My “Baby Girl” Sings at the County Fair!

Last night our local radio station sponsored a musical event at the county fair.  Jeni Grouws, an area DJ/singer, organized the event holding tryouts to find talented singers and musicians.  Several weeks ago, our daughter Kalissa tried out and was selected to sing.

About 15 minutes before the performance the storm clouds rolled in complete with thunder and lightning.


They delayed the show until most of the storm passed then one by one performers came out to sing until it was time for Kalissa.


Here is my baby girl, Kalissa, singing Sugarland’s hit song, “Baby Girl”.  I know it’s bragging if I say she did a great job and etiquette tells us we aren’t suppose to brag…but I am ignoring etiquette and I am going to brag.  She did a great job!

3 thoughts on “My “Baby Girl” Sings at the County Fair!”

  1. Kalissa, you look great! I’m sure it took you hours to decide what to wear or how to do your hair, but I must say it turned out awesome!

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