Kayla’s First Post on Jo’s First Blog!

Just for fun, I thought I’d share the email my mom sent to me this morning with the subject line “Kayla… darling…”

“Hello Kayla darling….how are you?  I hope your day went absolutely splendid and I thought your hair do was spectacular.  I think you are the cream of the crop-and you had no body odor what so ever today and your future children will be unbelievably wonderful(that last part is actually true-biased opinion but true)….is that enough gush so that now I can ask for a favor ???

Can you just throw me up a blog??  I just want to start putzing with it and posting-not necessarily publishing.  It doesn’t need to be cute.  …so honey bun, sugar plum….honey uney umpkin…I know you are complete busy but PLEASE!!!   It would be the best present ever and it gets you out of any birthday present obligation…  Honestly just a blank site that has an address would be great.    Making life fun would be just great for me…..
I really can’t beg anymore….I’ve pulled out all the stops…You can even have the self stripping yarn (remember the $25 stuff) that’s under my bed that I forgot to give you for you birthday….

I’ll be on my cell phone tonight at play practice….Love you-unconditionally…. MOM”

So now Mom has her blog.  Not only am I doing this because I love her, but I remember the yarn she bought- it is the Harry Potter self-striping kind and I am excited for sure. 

Anyways, stick around because her blog is going to be fun.  Mom’s incredibly funny and creative and has a lot to share with you. 

-Kayla K

1 thought on “Kayla’s First Post on Jo’s First Blog!”

  1. Michela Towne

    Best wishes! If your new web site is only half as good as MLF, it will be GREAT! Thanks for all you share, Jo.
    :) Michela

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