Cross Stitch Addiction

I did a lot of cross stitch in the early 90s.  We had the oldest three kids and were living in Chester, Iowa.  Back then I did small projects and stitched them on aida cloth.  I was in my early 20s then.  Cross stitch was something I could do sitting in the living room and keeping an eye on the kids.  It was also a fairy cheap hobby so that was good too.

I was new to the craft and knew little.  I didn’t know there were cross stitch stores.  I only knew what the variety stores had. (My times have changed)

Then a five years ago or so a blog reader, Ila, and I planned to meet up.  I had heard there was a fabulous quilt shop, Country Sampler, in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  We could travel through Spring Green to meet Ila so that’s what Kelli, Kayla and I did.  Little did I know that the shop also had AMAZING cross stitch goodies.  I was smitten.  Kelli was too…We all bought projects.

Kelli took off like wildfire.  Kayla and me not so much.  I was now trying to stitch on linen and my old eyes didn’t like it.   I went on to try all sorts of different magnifiers and liked NONE.  My cross stitch sat.

Then one day I was on the internet and saw this cross stitch project….

I don’t know what it was but I was determined.  I was going to stitch it.  I might stitch that and never another project but I was going to stitch it.  I found the designers web page and figured out there was a cross stitch shop that sold her designs in Osage, Iowa.  That’s an hour from my house.  I called Kelli and asked if she was up for a road trip.  She was, so off we went.

The people who own the shop are awesome!!  They were super helpful.  There was a retreat going on upstairs at the shop and they said we were welcome to go take a look.  The retreaters didn’t mind at all…and oh my, they were so helpful.  Several of them also had “old eyes” and showed us a bunch of different light and magnifying options.

I left there inspired.  From there we went to Joann’s and I bought a light….this one….


Here is an Amazon link for the lamp if you want to check it out.

I went home and started stitching.  I did okay with it.  I wasn’t fast…but I was proficient.  That’s all I needed.

Since then I’ve learned so much about cross stitch.  Although my eyes are old they are working.  They don’t love linen as with linen I cross two threads so lots more concentrating more counting but they do it.  I’ve learned not all linens are the same.  I could go back to aida but I like the look of linen and am willing to work harder to get the look I like.

Since that first trip to Osage, I’ve stitched several pieces.  Most are small.  Most are simple and I’m completely fine with that.

Recently, I don’t even remember how, but I discovered Priscilla.  Her and her daughter are big time cross stitchers.  She finishes MANY projects….MANY as much as 1-2 to 3 per week.  WOW.  They have a Youtube channel, Floss tube where they talk about their cross stitch.  I’m addicted.  They post a new episode every Saturday and I watch it every Saturday.

The great thing about Priscilla is that she finishes cross stitch in a way I’ve never seen it done before.  Finished pieces aren’t in a frame and have to hung on a wall.

Here are a couple examples…Photos came from Priscilla’s blog.

Good morning! I am here to share "lovely Home " from Country Cottage Needleworks .. started stitching this yesterday and finished it up... #needlework

Priscillas: Spring String by Lizzie Kate's
Priscilla teams up with Hands on Designs and even designs her own projects.  See…WOW!!

I feel very inspired to try some new finishing ideas.  I HIGHLY recommend giving them a watch.  Every night I was at the hospital with Kramer I would watch an episode or two of their Floss Tube before bedtime.

Image result for priscilla and chelsea image
They have a Facebook page, Stitching with the Housewives.  I am addicted to that too.  People are always showing off what they are stitching on and how they are finishing them.  Time and time again I read about someone, who just like me, was a cross stitcher and gave it up only to start again.  It’s so fun for me to know I’m not the only one.

Kramer is thrilled that I found them.  He doesn’t have to make frame after frame for me now.  Right now, until things settle down here, I’m stitching.  Once we settle in to Kramer’s cancer treatment and the new babies are settled, I’ll work more on getting a few of the things I’ve stitched finished.  For now, I’m so inspired.

