Come to Aunt Jo’s to Learn Beans About Beans…

Today begins the first full day that the seven cousins are here.  It has been great, sometimes a little bit trying, but overall, it’s been great getting to know them a little bit better.greenbeans

By the way, this is Kelli, Jo’s oldest daughter.  Often times when I come home, Mom gives us the choice of two tasks to complete….mop or sweep, change laundry or fold laundry, or clean the bathroom or burn garbage, thus the reason I am blogging…I was given the option of doing the blog or finishing dishes, so of course I chose the blog!  Who wouldn’t?

This morning when I was working on mom’s quilting machine to finish a quilt I started the other day, I ran into a little trouble.  I was quilting away and I ran out of bobbin thread, so of course mom was paged to come to the rescue.  When she got upstairs, the kids started bothering her and wondering what we were going to have for lunch.  When she replied that we were having fresh green beans, I was excited, but then remembered that we would have to snap them…grrrr….not one of my favorite chores, but then mom informed the kids that they would be snapping the beans and helping with dinner “because everyone else in the world has to make their food so you’ll have to too.”

So if you ask me I definately got the good end of the deal all day long.  I got to blog, sew, play with kids, and avoided snapping beans.  I just don’t know if it can get too much better…

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