Whirlwind Week

It’s been a whirlwind of a week around here.  You might remember that I told you I was changing gears and cutting back on childcare taking care of my grandkids only and two afterschool girls.  I did commit to doing backup care if needed for area families if it worked into my schedule.  That all left me thinking that I might actually accomplish a little more…NOPE.

I had to laugh when a blog reader left a comment asking why I hadn’t linked the stitch-along post into the Stitch Along page at the top of the blog.  It’s totally my intention of linking but sometimes life around here gets crazy and that’s exactly what happened this past week or so.

Kalissa has been busy with work so I’ve been helping with the boys a little more.  Karl was here for supper on Wednesday night.  Then Thursday I met Kelli because Eli had an eye appointment.  I took Emmett and Georgie home with me so they were here for the day.  In the evening, I took the kids, met up with Karl and we went over to Kelli and Jason’s to celebrate Georgie’s birthday.

On the way home I ended up following an ambulance who ended up going to a house a block away from my house.  It was a busy night with lots of lights.  I didn’t end up in bed until late.

Friday morning Kalissa called and asked if I have plans to go to town.  I really didn’t but she was having a terrible morning and had to work that night.  I ended up going to the pharmacy for her so she could get some meds to help with the morning (all day) sickness.

That evening Kayla and Jasper came for a visit.  They stayed overnight and we went garage saling and thrifting on Saturday.  I didn’t get too much at the garage sale but I found a few things thrifting.

After they left I tried to squeeze in some blog time but only got through the comment section and got two posts written.  I was pooped as I was up late Thursday and again Friday with Kayla.

Sunday morning I was up and working at the Fireman’s Breakfast.   I’ve taken tickets at the door for years.  I initially did it with Kramer but have continued the tradition of working -now with Craig, our daughter Kalissa’s husband.

I got home early afternoon but I didn’t have my clothes changed when Craig called.  He needed to go work at the farm.  They had some chores that needed to be done that required two people.  Craig was hoping I could watch the boys for an hour or two.  Kalissa had worked overnight so she was sleeping.

The boys and I tested out the games I got while thrifting…Candyland and Kerplunk.  As a kid, Kerplunk was a favorite of mine.  Can you believe that games are only 25 cents at my thrift store?

While I was thrifting I came across this state quarter collector piece.  It was $2.  I really like it.  Carver is starting to learn about money so I thought we could look and sort through my quarters and see how many states we can find.  Carver loved it.  We got this far and then it was time to go home.

After they left I did a stalling thing I sometimes do.  I decided to let myself watch one episode of floss tube and stitch but as soon as that was done, I was making myself write a blog post.  Then I do that all over again.

Well in the middle of watching, Craig called me.  He was really upset.  He said Gannon woke up from sleeping and was having a full-blown asthma/croup episode.  He wanted me to come and take Carver.  He was going to the ER with Gannon.

I got there and things were terrible.  Kalissa was working so we didn’t have her nurse expertise.  Craig and I have dealt with both boys as both often have asthma/croup episodes.  We aren’t new to this at all but this was FULL-BLOWN and bad.  Gannon didn’t quit with the hard barky coughing.  It was so bad.  I was afraid that Craig might need help.  We live a half-hour from any hospital.

Gannon was COMPLETEly fine at my house only hours earlier.  No cough.  No runny nose.  NOTHING.  Where had this come from.  I started wondering if he got into something and this was an allergic reaction…but, he had the tell-tale barking cough.  I asked Craig if he wanted me to go with and he said he thought I should.

In the back of my mind, I just knew I needed to go.  So we directed Carver and he got going and buckled himself into the car…we had to take him with.  Gannon was coughing so hard and couldn’t catch his breath that he was gagging.  Craig and I both wondered if he was going to vomit as he was making those noises too.

To try to keep Carver from freaking out, I told him I needed him to help watch, and if he saw a deer to tell me.

We got about a mile out of town and Gannon stopped coughing…just like that.  That was really weird so we turned the inside car lights on.  About four miles down the road, Gannon quit responding to us.  He wouldn’t open his eyes.  No response.  I don’t know if I said it first or if Craig did but we both decided we needed to drive faster and get an ambulance coming towards us.

I was driving, Craig was calling for an ambulance.  Kalissa called in the middle of it all.  She wanted to know what was happening as neither Craig nor I had given her an update.  All I said was we are intercepting with an ambulance and he wasn’t good.  I hung up and Carver said to me, “You are doing a really good job, Jo.” Oh, he’s a sweet kid.

