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My email box can be a really fun place…an x-rated place…or even a demanding place.  It all depends on the day…wait!  I just realized as I was reading what I wrote that the x-rated thing doesn’t sound so good…I meant spam.  I have several email addresses…one personal…one for my website Making Learning Fun and one for my blog.  The website email does not have a spam filter so I am always getting “enlargement” emails…ugh.

What I wanted to tell you about was a nice friendly, non demanding, completely “G” rated email that I got from Tisha.  She’s a mom to six kids under the age of 12 with hubby who is deployed.  I can’t imagine that!!  In her busy life, she managed to make this beautiful quilt….

Do you recognize the pattern?  It’s my Chain of Faith pattern….here was my version….

It is one I designed for Moda Bake Shop.  Here’s a link to the pattern.

You will want to head over to Tisha’s blog, Teals Treasures to see all the wonderful pictures she has of the quilt.  Her long armer did an AMAZING job….Great Pattern, Great fabric choices, Great Piecing and a Great Long Armer all came together to make an AWESOME looking quilt.    Congrats on the great finish and good luck with it at the fair.  It’s a winner in my eyes.

If anyone else has projects that they have made using one of my patterns from Moda Bake Shop, one of my AccuQuilt tutorials, or anything you were inspired to do or try after reading the blog send a note with pictures to my email box and I’ll try to feature you on the blog too.  Wouldn’t that be fun to have this as a weekly feature??

…and before you go, did you check out the upcoming “Crumb a long” I am hosting?  Learn how to you can sew along with us to make a crumb quilt here.

4 thoughts on “In my email box…”

  1. I really love this quilt and I think that it was opportune for me to see it today as I’m out for a quilt run and should be able to pick up some fabric. I also sent the link to a friend who wants to start quilting. I think that this would be the perfect project for her!!

  2. Hi, Thanks for posting this quilt! I am the longarmer! It is a beautiful quilt and I loved it for the short time I had it. I have another “Chain Of Faith” coming my way. But it will have different quilting as it is different fabrics. Tisha is a nice gal…we have worked on several quilts together. :)

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