My Favorite Childhood Book…

When I was about 6 years old my mom and dad bought me this book for Christmas.  Well it wasn’t actually this book, it was one like it.

At the same time they bought a copy for my two year old niece, Jody.   Both of us LOVED our books.  We read them all the time and to this day, both of us can recite the ENTIRE book by memory.

When my kids were growing up, I looked EVERYWHERE for a copy.  My sister said, “Oh, Jody’s copy is here at my house.  You can have hers.”  I took it and faithfully read it my girls.  A little while later, Jody was expecting and was looking for her “Little Mommy” book and found out I had it.  Well I thought I better give it back.  Since then my sister, and Jody, and I are always scouring ebay, garage sales and antique shops looking for The Little Golden book, “Little Mommy”.  We all wanted a copy or two.

I am happy to say while I was visiting the Amish general store yesterday I found a copy.


It isn’t exactly the same as the cover is different but the inside is all the same!!!  They had two copies so I bought them both.  I found out that Amazon has them too!!  Just in case any of you have been looking for a copy here’s the link. Little Mommy (Little Golden Book)

I just love the illustrations…


I love the concept of playing house….


I love the whole book….


I love being a grown up Mommy to my five “little children”.

If you love children’s books like I do, you might be interested in this book I found at the same Amish store….My Favorite Farm Animal Friends

It’s a board book so there aren’t a lot of pages…but again the illustrations are amazing.  This book has a gentle Christian theme to it that is just perfect.


I can see this being the perfect book to give as a baptism present.  I never know what to give for baptism presents…

I’m so glad that I found the “Little Mommy” book and the new farm board book.  I never dreamed I’d find it at the Amish store.

Don’t you wish childhood now days was a little more like the illustrations of the book?

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Childhood Book…”

  1. Pat C in Washingon

    I still have my favorite book of my childhood days – Katie the Kitten. It’s battered and worn, but my mom said I HAD to have it read to me before my nap and at bedtime every day, and knew every word by heart. Sometimes I’m glad my mom was a saver and never threw anything away!

  2. They just don’t write them like that anymore. Glad you wrote this blog…I just remember my favorite book. Being 2 at the time, I don’t think I ever knew Grandma got it for us for Christmas. I just knew I always had it. I am glad we share this love and that we eventually got to be “real” little mommys!

  3. I have that Little Mommy book! It’s one of my daughter’s absolute favorites. She looks a lot like the little girl in the book, and she loves that the girl is dressed up in a neat pinafore all day long. Great book.

  4. I have that book! I have a whole bunch of the Golden books – my son’s favorite is the Shy, Shy Kitten, but Little Mommy gets read sometimes.

  5. I bought The Little Red Hen yesterday for my granddaughter! I love Little Golden Books and I’m happy to see more of the old ones returning to the stores.
    Now I”ll be on the lookout for your favorite book. :)

  6. Our favorite (and the favorite for my grandson) was “The Giving Tree”. My grandson memorized the whole thing too. It is a wonderful book!

  7. I love Little Golden books. Lately I have been thinking about all the things I wish I had kept and these are one of them. Thank goodness ebay allows us to buy back our childhood memories.

  8. I had a ton of Little Golden Books, but not that one. Now you’ve got me wanting my own copy!

    Have you seen the clocks made from old children’s books? That one would be perfect. If you could make yourself sacrifice a copy.

  9. I seen this just the other day in the grocery store. They had a whole display of little golden books and mailing envelopes to go with them. My favorite little golden book was the pokey little puppy. I still have it, those are books I just can’t part with.

  10. We must be about the same age! This was also my favorite book as a child, and my oldest daughter’s favorite too. I have looked for it for years, since my mom won’t part with her copy either. I was SO thrilled to find copies for us on Amazon, and so was my daughter! Love this book! And love your blog!

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