The ambulance and I were both racing to the spot they designated for us to meet.  Gannon still, despite Craig’s grabbing on his leg or rubbing his chest, wouldn’t respond.  We loudly talked to him and did all we could to get him to be alert.  Nothing.

We got close to a small town we needed to pass through and I told Carver he could start to look for the lights of the ambulance.  Just like that, Gannon snapped out of it and said, “I see lights!”

That shocked the heck out of me and Craig both.  Just like that, Gannon seemed better.  He was awake.  He interacted with us.

We got to the meet area with the ambulance and made the choice that we would continue on to the hospital but we would take Gannon.  We figured the ride would traumatize him and he’d been scared enough already.  He was doing okay and everyone was on board with us driving him ourselves.  The ambulance driver said they would follow us and pull over in case.

I dropped Craig and Gannon off.  I had Carver and decided to take him to Walmart figuring I’d buy a book or something and read to him in the waiting room.  We killed time in Walmart then finally came back to the waiting room.

I had bought a Lego set and Carver spent the time putting it together.

Gannon got his usual shots and meds he gets when he does this.  I swear this was the worst time ever…so disturbing.  I was sure Craig would be pulling Gannon out of his seat and doing CPR in the back while I raced us the hospital…it got bad so quick.

Just before they released Gannon the nurse came out and told me I could pull the car around and get it warmed up.  Carver and I pulled the car around and waited a couple of minutes.  Just then Craig and Gannon came out.  Craig put Gannon in his seat as Gannon announced to me, “Joey, I all better now.”  I could have just cried.  In a choked-up voice, I told him that I was so glad.  Then he said again, “Joey, I all better now!”  Ah…what a night.  Those were the happiest words I’ve heard in a LONG time.

By the time I got home and settled, it was midnight as I turned the lights out for the night.  WOW, what a day!! If you want to read Kalissa’s account of all of this check out THIS LINK to her blog.

The next morning Kelli came with her kids.  She had worked the overnight shift.  I was watching her kiddos.  Plus I had one of my old childcare families back with me providing back up care.  It was a fun day.  Georgie and I made macoroni salad.

Later I made baked beans along with sauerkraut and brats.  Kelli and kids along with Karl were all at my house for supper.

Kelli left Georgie here.  She stayed overnight with me as Kelli and Jason had to have the boys to the hospital the next morning so they could have tubes in their ears.

Georgie and I ended up falling asleep on the couch while watching her show.  I was pooped.

I spent Tuesday with Georgie.  She helped me pull the papers off my string pieced sashing.

Eli and Emmet DID get tubes in their ears today.  Poor Eli has been struggling with an ear infection since late September and Emmett since the end of October.  They were first scheduled for tubes in early December.  Colds, coughs and covid have kept them from getting them sooner.  They were never considered healthy enough to go under anesthesia and get them.  YAHOO!!

I met Kelli at the halfway point and delivered Georgie back to her getting back home about 6:30 pm.  I had supper and now I’m yawning my way through this writing this blog post.  This grandma is pooped….absolutely pooped.

So…if you’re wondering why I didn’t get that link up, answer an email or do much of anything except the very bare minimum to keep the blog going over this past week, that’s why.  Oh my…what a crazy life.

I am so thankful for all of the medical staff and EMS that have been a part of my life over this last week…from the local firemen at the breakfast who have always been so great to our family, to the EMS and ER staff who helped Gannon to the doctors and nurses that helped the boys get their tubes…what a whirlwind of a week.

26 thoughts on “Whirlwind Week”

  1. Oh, my, what a night/week! And to think we thought you would have more free time. As much as we would miss reading your latest news, Jo, we would totally understand if you ever need to skip a blog. I hope all will be well with you and your family. I encourage everyone to jump over to Kalissa’s blog and read her comments, especially her call to thank and support your local EMS, ER staff, firefighters, and other first responders. These folks are true heroes. So, please buy the raffle ticket, go to the breakfast, make a donation, send a gift card to the ER. If you ever have to call 911, you will be so glad they are there. I was.

  2. wow. your being freed from childcare was quite a blessing.Cannot imagine the complications of having to let folks know you would be doing “granny duty” while trying to do it. AND those baby boys look so cheerful and happy with their tubes. Thanks for keeping your reader friends up to date on what’s going on.

  3. Such a scary time for you, Jo. Thank goodness Gannon is on the road to recovery.
    I hope Eli and Emmet have an easier time with their ears now they’ve both got tubes.

  4. Gloria from CC

    Wow Jo – when it rains it pours. So glad everyone is doing better and that you’re able to help. When I was growing up I went to my Grandma’s after school and if my parents went away to some function I stayed with Grandma. She was a big part of my life growing up so I have many fond memories of her. You’re building the same relationship with your grandkids.

