The Best Bloody Mary

Over the years of drinking socially I’ve gone from cheap wine (really cheap wine) to mixed drinks like a fuzzy navel to wine coolers to wine to Select 55 beer to Bloody Marys.

I think I’m staying at Bloody Marys.  After all the years of drinking socially, I think I finally found my signature drink….and it’s best if I make it myself.

I buy a decent vodka….I’m not set on a brand.  I will buy what’s on sale but only of the mid priced vodka.  I think that’s one thing that makes them good…but the other ingredients, yep, that’s the KEY.

I don’t have exact measurement so you’ll have to tag along in the pictures to see what I do.

I take a glass…any size.  I put it 3/4 full of ice.

Then I use these two as a base.  Put in however much vodka you like.  Mine is typically about a shot worth.  You can make it virgin with no vodka if you prefer.

I use Mr. and Mrs. T’s Bold and Spicy.  If you don’t like much spice then get the original flavor of mix.

I fill it more than 3/4 of the way full.

Next…refrigerator items…these….Olives, pickles and lime.  I want the pickles and olives more for the juice than anything else.  I add a pickle, an olive and also some juice of each.  I LOVE olive juice.  I am all the time feeding people olives just to make sure I have enough juice.

It should be about as full as the bottom picture now.  Then come the spices…. I love tajin.  (Here’s an Amazon LINK if you can’t find it near you)  It’s a Mexican spice.

I also add worchestire sauce, celery salt and pepper.    YUM!!

Next you need a glass…dump from glass to glass to mix it up…YUM!!

…and there you have the best Bloody Mary.  THE BEST.  Well at least I think it’s the best.  Everyone does have an individual taste when it comes to mixed drinks.  I’ve practiced and found this to be the best combination.

If you give it a try you’ll have to let me know what you think.

12 thoughts on “The Best Bloody Mary”

  1. My husband likes his Bloody Mary’s made with gin. I don’t care for tomato juice, so I can’t give you an opinion. Funny story… we went to a popular chain steakhouse one night and he and a friend ordered Gin Bloody Mary’s. When the drinks came, they both said they were awful. My husband does tend to complain but his friend does not. So when the friend complained, I knew something was wrong and called for the manager. The waitress must have been new because the manager told us she ordered Jim Beem Bloody Mary’s. Yuck!

  2. When I was in college, at an ag school, the beverage of choice was either Coors or Bull Shots. That’s a bloody mary with beef broth (in our case, it was a dash of beef boullion crystals in it to give it a more savory edge. I don’t know that I’ve had one since I left college.

  3. Tanya Quilts in CO

    Sounds good! When you want something sweeter, take your vodka mix it with cranberry and grapefruit juice over ice and have a sea breeze–my signature drink!

  4. Sherry Whalen

    I love making my own Bloody Marys! I’ve got our favorite down pretty well – I use a 12 oz can of V8 for 2 drinks, one for me and one for Al! Vodka, Worcestershire sauce. A-1, lime juice, pickle juice, olive juice, pickled hot pepper juice (this gives the V8 heat, I like a hot Bloody Mary), a little horseradish, steak seasoning and black pepper. I will have to give Tajin a try. And then – add in the olives, pickle spear, and hot pepper slices, depending on what I have celery stalk or green onion, maybe a skewer of meat stick and string cheese chunks. We like our bloody marys more than most we would order at a restaurant. We are retired, so usually this is a brunch item to go with our eggs! Vegetables for breakfast!!

  5. I find that Bloody Marys are one of my favorite drinks also. I make mine with Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix which I find at Walmart. They make an original, spicy and VERY spicy. I like the original and my husband likes the spicy one. We add the pickle and some of the juice along with the Vodka. I’m fond of a vodka called Luksusowa Polish Vodka, which is made from potatoes not grains. I think I will add some olives along with some juice the next time and see what it does to the flavor. Thanks for the recipe, enjoy!

  6. This is so funny, just last night at a Greek steak house I had the hottest Bloody Mary I’ve ever had!
    Jeri in HOT Humid South Texas….it’s times like this I sure miss Iowa lol

  7. awe, I remember your bloody mary’s when we are at the quilt retreat by Lou’s, LOVED them and I never knew about the juices…..
    Hope all is well with you as well as the family(s). It takes time to heal from a lost like yours(spouse passing away).
    You can grief as long as you want to, but to get back into things, take baby steps, 15 mins to sew something, put some fabric away, etc.
    glad to see you back in something you like doing…
    take care,
    Sue from WISCONSIN…..

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