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Our son Buck calls his house the Kramer Compound…after all he is a Kramer.  My house is just the Kramer house.  So today’s news is coming from Buck’s house.

He’s got a recipe for you…you can push the play button to get that.

Here is his recipe for what he calls Minnesota Sushi.

You can catch him trying to test out how to do some maple collecting with his assistant…

…and you get a good laugh of him trying to figure out what his kids will eat in this video.

By the way…
The recipe he is referencing in this video is my “hotdog meatballs”.  They really are excellent.  It’s one of the recipes I give out to people most often.  I’ve catered them several times.  You can find the recipe HERE.

That’s what is new at Buck’s house.  I just love when he sends videos I can share!!  I hope you all do too.


10 thoughts on “New from the Kramer Compound”

  1. Too funny, a friend used to drink Minnesota coffee. Basically it was coffee colored hot water. Baby it’s cold in Duluth she would tell me.

  2. Great videos and the new cast iron pot got a workout making his creation. I love that he and his assistant our out collecting for maple syrup, so cool.

  3. Great video. Well at grandmas house they pick….usually Mac and cheese. But, lo and behold, one doesn’t like Mac n cheese! Imagine! I was shocked! So spaghetti next meal! Homemade! That was loved! Just remember Buck, most little kids up to about ? Survive on what they like to eat. Somehow!

  4. Try “Dip it in ketchup!” Not just fries, but any fresh vegetable that’s not cooked to death. Whole green beans, cooked carrot sticks, slices of summer squash steamed until slightly tender. Also pork chop “sticks” or squares of cooked chicken breasts. Also try separating foods into different piles so the pea juice doesn’t contaminate the mashed potatoes. One of my boys wouldn’t eat stew all plopped on his plate, but he didn’t mind separate carrots, potatoes, and meat. Also try reverse psychology — “You’re not old enough to eat asparagus.”

  5. I couldn’t imagine what MInnesota Sushi might be!!! Had never heard that name for that “appetizer” —
    Since I’m so deaf- have a hard time hearing Buck’s voice—so I missed what must have been something about what the kids won’t eat!! :-) Of my 4–I really only had 1 that was MS Picky– thankfully–though NOW I hear about the youngest -all the things she didn’t LIKE , that she HAD to eat when growing up!!
    Loved the tapping the Maple tree!! I could see sap is running in the one by mouse house–and the ‘modern day’ method??? So different!! I loved getting a few sips of that sap running -right at the tree as a kid!

  6. Sounds good. I like the Minnesota sushi. My sister makes those for gatherings and so good. Meatballs would probably be good too. I hope we hear more about the maple syrup making. My brother began a side business of tapping trees and making syrup and now his sons and grandsons do most of it. They just put the lines out and barrels out last week. Busy time.

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter

    As an alternative to Minnesota sushi, use pickled asparagus instead of pickles – those are amazing! My kids ate what was on their plates or went hungry. Chicken fingers were a big hit and I found that if I use Panko crumbs with the Italian bread crumbs and Parmesan, the crunch is better. Using an air fryer is so much easier than the electric frying pan and oil!

  8. I’m sorry to play favourites, I really do love all the Kramer family! … but Buck is my favourite lately haha I really look forward to his cooking and “dad life” style videos and enjoy his sense of humour

  9. Love the videos. Please keep them coming. A fellow I used to work with was from Iowa and whenever we had a pot luck party he made Minnesota Sushi. He called them pickle roll ups. They were delicious and we always begged him to make them for our parties. Yum!!

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