Cross Stitch Update

I didn’t get a lot of cross-stitch time this week.  Things were crazy on the Grandma front.  Read about that HERE if you missed that.

I spent most of my time working on A Changed World.  I had ordered a frame for it when I got the border done and the frame came in.  That was just the push I needed to bump this up into my main focus piece.

Here is where I was last week.

This is from The Scarlett House. I am stitching this on 40 count Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linen.  I have a thread conversion from Country Sampler.

I completed the row above the houses.  That meant stitching the dogs and the tree on the far right.  Stitching that much took one evening.

Then next night I finished the divider row below the houses.

All that is left is the bottom verse.  I knew that would be a bugger when I first bought the chart.  There is a lot of fill-in stitching.  I didn’t get a big block of stitching time to do what I did get done. It took two nights and I’m only this far.

Here is where I am leaving it for the week…My focus is to just finish this.  For sure I’m pushing for a finish by the end of the month but sooner than that I hope.

I know someone is going to tell me, it’s not a race.  I know that…but I like to make goals and I like to finish projects…SO, I make goals and finish projects.

Being a quilter for so long and having as many UFO projects as I do, I don’t want that to happen with cross-stitch.  So, I’m pushing for a finish on this.

I thought if I took the frame and set it on top of the piece I’m stitching on might motivate me even more….and…IT DID.  I am in love with the frame and think it’s a good pick for this piece.

I am doing the finishing myself on this one.  It’s not huge and I really want to keep some of my costs down.  If I frame some that are smaller like this one I’ll have more in the budget to frame the big ones I don’t feel comfortable doing.  PLUS…I don’t have to wait for someone else to do it.

I am still wanting to put a little time into my All Creatures Great and Small.  I was only this far last week.

I only worked on this one night.  I am almost finished with the tree now.

The goal for next week is to finish the tree, the beehive, and hopefully Adam too.  I don’t want to make a big goal as I know I’ll be putting most of my time into A Changed World.

As far as the stitch along…I didn’t do a stitch.  I had hoped to do a short video but that didn’t happen with all the crazy family stuff.  For me to do that right I need to do that during the day.  By evening the lighting becomes such an issue.

If I had a little time, I checked out the Market Releases for Nashville Needlework Market.  The designers show their new charts.  Shops go and enjoy a cash and carry market.

I put a couple of things on order…This chart from Blackbird Designs.  I love the red in this…

I ordered the Blackbird Design book that came out.  I know I’ll page through this at bedtime many nights.  I am an oddball.  I take these to bed and look through them dreaming about what I want to stitch.
Blackbird Designs is different than some of the companies.  They quit printing their charts after a bit…so it’s a little bit of a buy-it now or you won’t find it later.

I’ve looked and looked for the chart for the pillow below…I even got swindled by someone when I tried to buy it on the second-hand market.  This chart is re-released and is printed in the book.  YAHOO!!  So, even if I only stitch this from the book, it’s better than spending all the time searching for the chart and getting swindled again.

I had a HUGE hope that this chart would be re-released but sadly, it wasn’t.

Does anyone have this and would borrow it to me?  I’d drop everything and stitch it ASAP.  I’ve looked on eBay through the second-hand market.  The chart is selling for $90.  No.  I won’t pay that.  I’ll continue to hope that either I can borrow it from someone or they will re-release it.

I also ordered this…

Nashville Market 2022 Happiness is Homemade Cookbook image 1
It is a compilation of recipes from the cross-stitch designers that attended the market.  Also included in the book is the chart to make this little cross-stitch piece.

That’s what I ordered…

There were other things that tempted me and I’m thinking about them.  I’d love this piece, Janet Barr Slater from The Scarlett House.  Notice the crowns in the middle of the chart?  We have five kids plus Kramer and I.  I’d love to put all of our initials under the crowns.  I love that there are seven crowns charted and I’d need seven….Hmm.   I also like the verse on this.

I might pick darker linen but other than that, PERFECT!!

I’m almost positive I’ll buy this.  I love the sewing theme and pincushions.  I just didn’t buy it now.  I am thinking next time I go to The Stitchery Nook to pick up or drop off a finished piece I’ll get it then.  I have trouble going to the shop and not treating myself with something.  This will be my treat then.

This next one…I love!!  Tulips that are red and a red house.  YEP…I’m in love.  This is another like the pincushion that I’ll likely buy at some point.  I’m guessing that there is some over one in this.