  5. Thank goodness you are close to family and able to help!. Georgia has the cutest little bow tie lips! All your grandkids and super cute and handsome. Wait until they are all teenagers at the same time.

  6. After reading this post I now feel like I have to research croup. I know very little about it aside from baking cough. Thank God you were there. Yes, I am grateful for our public servants: very thankful, but Jo, Carver was right, you did a great job.

  7. Jo, what a week! I am so glad that everything turned out ok. Maybe you should write a book? Or how about a screenplay for a Hallmark movie? Your life has been such a series of events…And you’ve come through so well with the help of family, friends, and others. You’ve been an inspiration to us all – and we love you very much!
    Love and prayers

    1. Oh Donna…My life does seem to be a series of events. What a great way to describe it. Never a dull moment!!

  8. Oh Jo, how scary that Gannon got so sick so quick, and didn’t respond in the car. Shocking that it all came on so suddenly, Wonderful that he came out of it fine. Glad that Craig knows CPR, just in case. Thank you for the detailed blog post – it must have taken an hour to write, at least.
    On another note, I have some sewing machine attachments I would like to send you, possibly for an auction on your blog. I would like to send you pictures first, to be sure they are suitable. Would you please email me your address? I can’t seem to locate it on the blog, which is understandable for safety reasons. I also tried to find your email on the blog, but couldn’t find it. I tried to send an email through mspins, but that didn’t work either. So here is my request in the comments – there’s no hurry if you don’t have time to respond just now.
    Take Care, all of you!

  9. Carmen Montmarquet

    So very glad Gannon ended up alright! What a very scary time! Don’t know how you keep your calm in times like this, you are an inspiration!! You deserve to rest, take as much time as you need we totally understand! Also glad Eli and Emmet finally got their tubes, now hopefully they will get on to healing and their ear infections will disappear!

  10. Oh my! what a life you have but so great! So glad you are there to help your children and I know they help you too – yeah for families! I am sure you and Kelli are so thankful that tubes are finally in. The twins are so cute, as are the other grandkids. I hope you are able to take some breathers this week.

  11. After a week like that one, you need a vacation, Jo!!! I’m glad to hear that the twins were finally able to get tubes in their ears. Thankful that Gannon made such a remarkable recovery!

  12. Judith Fairchild

    Whirlwind week sounds like the right title. Praying for you andcall your children. So glad for the good news too.

  13. What a week!! SO glad you are able to help your kids and grandkids – especially in those scary times. You deserve some stitching time and sleep!
    We are indeed thankful for all of our emergency responders – they are wonderful, and you’ve provided a fine example of their caring and help. Thank you!

  14. Oh how terrifying that episode with your grandson with the asthma attack! So glad everything turned out well and relatively quickly. PTL for all the tender mercies He afforded you in that harrowing experience!

  15. Glenda Fletcher

    OMG, Jo. Yes, you have had quite a week. Thank goodness you are close to your families and could get to
    help with Gannon quick. So glad Gannon was alright. Hurray, the twins got their ear plugs. Hope they will
    really help them. We live in a small town also but have our fire department and ambulance service. They have fund raisers every year so we make sure we donate as they are so important. Hopefully this week is a little more relaxing for you, Jo. Have fun with your grandkids.

  16. Just hugs and the hope that the coming months contain *zero* medical scares, operations or procedures. Thank goodness you had stopped doing the full scale child care when you did so you could be there for your kids and grands.

  17. Wow what a week!
    So wonderful that you live close enough to help out with adult kids and grandkids. And that Gannon is ok – those words must have been a most joyous noise!

  18. Oh Jo, my son has asthma and you brought back so many awful memories…all I can say is Been there, done that, got the vomit-covered tshirt. I’m so glad it ended well. And glad the boys have their tubes. Things are looking up; once winter is over everyone will feel better. Blessings!

  19. Yes Grandma, “You are doing a really good job, Jo.” That is the sweetest thing. What sweet grandchildren you have. Your kids are so lucky to have you close enough to help them all the time. I wish I was closer to mine. But, my goodness girlfriend, you need some rest as you are not at the top of your game right now. It’s amazing how quickly we can put ourselves on the back burner for our kids. I know I would do anything for mine. Take care.

  20. So glad that the little guy came through that episode and is feeling good. One of my granddaughters has the same asthma/croup issues. I’m happy to say she hasn’t had an episode in over a year now. They only live about 4 blocks from the hospital, and her mom is a respiratory therapist so she has gotten quick care when needed. But it’s so scary when they can’t catch their breathe around that coughing.

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