What I’m Working On…Candle Mat

I am playing with my Accuquilt Go! again….This time it’s a candle mat.  This time I’m using the diamond die.


I was VERY intimidated to make this at first.  I had never made anything with set in seams and was afraid to try.  I decided to make a candle mat thinking that I could get myself to try one block.

I started out by cutting three 1.5″ strips.   I sewed them together putting the light strip in the center and darker strips to the outside.  Then I placed the strip on the diamond die and cut diamonds.  I cut six diamonds from the stripped pieces and six from the background pieces.


I laid the pieces out into a block.


Then I sewed the pieces together….three pieces together, then three other pieces together.  Then I folded the two pieces together and sewed a seam.


I placed the background pieces around the edges.


Lay the background piece together as shown, sewing from only to the pin…


Now I pivoted the piece and sewed the next seam.


Then I trimmed the corner as shown.


Then I ironed it.


I finished putting the corners in place.

Next…the border.


I need to quilt it and add the binding.  The set in seams were no big deal.  In fact, I started a couple candle mats.  I am thinking that the candle mats will make a nice secret Santa gift along with a candle.

If you want to see other projects I’ve made with my Go! check out this link.
If you want to see a video of this project, check out this link.

That’s what I’m working on…..Candle Mats.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…Candle Mat”

  1. I haven’t tried set in seams before either they look too scary!!! They are still in my one day basket. What a neat idea for a gift, never would of thought of doing something like that, but I agree they’ll make great gifts!

  2. I love that block and I think an accucut would make it so much easier but you are right the set in seams are no big deal. Love the candle mat idea for secret santas….

  3. I bet this yummy little unit does amazing things for accuracy. You must be able to put things together so much more quickly. I know that’s how it worked in our business when we added a CNC.

  4. Did you happen to see Fons & Porter on tv today? They were showing set in seams and I found it interesting how they went about the seams. No back stitching but turned piece for a few stitches which made perfect since when I watched it. Your mat is fantastic for a GO! project.

  5. What a great use of the dies. I have the diamond die, and have cut stripe fabric, never thought about making my own stripe.

  6. Great job, you made them look very easy! Please enter me for the Accuquilt Go cutter draw. My choices for Dies are Tumbler, applecore and hexagon. Thanks

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