On the Grandkid Front…big new included

I thought I’d tell you the latest from the grandkids.

First off…the big news.

Gannon and Carver, Kalissa and Craig’s boys, have some news.  You can read all about it on Kalissa’s blog.  HERE is the link.

I’m super excited.  This will be grandbaby number 10 for me.  Kalissa is super sick and the morning sickness lasts all day.  She came over to my house one day at noon and had already puked four times that day.  It’s bad.  I’ve been trying to do what I can to help.  I wish I could do more.

Fingers crossed this passes as she progresses.

All of my girls get super sick when they are pregnant.  It’s truly a miracle I have as many grandkids as I do.

I thought I would photo bomb you with a bunch of other pictures of the grandkids…
Legos are the big attraction for Carver, Scotty, and Gannon.  Here is Carver with a pirate set I found at the thrift store.

Here’s Scotty…Oh my, they can keep occupied with Legos.

Gannon is a huge fan too but I didn’t get a picture of him.

Speaking of Gannon… he and Georgie just had birthdays.  They are both three now.  Kalissa and I tried to get a picture of the two of them together…no luck. This was about the best we could do!

Kayla was busy sewing.  She took one of Spencer’s work shirts and cut it down and made a shirt for Jasper with the shirt.  Here Jasper and Kayla are showing off her work.  SO CUTE!

She face-timed me to show me how cute it was and Jasper was just beaming as he showed me his shirt.

Here’s another cute picture of Jasper…
Gannon is obsessed with onion rings.  They are his favorite.  The other day I was cleaning the garage and he was here.  He kept calling his hula hoop and onion ring!!  HA!!

Here are Eli and Emmet.

They went in last week for their pre-op to get tubes in their ears tomorrow.  I’m scheduled to have Georgie overnight at my house tonight so Kelli doesn’t have to worry about getting her up early in the morning.  So far so good and things are set for them.

Here is Emmett…

…and here is Eli.  This was Kelli’s first time trying the wagon out with them.

Can you believe a month from now and they will be one??

Here is Georgie.  It’s such a struggle for her to sleep in her big girl bed all by herself.  Here she is sleeping with her baby quilt I made her.  There’s the matching doll-sized one I made and the polka dots is the new full-sized one I made…and the reproduction fabric one I made for Grandma Kramer and when she passed away, Georgie got it.

People often tell me I should gift my quilts to my family…this is proof that I do!!

I think that covers all of the kids except Lucy and Lilly.  I didn’t have any pictures of them this time around.

What a busy bunch.  I just love this time in my life.  I’m so glad I have time to truly enjoy these guys.  They bring so much joy to my life!!

23 thoughts on “On the Grandkid Front…big new included”

  1. Such great pictures!! All such little cuties, well Carver and Scottie are big cuties! So hard to believe that the twins are almost a year. Wow time passes fast. I will pray that all goes as planned tomorrow and the boys get their tubes in their ears. It has to be kind of nice that the grandkids are all close in age – as you and Kramer predicted.

  2. Grandkids are so special. Thanks for sharing! We had 4-6 inches of snow depending how the wind blows near Stone City.

  3. Love seeing those precious grandbabies of yours, thanks for the wonderful pictures and for the stories of all you do. Congratulations on having a new grandbaby on the way!

  4. All your grandkids are adorable… they bring such joy and smiles to us all! This time around the pics of Gannon and Georgie are hilarious. Enjoy every skinny minute.

  5. Glenda Fletcher

    congratulations!! That is super good news and very exciting. Fingers crossed that neither Emmett or Eli get
    sick for tomorrow. Like the pictures of the grandkids. Thank you for sharing with us. Trying to cross stitch.
    After I had a couple rows of the leaves done in the upper left hand corner, realized the x’s were not crossed the same way. I can understand when you said it took a little bit to get onto the sewing method. But it looks so much easier that way that I will keep trying. Been watching the video quite a few times. Wish me luck. Will be anxious to hear from you about the twins.