If you have old eyes like me and thought to give up cross stitch, I highly suggest trying again.  Between lamps and magnifiers and simply “getting the hang of it” again I really think it’s possible.  At the hospital I could stitch and often didn’t even have extra light.  I think I had to get in the groove again.

The cross stitch return came at EXACTLY the right time.  I can squeeze that in now….Quilting is less mobile and harder to do on the go.  So expect to see a little more cross stitch around here now and I said, I’m now addicted.

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Addiction”

  1. Thank you for the Floss Tube recommendation and the link to Priscilla’s blog. I am so glad that you have a portable project that you love working on. I can’t wait to see your new stitching projects!

  2. I have started working on some cross stitch but I have several going st once. Thank you for the You tube site. This will be fun

  3. I am still planning on sending you a box of cross stitch items. They are just small items and not like what you are stitching now. Maybe you know of others that would like them. Sending some stickers for your childcare kids.
    Been overwhelmed with moving.
    Hugs and prayers for you and your family. My thoughts are with you. Carol B

  4. While I’m unlikely to pick up x-stitch again (hello, knitting), I am so glad you’ve found it for yourself. There is just something calming about those repetitive motion creative activities. They allow us to meditate on our faith or whatever we need, free our mind from our worries, and seek beauty all at the same time.

  5. Welcome to the wonderful (addicting) world of cross stitching. I’ve been cross stitching for at least 35 years. I love it. When dh and I drive somewhere, he’s the driver and I stitch.
    Thank you for the recommendation of the lamp – I’ll look into it.
    Here’s another place to look at finishing…
    She also has a You Tube channel.
    Blessings, Donna

  6. Oh my, Jo, your blog post about cross stitch came at just the right time for me. Last week I broke my left leg and have been trying to get into my quilting studio. I have fallen in there trying to do too much. I was feeling useless and sad and then read your blog this morning. Ha. So much for feeling sorry for myself. My bum leg is nothing compared to your situation. Anyway, I used to cross stitch and then the eyes gave me problems too. I quit on it. Too much trouble and I love to quilt. I have that lamp and I can’t even remember where I put it. I’m going to give it a go today and get out my unfinished cross stitch projects of which there are at least 3. I can sit in my recliner and put no weight on the bum leg which is Dr.’s orders. I will get back to cross stitch and be happier. I can be grateful for that and not resent missing my quilting. I have 6 weeks to practice. LOL

  7. I’ve recently returned to Cross Stitch and it has been so much fun. I know what you mean by old eyes but I have finished a project that languished for about 15 years. I need to backstitch outline but other than that, it is done. And I love the finishing of them.

  8. I am so enjoying your blog! I have cross stitched a little and found it again. I am a quilter and needed some handwork. I have decided to start a Grandmother’s flower garden EPP project. I just love basting those 1 inch hexagons! I go back and forth with quilting, EPP and cross stitch. Even some simple crochet. Just to keep my hands moving. I wanted you to know that I am only 45 minutes away from the Country Sampler. If you ever need anything from there, please let me know. Congrats on the new babies and many prayers sent to you and your family.

  9. I used to stitch a lot back in the day. I even did some on consignment. But then I learned to knit lol. So, I have three lovely UFOs that I am determined to finish this summer. One was supposed to be a Christmas gift years ago…oops! After they are done, I may look into starting some new ones…Maybe….there are only so many hours in a day!

  10. I haven’t cross stitched in years, but used to love it. What is the name of the designer for the Gratitude project? I would really like to find that in my area. I’m in Kansas.

  11. Jo, I too started cross stitching when my seven were growing up. It worked for me because it was easy to pick up (and put down in a hurry when needed!). I used to have problems staying up too late for just a few more stitches!
    I would love to know the name of the gratitude pattern also. I tried looking out up on etsy, no luck! It would be perfect for me in my life right now!
    Thanks for sharing your day to day with us! We are thinking of you!
    Lori G

    1. It’s a Lizzie Kate Pattern, “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” The patterns were sometimes called “boxers”.

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