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I took a little time over the weekend to play with my new chisel die for my Accuquilt Go!  In an old quilt magazine I got at the “used store”, I saw a  pattern for a star block.  After looking at the block several times, I wondered if I could make it with the Chisel Die….Well I can and so can you!  There’s a look at the finished blocks….

To make the block you need a chisel die and a 3″ finish half square triangle.


When you cut the the chisel pieces, you need to keep ALL of the fabric facing UP.  Don’t accordion fold the pieces.  You need 4 dark chisels and 4 light chisels.  You also need to cut 4 dark triangles and 4 light triangles.  Lay the pieces on each other as shown.  Sew the seam and press open as shown.

Sew the pieces together as shown.

Continue sewing making four pieces.   Lay them out as shown.  Sew together.

Make more and more and more and more….then you’ll have a quilt.  The blocks finish out at 12 inches.

This project was just a fun play day thing.  I don’t know if the blocks will actually get made into a quilt anytime soon but it is fun to play!  If you’re wondering how my Cotton Candy Squares quilt from last week is coming along….check back later this week.  I only have ONE more border to put on the then the big reveal.

P.S.  If you want a good laugh, check out the video I made showing how to make the chisel star block.  I also started a new page on the blog listing project ideas or cutting tips using my Go! Cutter.  I have been playing a lot and expect to add to the page often! And one more thing, today is the last day for my “cleaning my sewing room giveaway“.

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  1. What a great pattern, I’ve made it from bricks and squares using the flip and sew method, but using the die cutter would be lot quicker and easier. I love your video!

  2. I caught your video last night and thought you did a spectacular job! Well done! Now you say I need this die huh? I need to get busy with the others!!

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