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It’s been so busy around here.  But amazingly, I still have fabric movement happening.  Part of that is due to sitting to long in a hospital with nothing to do.

I was browsing and ended up buying a backing for my double wedding ring quilt.  I scanned trying to find a combination of something cheap, good quality and a color that would be good.  When I did Kelli’s she picked green for the background of her’s.  At the time I thought was odd but what did I shop for???  GREEN.

But…I didn’t end up with green.  I ended up this….

So how did I do on my list of what I was looking for…

Yep…quality fabric.
Yep…cheap.  It was $3.50 a yard
Yep…a color that would work.

I’m trying to tighten up the budget a bit.  So I took several of the other backings that I had in the cart out of the cart but I did leave these in…
They are 1/2 yard cuts…  $2.75 each.  I still have it in the back of my mind that I want to work on my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  At one time, I had all the fabrics I needed to make it but I’ve since raided the stash and need to replenish it.

The pinks, purples and bright blue is just what I needed.

So this is my first from the fabric store purchase of the year.  Is anyone else trying to refrain from purchasing lots at the fabric store??

P.S.  Whittle Fabrics is GREAT for Civil War fabrics and many others.  Their prices can’t be beat!  Check them out HERE.  I’m a huge Grunge (Moda fabric) fan and they offer is for $7.50 a yard.  WOW!!

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  1. Good morning Jo, You are up bright and early. I hope you have sometime for you today. It helps a person get through the difficult times.
    I am working on your American Patchwork quilt stars from last year! My friend am I fell in love with it but still doing all those darn stars. Now I have purchased your quilt kit from Primitive Quilts! You keep me in stitches.
    Prayers for you and your family and know you are in our thoughts trying to keep up to you.
    Always quilting

  2. AND Whittle’s has the greatest service! I recently called and described a fabric I had purchased in the shop the week before. While still on the phone, the gal pulled it off the shelf to confirm it was what I needed. It arrived the next day!

  3. Reading your blog and others has inspired me to just use my stash. It is so rewarding to complete a quilt start to finish with what I have. However, thread is another issue! My thread stash is never quite adequate. What do you use for thread? I will do a search! Continuing to pray for you and your family. Such a nasty storm moved through this weekend, I pray your roads straighten out quickly.

  4. Whittles is such a great store and I’m lucky that its a good road trip from my home. I hope you stayed safe and warm with the new snowstorm hitting Iowa.

  5. Fabric prices have skyrocketed and they don’t fit in my retirement budget. I check my stash first and then shop if I have to. When I do purchase I don’t buy an inch more than Is needed. I love your fabric selections!

  6. Also trying to complete from what I own-however, I will have to get some flannel backings ordered. Graduation is right around the corner, so I need to get hopping! I LOVED making your Rainbow Connection out of my stash/scraps and other than red, have enough cut to make at least one or two more. . .

  7. Thanks so much for the link to Whittles. I never heard of it before and their prices are unbelievable. Hope you all are safe and warm. I’m glad you’ve made time for sewing (great therapy) for yourself during these busy times. Take care. mary

  8. I love Whittles Fabrics. I love in CA so I order online. I ordered my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt fabrics from them the last 2 years! I have been very happy with my purchases from there.

  9. Whittles is a two hour drive from my home here in Kentucky. Not only are their prices great. Their shipping is low cost too.

  10. I was doing really well at not purchasing fabric but then in the space of a week I went and got the cheddar fabric for Indigo-A-Go-Go from String Frenzy. And of course I needed some more navy so I bought a little at the quilt shop and then I went online and checked to see what Quilted Twins had. I found a couple there and then I wondered if they had stripes. I bought Parallel Lines after you previewed it here and the cover quilt has been calling my name. I have been looking for quite awhile at the thrift stores for just the right shirts for it but haven’t been too successful so I bought some stripes…oh yea, I forgot, I had been to another store and purchased some more oranges for the background. So….I guess I haven’t been successful at fabric dieting at all!! And now I’m wondering if I need to go look online at Whittles!!

  11. Angela Bowling

    I love Whittles. I have a trip planned for some Grunge fabric. I have a feeling that it may make a good Rev War reenactment shirt for my husband. We take a couple of friends with us and we always eat at a restaurant near there called Dumplings. Except Whittles is closed on Thursday and Dumplings only has dumplings on Thursday and Sunday. Oh well, something has to give.

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