  6. Glenda Fletcher

    Jo, I am wondering how you do the third row of the vine as I went to the right on the 2nd row by turning it
    upside down. Now I am stumped as to what to do.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS , a new baby , how exciting . I have to admit I’m a little envious of you . I’m the great grandma now otherwise know as Gigi . My babies have grown up and have families of their own , and some have moved away , some still close , but it’s their parents turn to be grandma , and I’m happy for them , but I miss those days . I’m glad you gave up the childcare , spend as much time as you can with those sweet babies , it’s true they grow up too fast .

  8. Wow–Congratulations!!! And the grandkids are all such cuties!! So much joy for you! Am really sorry Kalissa has to cope with the “sickness” bit—and hoping it gives up soon. Prayers for that–and for the twins-that their procedure goes well. Poor Georgie -with the sleeping problems. We had a terrible time with our youngest when she was 2 –especially after the barn burned in middle of the night–that really did it up. Seemed like would get her to sleep, get her laid down–and probably just get back downstairs and she’d wake up again. That went on for a long time!! Not fun!!

  9. Carmen Montmarquet

    You should be very proud on having a 10th grand child! Yeah! Congratulations to Kalissa!!! Love all the pics of the grand kids, just wonderful

  10. Congratulations to you and Kalissa and Craig on the coming baby! Hoping she feels better soon! What great pictures of the kids!

  11. Congrats on the coming of #10 Grandkid. It’s so hard to believe that Carver is the oldest!!!!!

    Yea for Eli and Emmett finally getting their tubes tomorrow-a long time coming.

    Wishing you the best for Georgie’s sleepover. The pile of quilty love around here will surely make her feel safe :-)

  12. They are all so precious! Emmett and Georgia look so much alike! I know everyone will be so relieved when the boys get the tubes in the morning…..and to hopefully see some relief from those problems.
    I noticed the “Stitch Along” tab at the top just has one post under it. I thought it would have a list/link to all the posts regarding the Stitch Along. (Only two so far, but adding to it each time you post about it.) The other day you did a wonderful post and included a video showing how you do your stitches, etc. I hoped I could click on the “stitch along” tab above and see that post listed so I could find it quickly. But it’s not there.

  13. Your Grandbabies are so precious. Congratulations to all of you on this wonderful news. You’ll be busy quilting for your fall baby. How wonderful to have this joy. I hope your daughter will soon feel better.

  14. Lovely photos and good news about another grandchild on the way. Sorry Kalissa is being so sick. Has she tried ginger as a remedy? Excellent for all kinds of sickness ( I swear by it for travel sickness). Either ginger biscuits, nibbled slowly and chewed well, or ginger tea (a teabag in hot water), or a small knob of ginger root in a mug of hot water, sipped slowly. You can get ginger pills too but if she’s wanting to vomit, swallowing a pill is sometimes difficult. Hope it works.

  15. Judith Fairchild

    Blessings on you all including kalissa’s little on the way. I have said it before grandchildren are God’s reward for getting are children raised to adults. They are so precious .lovecthe pictures.

  16. Love it – nothing better in the world than grand kid pics! We were just looking at a few pics of our third oldest grand child last night – he’s 13 now – all we could say was AW!
    Praying the boys do well with the tubing.
    Love and prayers

  17. The grandbabies are all getting big, and I loved seeing them and getting updated on them all. I hope the tube surgery goes well and both of the boys stay healthy enough to get it done.

  18. Congratulations. I also had severe nausea most of the day when I was pregnant and usually had to be IV’d at least once each one. Some where they discovered I have next to zero testosterone. (Bonus: no leg or underarm hair or facial “extra” hair.). Any way, for my last pregnancy they gave me low doses of testosterone. Game changer. Not sure if they still do that or not. Just an idea.

  19. My daughter was super sick when she was expecting. She found Preggie pops. They really helped her with her morning sickness which lasted more than the first trimester. We bought her preggie pops at a local motherhood shop but I looked online and it looks like Walgreens now carries them. Kalissa should try them. It can’t hurt.

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