My Griddle: Crunch Wraps

I told you a bit ago that I got my flat top griddle that goes over the top of the stove.  I am loving it…loving it a lot.

One thing I was wondering about though…I don’t ALWAYS want to have meat and veggies which is the meal that it’s mostly used to make.  I wanted some variety.  So I tried making Crunch Wraps.

First off I took avocados and make guacamole using a packet mix.  You can buy already made guacamole too.  I put that in the middle of a large flour tortilla shell.

On top of that I put shredded cheese and lettuce.

On top of that I took a hard shell taco shell, broke it in half and put that on.

Next I slathered that with this Mayo.  It’s awesome.  I can only find it at Walmart in our area.  Sour Cream would work too.  We all just love this.

Next I put on taco meat, lettuce and tomatoes.

Now a small flour tortilla goes on top.  I stathered white cheese sauce around the outer edges.

Then I pulled around the first bottom tortilla and packaged it up like this….with the cheese sauce acting a little like glue.

Now it was time to go on the griddle…..I put just a little bit of oil down.

I flipped them after a couple minutes….they needed to be browned like in the photo below.

Here’s Karl:  Lookie at that right there!!  It’s the most amazing crunch wrap.

I’ve gone on and made these for the extended family…well Kalissa and Craig…and they love them.  Craig is completely and totally crazy for them.

I made enough that we had a couple for leftovers.  The next day Craig stopped by and asked if he could raid my refrigerator and get one.  They warm up really well in the air fryer.

So with that…I found another great way to use my griddle!!

I’m sure these could be made in a skillet or on a regular griddle.  We love making them on the big stove top when we are having “big family supper” as I can make many in a hurry.

15 thoughts on “My Griddle: Crunch Wraps”

  1. Hi Jo,
    Oh my, these look wonderful! Have you tried them at all with refried beans in them? I have a flat top for my stove, its not as big as yours, but I’m sure going to give these a try.
    Thanks for a great looking recipe!

  2. As usual your food looks very yummy. I let you know when I’ll be at your house for supper! LOL. I made myself a quesadilla for supper tonight, but sure it wasn’t as good as those.

  3. Here’s a faster version for when the whole crew is there. Do a quick google for sheetpan crunch wraps. Yep, turn the entire pan into a crunchwrap and then portion it after it’s done. These do look pretty darn good, and flexible with what you’ve got on hand, too.

  4. I make them using my George Foreman grill. Cooks both sides at the same time. Crunchwraps are my favorite at Taco Bell.

  5. I looked for a over the stove top griddle. The ones I found said they were for gas stoves and electric stoves with coils. My electric stove has a glass top. Do you know of a griddle that will work for a glass top electric stove.?

  6. I’m not much of fast food girl, but if I’m on a roadtrip, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s and the Crunch Wrap from Taco Bell are guaranteed to be on the menu. And now I’m not on a roadtrip, but craving these. LOL. Adding tostada shells to my list – thank you. :)

  7. Jo these do look delish! I make mine in our cast iron skillet and we love them also. I have never put guac on the inside but I now feel more confident to use it and lettuce on the inside. Thanks for all the great pictures on how you make yours. Karl does look excited to eat.

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