Gracie: The naughty dog!

Gracie is at it again…destroying property.  Remember just a few weeks ago when she shredded a towel?  Well now, she’s breaking lamps.

This was my lamp that hubby and I had shopped and shopped and shopped for.  We were in about 8 different stores trying to find what I was looking for and couldn’t find it.  This one was exactly what I wanted and in the right price range.

I have a quilt rack behind the lamp.  Gracie decided to hide her rawhide bone under the quilt rack.  Somehow she got the quilt rack to tip.  The quilt rack fell into the lamp and the lamp fell over.

There is not fixing to this….

Looks like we’ll  I’ll be lamp hunting again.  UGH.  I hate shopping.

9 thoughts on “Gracie: The naughty dog!”

  1. Ouch! Such lamps are hard to find. :(
    But actually, it can be fixed – but you need a lot of different tools and supplies for that – and the worst thing would be to find a fitting shade of tiffany glass for the broken ones :(

  2. I hope you can find another. I can sympathise as I have a cat weeing and pooing where she shouldn’t as a response to a new cat in the household. She is living on a very fine edge right now.

  3. There is a man and his wife at Coon Rapids Iowa who can probably fix the lamp for not-too-much money. He does stained glass work in churches and designs new windows or whatever tickles his fancy at the time. We had him make a stained glass quilt block fs a prize in an ugly fat quarter challenge. It is beautiful and the winner will be chosen today. They will be sew surprised to see what they won!! If you want/need more information, let me know. I’m pretty full of it…information, I mean…or so I’ve been told. Hahahahaha!

  4. Sorry to hear about your lamp. I’m not sure if you exercise your dog on
    a regular basis but I know that made a huge difference in mine. They
    need the mental stimulation and if they don’t get out then they get bored!

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