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Over the weekend I was busy making little Trick or Treat bags using my Accuquilt Go! Tumbler die.  These were quick and easy.


I hadn’t heard of anyone machine quilting fabric and batting together and then running it through the Go! so I decided to test it out.  It works perfectly.  I would recommend only cutting two layers at a time if you do, but it worked marvelously.

I forgot to take pictures as sewed because Kelli was home with her dog…and things just get crazy here when Kelli is home.

I did make a video with instructions…you can watch it by following this link.  In order to get the video made, Kalissa and I had to ban Kelli and dogs from the kitchen….it took about five takes to get what we got  as we started laughing so many times…in fact Kalissa has vowed to make a bloopers video.

Here are some specifics.  To start, pick your outside fabric.  Layer it on top of a piece of batting and machine quilt.  Then cut 4 tumbler blocks and 1 – 3.5″ square from the quilted fabric and from the lining fabric.  The handle is made with two pieces of outside fabric and a scrap of batting that is 15″ long.  Layer the pieces of fabric on top of the batting sew along each side.  Then turn right side out.  Iron.  Fuse a piece of lining fabric that is .75″ x 15″ to the handle.  The pumpkin is cut using the 3″ die and fabric that has fusible web on the back.    I did a button hole stitch  along the fusible on the handle and around the pumpkin.  Please note that when making the trick or treat bag, the handle is placed from to back…NOT side to side.   If you want to know more specifics, drop me and note and I’ll answer them…

See what I mean about things getting crazy here…..Kelli and the dogs…(Gracie is the one sitting nicely)

Kelli and Kalissa…

Kelli and Puppycat….Gracie too!  (Gracie is on the one sitting nicely..again!)


After seeing those pictures you can see why I forgot to take pictures to write a photo tutorial….it was a silly day.  Tomorrow I’ll show how far along I am on my Note to Self quilt.  Mine isn’t turning out like Judy’s pattern…I’m improvising as I go.

13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Don’t discriminate against me cause my dog is a bit crazy! She’s still a puppy and will forever be….Puppycat!

  2. Jo-what a cute idea! I don’t have a GO cutter but I think I can probably hand cut a pattern. You are so cleaver-where do you come up with all of your ideas? And I bet everyone with a GO is now going to run already quilted fabric thru theirs now that you’ve done your trick or treat bag-very cute.

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