What I’m Working On….

I did touch a sewing machine…FINALLY.

This happened over two sessions.  I told you that my Neighbor Girls sister had a baby and there were complications so the baby went on to Lacrosse.  That left Neighbor Girl needed somewhere to stay so she was here over the weekend.  We ended up in the sewing room on Saturday….I accomplished most of this then.

I worked mostly on stars.  I always put quite a few in a quilt so I was safe to work on them.  I’m trying to come up with a different layout for Georgia’s quilt but haven’t come up with the idea yet.  I’m sure I’ll need stars though so I made stars.  All of these need to be trimmed up and more added to them but it’s a start.

I got some other things done too…see?..a couple broken dishes blocks.  Some flying geese and a couple other things I’ll use as fillers.

I have a few more pieces started for more stars.  Even though I just made a crumb quilt, I’m enjoying making another.  I would however like to change up the layout a bit….but I still want the alphabet…Hmmm.

I have plenty of time to think.  This project isn’t happening very fast and I’ve set a goal of having it done in April when she has her baby shower for the Hanken side of the family.

Other than that, I’ve been cross stitching.  With Kramer still on the mend and spending lots of time in the recliner, it’s easier to stay downstairs and hang with him….that leads me to cross stitching.

I’m working on a Lizzie Kate design that says “Home is the nicest word”.  I had this with and started stitching on it when Kramer was in the hospital.  It’s some of the fabric I coffee/tea dyed in the waiting room. (read about that here if you missed it)  I had just a few stitches in it and over the weekend I picked it up again.

I’ve been changing the called for colors.  I’m really enjoying that.  Previously I would have NEVER thought of doing that.  Now I am and am loving the freedom of it.

Kramer has appointments coming up on Friday in Lacrosse.  He should be in procedures for most of the morning so I’ll be in the lobby stitching….I think I’ll set this one aside and start stitching the next one in my sheep virtues…

Bugger…this one is actually #3 in the series.  I unknowingly skipped ahead and did #4.  That’s okay.  I’ll can tackle this one next anyway.

As for sewing..I’ll still be working on Georgia’s baby quilt.  Little by little it will be finished.  I don’t have near the sewing time I used to have.  We have a lot more company now plus there is more to do being I’m gone taking Kramer to appointments.  I’ve kind of complained in the past thinking he didn’t do a lot in the house but I’m learning he did more than I thought.  Garbage, fix it jobs and the like have been my duty now.

I am happy to report that Sunday he had his best day yet.  He was up and helping write thank you cards, unloaded the dishwasher, installed a new door knob and was just up more in general.  It’s so good for both of us.  We’re so wanting him to have a few more good days before radiation and chemo start.

That’s what we’re working on here….

10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Loving the pastel blocks from shirts can’t wait to see it done, so glade to hear Kramer is feeling better!Sending prayers to Kramer and your family!

  2. Your report today is great news. You got to sew AND Kramer is feeling better. Baby Girl quilt is going to be beautiful. I admire the way you start sewing blocks without a real layout in plan. I can’t help from here but I’ve been praying for your community to come together to help driver to LaCrosse so you can take care of the kiddos. Wish I was closer so I could help. It’s a new week and I just know it’s going to bring great things to the Kramer household.

  3. Thank you so much for your update. Good to hear hubby is getting up more and doing things and trying to get back in the swing of things – I’m sure he feels good about that too.
    Glad you were able to get some sewing/quilting in. It’s good for the soul, isn’t it?
    Continued prayers for your family.

  4. So glad that Hubby had a good day. Wishing all the best moving forward. Stitching is great tool to keep you occupied. Hugs!

  5. Jo When my husband was having Dr’s appointments in Omaha the Cancer Society gave us motel rooms. They would have given us gas cards too but we just used the motel rooms. We had a case worker and she got them for us. I would think your cancer Dr’s office could help you with this. I’m just passing this along and maybe you can find out more. Carol

  6. Happy to read that hubby had a good day and I’m sure he felt better moving around more. The baby quilt is going to be super cute, love the colors you have done. Hope you don’t get anymore snow, enough already for your neck of the woods

  7. Mary Ann Mettler

    You are a pro Jo! Nice work on the quilting and stitching and spending time with the family. Kramer is doing so great too after such serious surgery. Prayers for you all.

  8. Love the pastel colors in the baby quilt! That was so sweet of you to let neighbor girl stay. It’s not like you had enough going on of your own! Glad hubby had a good productive day!

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