This one I think down the road, I will have to have.  They are perfect for my dough bowl.  I love them lots.

This rabbit caught my eye too.  So much spring/rabbit/Easter stuff is so cutesy and in bright pastels.  This would be perfect for my dough bowl too.

I liked this from Little Robin designs.  The colors are fun.

I liked this from Erica Michaels.  Can you see red is a theme with me?  I doubt I’ll buy this one even though I enjoy looking at it.  Stitching it would be hard.  Look at the border.  I’m guessing the count on it is not symmetrical.  No thanks.  I’m a pretty basic girl and like things that don’t require that much concentration.

The Stitchery Nook is having its market open house today through Sunday.  Part of me would love to drive over and grab a couple of these charts….Hmm.  I have Gannon here but he’s great in the car…Hmm.  Oh my.  I best not.  Now if Liz would call me and tell me that she was done framing my Heaven and Nature piece, I’d be there in a heartbeat.  That would be too much temptation to endure…New charts AND a finished piece to pick up, yep, that would put me over the edge.

Well stop back next week and see if I caved and went.  It’s so tempting…and see how far I get on A Changed World.

I’ve not had any cross-stitch questions.  How are you doing with the stitch along??

29 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Hi Jo, which chart you would like to borrow? I can’t see a picture of a chart where you ask. Could be my internet, I can see all the other pictures though.
    Regards from sunny England.

  2. Hi Jo, Wondering if there is a story behind the two different baskets near the top of your Changed World? I would never pay 90$ for a chart either. Maybe you can recreate it? Keep stitching! You have a lot lined up, it’s inspiring.

  3. Loving your update – your samplers are beautiful.
    I do like many of the samplers out but unfortunately they’re all meant for a wall like the ones you are doing. I really need to find some little samplers!
    Love and prayers

  4. I am on track with the SAL after a rocky start. It’s my first time in 40 CT. I think the highest I’ve ever stitched on is 32 CT. So of course I was over confident and got off. I had to do a bit of frogging. I will be needing stronger readers. (Drat, I should have looked at Walgreens yesterday while I was there). I keep catching myself forgetting to make one stitch at a time, but that’s not really a mistake. I’m enjoying it! I hope you have a good relaxing weekend. Blessings

  5. I finished the first pumpkin. After pulling out my first attempt. I am not happy with it but I am moving on. AS you said we will get better the more we do. I need to make my stitches more uniform and I need to count better. Perhaps I was too rambunctious trying the linen as my first attempt? Anyhoo, I am enjoying sitting and stitching in the evenings. I hope all your kiddos are doing better. Thanks Jo

    1. I just re-read your post and I was looking at the wrong chart you wanted to borrow. I should have read more closely before I replied. My daughter has three kids all under the age of 3. My hands were full but I couldn’t wait until things calmed down before I read your blog. My morning wouldn’t be the same without starting with Jo’s Country Junction!

  6. So happy to see a update on your stitching this morning! I have been wishing you would do a update! I’m not a cross stitcher any longer but I love seeing your samplers and pin cushions! You do such beautiful work.

    1. Hi Ellen…I am sorry. I do not control the email lists. When you sign up it’s not through me but rather a different company. They are a separate entity so I can’t do anything to help. You’ll have to contact them.

  7. I hope you cave and go Jo! I know you would enjoy yourself there. I love the things you have been working on. I am always amazed at what you are able to achieve. I like your system of making goals for yourself, and how fun to see the frame over the piece ahead of time. That would kick me into gear to finish it too. It looks so nice! Happy stitching!

  8. I’m curious about one would go about looking at the charts that were shown at market. That sounds like a fun thing to do!

  9. The Remember Me item is not too big….. I wonder if you could graph it out yourself and do it????? You sure have done a lot of cross stitch this year…..

  10. You inspired me to start my first stitching on linen. I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to see the threads to count correctly but I’m amazed how easy it is. It’s almost like the holes speak to you on where you stitch next (the close together ones anyway!) I’m working on one piece of linen making Valentine themed little pieces that will be cut up when I’m done and (hopefully) made into little tree ornaments. My daughter has always wanted a Valentine tree so that was my inspiration. I’m working on a FQS freebie of Sweetheart candy hearts and I’m off by one stitch on one side and for the life of me I can’t find where I erred. I’ve gone over and over it and my stitch count agrees everywhere except that last column. Frustrating but I’m going to finish this one as is and try again on another one. I never would have thought I could work on linen but thanks to your encouragement and a 6X pair of magnifying glasses, it’ much easier than I thought it would be!

