Desperate Times

I’ve been working my way through all of the projects that I brought with to work on.  Primarily I have cross stitch with.  I finished one that was just started.  I finished one that had a little bit left.  I started one and am over half way finished.

On Friday night I pulled out the other projects I had and was looking at was left to work on.  I ended up starting one only to realize that I hated the color of the fabric.  UGH.  It’s all I had with to work on.  I was a little bummed and moved on. I can always work on my English paper piecing.  I have it with and I enjoy that as well.

From there I ended up having some free time while Hubby was sleeping so I watch an episode of Flosstube with Priscilla and Chelsea on youtube.  It’s become a favorite of mine.  They were talking about cross stitch fabric and mentioned that they coffee-tea dye all of their fabric.  Hmm.

After watching that I went back to check in on Kramer.  I walked past the family lounge when an
idea hit me….I went to Hubby’s room and was soon back at the family lounge.

See the coffee machine?

See the tea?

You guessed it….I was going to coffee tea dye my cross stitch fabric in the family lounge.  I even had something to stir with….

My fabric is in the first picture with the coffee machine.  it was really light.  For one of the projects I was suppose to stitch snowmen.  They wouldn’t show up on that light fabric so dying the pieces was necessary.

Here’s what I did….

I filled a cup 3/4 of the way full with expresso.  Then I took a packet of tea and put it in the expresso.  The expresso was very dark so I was a little nervous.

I wadded up the fabric and dipped it in.

The I used the stir stick to swoosh it around.  

After I got it out I squeezed i and wrung it out getting out as much liquid as possible. 
Then I patted it with paper towels to get it as dry as I could.

They are wonderful and will completely work on my projects should I get stuck here and need more projects to stitch on.

As I type this the two pieces are laying out on the floor in my room.  They should be dry and ready to go for tomorrow morning.

I can honestly say tea dying fabric is something I never dreamed I do in a hospital….but, desperate times call for desperate measures.

26 thoughts on “Desperate Times”

  1. Hi Jo!

    That color is beautiful!! I’ve never dyed cross stitch fabric but have done some tea dying on muslin for embroidery or doll making. I’ve only ever used tea. Yours is such a great color so I’m going to have to try the tea coffee combo.

    I’m glad you’re hanging in there. I hope and pray that Kramer is on the healing fast track so you all go home soon.

  2. I used to make stuffed bunnies with dresses they used to be all the rage in the 90’s mine were so cutesy.. so I started rubbing them down with a rag of coffee or tea and bam!! Vintage bunnies

  3. Kudos to you for keeping your spirits up by crafting. Your positive attitude is inspiring. Hope hubby is doing better and home soon.

  4. Clever idea and why not? I hope this morning finds Roger with less pain and getting antsy to head for home. Thinking of both of you and I heard snow has once again fallen in Iowa, be safe if you drive somewhere.

  5. You are a genius! And with the weather this weekend… may be stuck there until they get you scooped out, plowed out, whatever…..if Kramer is discharged. I’m sure you are both anxious to go home! You probably got a lot more snow than we did over here in the NW tip of Iowa close to Sioux Falls. Then the winds really made things interesting! Cross stitching is a great thing when you are hanging out with a loved one in the hospital or clinic. Hope you can go home soon!

  6. We call that being resourceful where I come from. Good job! You can’t keep a good woman down, or keep a dedicated crafter from her appointed project!

  7. Great idea! My mom made a complicated crochet pieced tablecloth and that was her take to the hospital project when my grandparents were very ill. It took her a long time to make but she did finish it! Hope today brings a good day for your husband!

  8. Wow good thinking to dye the fabric with tea/coffee. Hopefully you will all be heading home soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  9. You thought outside the box, and got it done. Nice job, the fabric looks great. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Be sure to tell Roger how you dyed the fabric. I bet it will make him happy to know you are still finding a way to stay busy and think creatively…..and be your usual resourceful self! Prayers for a good, new plan and release to home soon.

  11. I’ve never done that before but yours looks great. Your so crafty I’ve gotten so many tips by following you.

    Hope Kramer is doing better by the day and you’ll both be home soon.

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Great solution!! I was concerned about you driving home yesterday as a friend in Iowa keeps posting about all the horrid weather and road closures. So glad you were safely tucked into the hospital yesterday and I hope that when you do get to go home the roads are in better shape!! Keeping up the prayers!

  13. I like the tea/coffee stained fabric. The color is marvelous and you were so creative to find a way to make it work. I know you’ll both be glad to be home.

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