Thanks Kayla!!

Well my daughter Kayla did it again!


She started me on yet another time consuming hobby….BLOGGING!
Two years ago she set up my early learning printables website, .  Now she has me blogging here at  She is a really talented girl and I thank her for her hard work!  In the photo above, Kayla is modeling her modified ribbed tank top.  When she was a junior in high school, she spilled something and stained the top of her black tank.  She cut that portion out and crocheted an insert to put in the shirt.  It was beaautiful!!   Like I said, she is a talented girl.  She is spending her summer as an intern at Living History Farm in Des Moines.  She has great stories to tell.   After hand pumping and carrying water, she explained that she has a new appreciation for a garden hose. 

Anyway…Thanks for the new hobby Kayla.

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