  11. Glenda Fletcher

    Hi Jo, My feelings are GO! It is only an hour away. Maybe you will find a special or great deal. Gannon will
    be good. Offer ice cream for a reward, which would be a treat for you also. You deserve a little Grandma time for yourself. I am 4 hours away from The
    Stitchery Nook. Wish it was closer. I have gone on line to see if we have anything closer to Sioux Falls. Can
    not find a shop. Pits. Any one know of a place close to Sioux Falls? You are fortunate to have it so close. Just by the pictures on the internet, it would be fun to go. I also like Seasons of the Heart(the 4 seasons).
    I am going to call The Stitchery Nook today and have them walk me through as want to do your way of the
    sewing method. Thought I had it but had the x’s going different directions. But am enjoying it. Want to
    get back into it again. Like all the pictures you posted. I also take books, etc. to bed and look at them.
    Got a patten yesterday in the mail and read some of the instructions last pm Relaxing. Hope you have
    a little calmer week so you can relax and stitch or sew. Just glad everyone turned out ok.

    1. I don’t know of a cross stitch shop in Sioux Falls, but Barabara’s Needlepoint is a really nice shop. They have needlepoint canvases and a great thread selection. Apparently, they also do a lot of finishing. I don’t know if this will be any help or not.

    2. Check out The Shanty Stitcher in Beresford. It’s south of Sioux Falls on I29. ..maybe 30 or 40 miles. I haven’t stopped there since covid, but before that it was a regular stop when I was East River. Lots of charts, linens, wool for applique, and quilt fabrics. Worth the trip!

  12. Kristy Wilkinson

    I am about halfway done with the first pumpkin. I am enjoying the look of the variegated thread though not the individual crossing of each stitch to get it! :-) I haven’t worked on it in a week either! I am doing 3 other stitch alongs right now and I really have to do this one in natural light to see those tiny squares! I do agree it gets easier with each stitch. The hardest thing is having to skip stitches to go to a new row since it is over 2. I am glad you challenged us to try linen. Though I am doing it on 28 count even weave but it is definitely different and I love the look! Now, about today’s post, I think you are an enabler! I saw a lot of the charts you showed over on Fat Quarter Shop’s Cross Stitch Market Floss Tube but I also looked on for their newest charts and saw a bunch of new things too. Now you showed things I hadn’t seen and I wanted about almost all of them! :-) Thanks for all of your encouraging words and updates. You are a blessing! K-

  13. Hi Jo!
    Quick question for you – just wondering what you think about anchor floss?
    I too have picked up cross stitching again after many years of not doing so. There are so many cute patterns and I love All Creatures Great and Small – I’m thinking about starting it soon!

    1. I am using the Achor floss that comes in skeins and I love it. There is something about it that isn’t as “shiney” as DMC. Since I have antiques and such, it goes better…but I love good old DMC too.

  14. Try The Shanty Stitcher in Beresford. It’s south of Sioux Falls on I29. They carry cross stitch supplies as well as wools and quilt fabrics. It’s a favorite stop when I go East River.

  15. I am surprised you were able to get any stitching done after hearing about the family rescues you helped with. I am having a good time with the stitch along and started on the second pumpkin – yeah! That was after I had to take a section because of the thread getting all messed up. It is looking good. My problem – not quilting! I really like your projects that you did work on. I still can’t imagine stitching on 40 count linen!

  16. Jo-
    Where did you find the frame that you will use for your sampler? I love it! I have not started my stitch a long piece yet. Too much going on. Maybe next week!

  17. Kathy Henderson

    I’m loving the stitch along. I just started the second pumpkin. I have a very busy schedule and I was worried I would work on it a couple of time and then set it aside, but I find myself looking forward to working on it and making time for it. Thanks for your encouragement!

  18. Jo, I am really e joying the stitch along. I decided to start in the middle as I am never quite sure how to measure to start upper left like you do. That is a question, how do you measure for your stitch starting point?

  19. Hi Jo,
    Would be interested to see how you frame your pieces. A video maybe? It is very costly to have them done professionally.
    Judy K

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