Walking a Different Path

Our farm dog, Pepper has started to try to follow Gracie and I when we are out walking along the road….and that is a disaster.  Pepper won’t be on a leash and she doesn’t pay attention to traffic…I’m a nervous wreck, convinced she’ll get hit so I started walking the dogs through the back farm paths.  I don’t keep Gracie on a leash anymore either….she LOVES it!  I love walking the back paths too.


Typically I’m out front and the dogs are following behind.  Gracie HAS to smell as many things as she can so she’s typically lagging behind.


Where we walk is a combination of water ways and field paths.  It’s more like hiking than just walking.  The ground it uneven.  There are ruts and potholes to watch out for along with weeds and lots of bugs….interesting bugs.  Not nasty bugs…dragonflies and brightly colored bugs I don’t know the names of….butterflies are always along the path.  It’s such a hoot to watch Gracie try to sniff butterflies that are landed on the ground and then see her startled as they flutter and fly away.


The crops here in northeast Iowa are looking so good.  Here’ a bean field we cut through on our last walk.

It seems Pepper and I are often stopping for a second to see where Gracie at.


I have never said much about Pepper on my blog.  She is a Black Lab-Weimaraner cross.  She is 10 years old and all farm dog.  She will not come in the house or garage….she’s petrified of the buildings.  She sleeps in the barn in the winter and outside in the summer.  She has a BIG bark but is super gentle with us.  Several years ago when I was doing childcare our kids and the childcare kids were out waiting for the bus to come.  A snowmobile went by on the other side of the road…Pepper ran after it.  By doing that, she crossed the road and was hit by a passing car.  We went through several days of nursing her back to health.  Her body works just fine but her mind is just not the same….We still love her…but things are definitely different.  She isn’t as friendly with kids anymore as she doesn’t have that spark she used to have.  She loves walking with us…..

Where’s Gracie….I can call and call….and then look!  There’s the tail peeking up.


We walk about a mile….then the dogs take a drink in the creek…


Then it’s time for the next mile….more paths, more cornfields, more bugs, more chasing….it’s perfect.  The dogs and I love walking through the paths so much more than walking on the road.  It’s nice that Pepper can come along too….

Speaking of Pepper….there she is….


…going for a dip in the creek.


We’re on this side of the creek now…looks like we’re back to work.  Chicken chores…check the garden….pick the lettuce…water the flowers…take a shower…eat some breakfast and start working on the website.  It sure was nice to have a slice of calm and exercise before the hectic things of the day take over.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my review of Purina’s new dog food, ProPlan Selects, check it out here…..Gracie and now Pepper are both eating and loving it.  Follow that link for coupons and a chance to win a $100 VISA card.

Come on back tomorrow…I have a fun idea I want to share….

9 thoughts on “Walking a Different Path”

  1. Crops look really good—our corn here is a little farther along and
    the beans are about 2″ tall(planted after wheat). Our temperatures
    this week are high–98 degrees to 110 degrees. Could use a little
    rain. I`ve done the walks you mentioned, it was surely peaceful
    and very relaxing. Don`t walk as much as I use to–back to

  2. Jo,
    Sounds like the perfect way to spend an early morning. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful blog. I so look forward to hearing what is going on with you in all your endeavors. Love, love, love your rhubarb raspberry jam as well as your many gardening and quilting tips. Thanks again for sharing with all of us and congrats on the Accuquilt adventure!

  3. I loved joining you for your walk. I basically have to do the same thing. I figured my walks would be easier on our gravel road, but trying to keep Buddy (our Pomeranian) on a leash was difficult. Then our cats started following me. So I just walk around our farm. They can all follow as much as they want. LOL

  4. Kasjen Kramer

    Its good to see Pepper out and about again. I love it when she just lays down in the creek and drinks whatever is around her :)

  5. One thing about having a dog, it makes you get out to walk them and you get exercise at the same time. I’d love to have a little dog but our lifestyle is not a good one for pets – in a few years!!

  6. We have a Pepper too and she is part black lab. However, I think she would come in the house if we opened the door for her. She hates thunder and lightening and jumps up on the door until we have to go put her on her runner near her house. We have tried to come up with a way to keep her off the porch so she can’t do that, but haven’t really figured that out. The door is a French door and we really are afraid she will jump hard enough to break it one of these days and hurt herself. Anyway, our Peppers could pass for sisters they look so much alike.

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