A Quilt, a Dog Story and a Winner…

A couple days ago I was telling you all about my obsession with Moda’s fabric line Oz by Sanae.  Here’s a little gem I finished up quilting a few weeks ago before my machine went on the fritz.


This little quilt was a design as I went project.  I had leftovers from my Round About Schnibble quilt and decided to make use of them.  I blogged about working on the quilt top a while back but hadn’t added the borders or quilted it.  Now, I can say it’s finished!

Here’s a close up of the quilting….


I used a gold thread on the top and a variegated thread on the back.  The backing is black flannel and the thread just pops!  I tried to get a good photo of the back but had no luck….then Gracie even tried to help me get a good photo.

But…no luck.
As you can see, Gracie looks a little sad today.  I got my quilt machine back from the repair shop and was upstairs trying to get it set back up.  While I was up there, my little friend Gracie got into the compost bucket.  I came downstairs catching her “in the act” so Gracie “enjoyed” a little time out in the kennel.  Hubby came in for lunch and I let Gracie out of the kennel.  Gracie just went and laid in her spot in the living room.  That’s unusual for her but I figured she was giving me the cold shoulder for kenneling her.

We ate lunch and I did dishes….still no peep out of Gracie.  I went in worked on the computer for a bit, went to get up and stepped in a PILE of dog vomit.  Apparently, compost doesn’t agree with Gracie’s tummy.  (You can laugh out loud only because I can’t hear you!)

I think that’s what her sad face in the photo is all about…. Not only is her tummy not feeling too good but she’s feeling a little bad about the vomit mess too.  Oh…gotta love that beagle!

Oh and before I forget the winner of the pattern and “Goat Gazette” subscription is #30….Nina.  Check back tomorrow.  I am having a “I’m cleaning my sewing room giveaway”.

4 thoughts on “A Quilt, a Dog Story and a Winner…”

  1. Poor Gracie! Bleh, I once stepped in a freshly spit loogy. I was pregnant and took my shoes off my swelling feet to walk 20 steps to the taxi stand. It was dark and I never saw it coming. Ugh! (shivers) I’m sure that is nothing compared to dog puke though!

  2. Funny as dogs normally don’t hold a grudge. We used to hear this and laugh….try putting your dog and your wife in the car trunk for a few hours…see who cames out kissing you!

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