afternoon.

Kalissa and Craig left after supper.

It was a great weekend.  Jasper ended up with some croup overnight and had to go home.  The original plan was to stay overnight but that didn’t really happen.

Kelli stayed overnight with the kids.  She had an appointment Monday morning so I kept the kids along with the childcare kiddos.

I had a house of people here from 10 am on Friday to 2pm on Monday.  It was a LONG weekend.  I had a very good time and am so happy the kids were able to make it happen.

It’s Monday night as I write this.  I’ll admit, I’m pooped and am going to bed early!!  Five kids, a couple of in laws and nine grandbabies is enough to do me in.  It’s a happy kind of tired and I’ll happily take that!

13 thoughts on “Kramer Day Sunday”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Oh what a big weekend. To have all the babies under the same roof. Enjoyed seeing how your grands have grown in the year and a half I’ve been reading your blog. We had a mini family get together and 42 of us cousinsplus nieces and nephews and grands. Whoo I was so glad to see everyone and then so glad to head home.

  2. I just love the way your family knows how important keeping close is and having the cousins together and really get to know each other. So fun especially because they are close in age. I love seeing the pictures of your family. The kiddos are little cuties! There was a time a time I would have grandchildren on weekend, and as much as I loved having them, it was a sigh of relief when they were home again, so I know how you must have felt – super, happy tired! Oh and the biscuits and gravy look mighty good!

  3. I miss your go to column of recipes that that we could go back to when the need arrives. Sounds like you all had a fun family time this past weekend. Making memories!

  4. Becky Gilliam

    What an awesome way to spend your weekend. Love seeing your children/grands and in-laws together. My Mom would cook supper every Monday night just to get us kids together as frequently as possible. She thought Monday was always the hardest day of the week and would try to make it just a little bit better by having a home-cooked meal; and it was a chance for all of the cousins to be together too. I would have friends and co-workers try to invite themselves over just to eat a home-cooked meal with home-made biscuits, LOL!

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Can’t wait to try your crunch wraps and the bloody mary’s sound quite tasty also. Such fun family time for three full days! Lucky you.

  6. No wonder you were worn out by Monday night!!! But what a wonderful weekend for everybody! Fun times- and so special!! Funny thing– Biscuits and Sausage Gravy is a special meal for my family and requested often– and we make our own biscuits too. One son-in-law always says that he thinks we should have it once a month!! I have to agree with him–as I love it too!! I hope you were able to rest well Monday night!! Love the pictures –and how the twins are changing! So amazing seeing those changes in pictures–I notice those so much more with babies now–than I did with my own 4!!

  7. This was so fun to see. Thanks for sharing it. Could Carver look any happier to be with those sweet babies?

  8. are his parents considering an allergy routine ? I only ask because we kept waiting with Dr. advice and watching my sons “growing out of it” before we saw a board cert. allergist. The difference after testing and treatment was such an amazing thing. after just a short period of testing and all the spots ran together on his back. Dr R said ok kid you might like to consider living on an iceberg where there is no vegetation or we can do the treatments. all health issues improved with this.
    Jasper does look so cute and healthy in his photos.
    Is the similar cousins look your grandchildren have from Grandma Jo or Grandpa Moo ??? Even the twins already have the Kramer cousins’ look. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING

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