My Poor Puppy

Gracie has been under the weather the last couple days….


definitely not her chipper self.  She NEVER goes in her kennel on her own but over the last couple days, I’ve found her there…just like in the photo.

A few days ago we noticed she had a bit of a limp.  Then we noticed she was licking her paw all the time.  After a bit of investigation, and a few growls and snaps, we discovered she lost her “fingernail”.    She’s slowly getting a little more active and we are keeping an eye on her.

I have a quilt ready to bind so hopefully she’ll be up and ready for a photo shoot with the quilt.   It’s hard to see her sad.

11 thoughts on “My Poor Puppy”

  1. Call your vet, they can tell you how much pain killer you can give her. I don’t remember which over the counter is ok for dogs.

  2. Claire: aspirin is the one OTC pain killer that’s appropriate for dogs, and I don’t think it’s a great idea on a small or injured dog (is ok for very occasional use in large dogs with inflammation-caused pain – I use it when my dog gets ‘dead tail’ recurrences). If she’s acting sick and not just limping, I’d worry that it’s infected and needs treatment, though.

  3. Gracie does look sad. Its good that you’ve found the problem. Wonder what she caught it on to have it taken away… Definitely give the vet a call for some advice. Wouldn’t want any infection setting in… Sandi

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