Jasper and Kayla are in the House!!

I had a long weekend with Jasper and Kayla.  She came on Friday and went home on Monday.

For those of you who are long-time blog readers, you know that Kayla is the second from the oldest in our family of five kids.  Kayla is a health/family consumer sciences teacher.  She’s married to Spencer and Jasper is their 18-month-old obsession.

Jasper has fought some health issues in the breathing department.  He has been hospitalized three times this year for a couple of overnights each time.  He gets viral-induced asthma that leads to breathing problems that are best cared for at the hospital.

Because of that, I’ve not seen a lot of Jasper this year.  I was so looking forward to this visit.

They came on Friday.  Jasper got to visit one of my childcare babies…who is nine months younger than Jasper and is a really close family friend.  Their moms were cheerleaders together in high school.  It’s fun to see second-generation friendships forming.

Jasper really enjoyed time with him.

On Saturday we had plans to meet up with Kelli.  We were going to a local event called Breakfast on the Farm.  It was raining and hard to take the kids in the rain so we opted to go thrifting instead.

Here we are loaded up with Kalissa, Carver, Gannon, Jasper, Kayla, and me. 

We had fun thrifting and doing a few errands.  Kalissa was great and while Kayla and I thrifted with Jasper, she took her boys and picked up food from the local Taco Truck.

If you are in Decorah check out Lesley’s Taco Truck.  It’s a must-try place!  If you live in the area they are in Decorah but occasionally venture out into some of the neighboring towns.  Follow her on Facebook to see where they will be.  I loved it so much I can say, I’ll be stopping back many more times this summer. YUM!!

The gal that runs the Taco Truck is awesome.  She’s the definition of hard-working.  Kalissa knows her personally through nursing contacts and only has great things to say about her and her family.  She was so sweet and threw an extra quesadilla into our order.  The kids munched on it on the way home.

One of Kalissa’s missions, while we were in town, was to find jalapeno vodka.  There is a mixed drink she likes that uses it but hasn’t been able to find it.  She couldn’t find it but did get vodka and did get jalapenos and infused it herself.

Kayla was SUPER happy about her thrifting finds.  Kayla enjoys thrifting and finding vintage clothing.  She does resale with it and has a lot of fun doing that.

Here she is with her goodies.  She put on a show for Kalissa and me to show off her finds.  She really has an eye for it.  Right now she is in a big push to find work-worn Carhartt pants-even ones with holes and patches.  I asked her what she meant and she said…”Mom, that kind of jeans so beat up you wouldn’t want to have patched them for Dad.”  WOW, there’s a market for that I guess.  Who knew??  Sadly she didn’t find any on this trip.

I found a few thrifty things…I got a Martha Washington cabinet.  It’s painted.  I don’t know where I will put it.  I don’t know if I’ll strip it.  I paid $30 for it.  Worst case scenario, I’ll resell it.  I’ve always wanted a Martha Washington cabinet though.  I couldn’t leave it there.

If you aren’t familiar with this style, the sides both lift and items can be put in there.

There are three drawers at the front.

So what would you do…strip it, or leave it as is??  I honestly think the first thing I am going to do is see if I can find a place to put it in the house.  I’m thinking of using it as a nightstand…hmm.

I found a few things for the childcare…Nothing great.  I found some fabric and a pattern…  The pattern is a Buttermilk Basin pattern I have long loved.  It was only 25 cents.  I don’t know if I’ll get it made but for 25 cents, I could risk it.  The brown fabric was a couple of yards worth for $1.  The white was $5 and there are six yards there!!  Yahoo.  Enough for a back for sure.

I found this homemade Raggedy Ann and Andy.  I don’t love the orange hair.  I might take it out and redo it.  They were 75 cents each.  So cute!!

That was my Saturday.  There is more to tell about Sunday.  The rest of the gang showed up and it was busy!!  What a fun day.  It was great to have a little bit of extra time with Kayla and Jasper.

18 thoughts on “Jasper and Kayla are in the House!!”

  1. Jasper is growing up. He looks so much older than the last pictures you posted. My daughter and I went thrifting 2 weeks ago when she had two days off work. We went to 8 thrift shops in four towns. It’s one of our favorite things to do. I found clothes for the grandchildren and fabric for myself. A win-win.

  2. I wouldn’t have recognized Jasper. He has grown so much! I hope he outgrows the asthma. The picture of him with the other little boy is precious. I think the Martha Washington piece will make a great nightstand. I find most nightstands to be too low. Hmm. I should keep an eye out for one for me. Maybe you should strip it…it has simple lines so it will be an “easy” job….if you have time! It’s actually a pretty color….maybe you could keep the paint job but distress it a little bit. The orange hair…oh my! How do you remove it? Undo the stitching on the head??

  3. Bringing that kid up right. Love that Chicago Cubs hat.
    So so so jealous of your Martha Washington table. Great find.

  4. Oh how fun! So fun to spend with a couple daughters and grandkids. You all are so close and happy spending time together, it’s fun to see. Just this past Saturday my sister and I were going to garage sales in our village and saw one of the Martha Washington cabinets. We admired it, but neither had a place to use it. What a deal on Raggedy Ann and Andy! I have made a couple of sets of them, and worth so much more – good find. Have fun changing the hair if you decide to do that!

  5. That was a bargain price for the Raggedys! They are a lot of work to make. I don’t know how that orange Raggedy hair was made, but when my Mom made my Raggedy Ann (about 80 years ago!), she machine stitched the lengths of yarn to a strip of narrow twill tape, and then hand-stitched the tape to the top of the head, along the seamline. Ear-to-ear, if she’d had ears. Easy, and the tape doesnt show. I think the orange hair comes too far down on the sides!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    So glad you had a special time with just Kayla and Jasper.
    Such time is precious and makes everything better.
    As to the Marthha Washington table, who ever painted it shame on them. I had a client who had a table like that it was a joy just to dust and look at so many places to store things. A sewing table perfect for any kind of hand work. please if you have time to do it strip and put a good varnish or wax coat on it . It will be worth it especially if the wood is maple or walnut.

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    Was not familiar with the Martha Washington cabinet but I like your idea using as a night stand. Thrifting can be fun –tacos look good too.

  8. I will have to check to see if I have any ButterMilk Basin patterns I can pass your way. I love them also and I am trying to thin out my patterns. Enjoy the family.

  9. Did not know the name of the cabinet was Martha Washington. Thanks! My Mom had one for all her sewing notions so of course I had to find one. Just added it to my sewing room! I love the green paint on yours so would just clean it up. Mine is dark walnut stain so may paint it green!

  10. Great thrifting! EVidently places that really know how to price things for your enjoyment. I am no expert on stripping furniture but I think I would sand the edges a bit and then maybe apply some sealer. Just clean it up. It would bepretty stripped as well.

  11. Your cabinet has good bones. You don’t really have green in your decor do you? I can see it distressed in the cool way I’ve seen you do, or refinished. If it were me I’d pick the easier option, haha!

  12. Wow–learned something from this particular post/blog— I did not know that a cabinet like that, has that name!! I have my mother’s –actually it’s at my oldest daughter’s– so interesting. Want to know now how it got that name! Sad that the one you found has been painted. Also think that the drawers on my mom’s are not that deep or large!! Thanks for sharing–and another fun day to read about!

  13. I bought a Martha Washington cabinet a few years ago and I chalk painted the body gray and the drawers white. Love it

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