Home Made Hash browns

My hubby loves homemade hash browns.  He secretly plots to go to restaurants that feature homemade hash browns.  I have tried unsuccessfully to make them to his liking.    Then I went to a Pampered Chef party and bought this little tool.


It will julienne veggies cutting them in tiny little strings.  They suggest using in  on zucchini in stir fry but I decided to try it out on potatoes and make hash browns.  It was a success.


Typically I make them on the frying pan on the stove but I had extra kids here to eat so I did them on the griddle.  I don’t have a real recipe so I’ll just tell you what I did….

Put a pat or two of butter in the pan.  Cut up the number of potatoes you wish to eat.   Keep the potatoes in as thin of a layer on the pan as possible. Chop up and onion if you like them and add that in.  Let them sit for a quite a while.  The butter will melt and the hash browns will be cooked.  The potatoes closest to the pan will be crispy and the ones further away from the heat will get tender.  Cover them it possible.  Flip the potatoes.  Let the other side get crispy.  What ever you do, don’t stir or continue flipping them.  Just let them sit.  We love a slice of cheese over the top….yum.

So next time you get invited to a Pampered Chef party and are wondering what to buy,  tell them all about this neat blog, Jo’s Country Junction, and how that gal, Jo, uses her julienne tool to make hash browns and her hubby loves them.

Today I am hooking up with Dandelion House.  To see more Farm Girl ideas check it out.

10 thoughts on “Home Made Hash browns”

  1. Such a great tip and I am sitting here with a pampered chef book in hand wondering what to order………..you’ve certainly helped make up my mind. Love your blog, read it daily…it’s # 1 on my list.

  2. I haven’t seen that tool! I also cannot get homemade ones to turn out like I’d like, so maybe this little gadget is just what i need.
    Probably won’t get invited to a party for a long time now! BTW–have you seen their Corn Kernal tool? It’s another gadget that I love.

  3. I had to run ds to work, SO, I stopped at Walmart and am now eating bacon and hashbrowns (no pampered chef thing…I’m also feeding a crew, so TONS come prepackaged). My children thank you for this rare treat. LOL!

  4. Interesting hash browns. My husband makes them like this in a frying pan. I can’t eat very many of them because my stomach quickly says “too much”.

  5. Hash browns are one of my husband’s favorite things–and now that you’ve reminded me, I think I will make them for breakfast tomorrow. I make them with onions as well. I like them, but like Carol, I can’t eat too many as they soak up so much fat and make me feel full so quickly.

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