Everyone has one..but me.

I remember when I wanted to be pregnant and it seemed everyone else was pregnant except me…well today we went to the Rendezvous celebration in Fort Atkinson.  We went last year and I blogged about it here.  This year, with Gracie gone, it seemed “everyone” who attended had a dog except me.

We have gone to the Rendezvous for many years and honestly I knew people brought dogs, but I didn’t remember this many…..

This little gal was even named “Gracie”.

So many dogs…

Dogs of all kinds.  This one had a “wheelchair” for when it was moving about.

There were big dogs….

little dogs….

dogs with packs.

All of them were very friendly.

As sad as I was to be missing my Gracie,

I was so happy that these dogs…and these people had someone special in their lives.

Last year, I just took the dogs for granted.  This year, I immediately noticed them.  Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll have a well behaved dog that walks on a lease and has enough manners that I could bring it to the Rendezvous.

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