Pets On Quilt Show

Have you heard all the the hoopla? SewCalGal is sponsoring a Pets on Quilts Show.   I just couldn’t resist.  How could I not enter Gracie?


If there ever was a dog who could pose on a quilt, Gracie is it.


Honestly…if I flip a quilt out, Gracie is on it ready to pose.  If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll remember when I did a video showing you how easy it is to get her to pose….Here it is if you haven’t seen it before.

If you check out my pages Quilts of 2010 or Quilts of 2011 you will see that Gracie is featured on most of my quilts.

If there ever was a dog who could be a cover girl….Gracie is it.  I never thought that when we got her two years ago that she’d be such a big part of lives….

Head on over to SewCalGals and check out all the Pets on Quilts….then on the 19th or 20th, head back on over and vote for your favorite entries.


If you are new to the blog…feel free to take some time to check things out.  I have a Robbing Peter to Pay Paul AccuQuilt GO! die giveaway going on.  I blog most every day so you can always find something fresh and new.

39 thoughts on “Pets On Quilt Show”

  1. Hah, this video just made my day. She seemed to enjoy herself! I especially liked the mini tail-wags when she’s sitting near the end:)

  2. My two cats pose nicely on my quilts when you least expect it! Mostly they enjoy the laying out on the floor stage…you know that means lots redo…inside and underneath are always much more fun for Kaos and Komotion than sitting on top. I’ll pose for one of those yummy Turkey (Chicken) Sandwiches. Good luck in the competition with Gracie. Sandi

  3. It’s funny, I am so used to seeing Gracie on your quilts. I’m glad she’s entered in the show so other people can get to know her. Thanks.

  4. Oh Jo & Gracie this is so cute. Gracie is definitely an excellent model. Love the video too. But I did laugh when someone in the background (video) said something to the effect “she is a dog” when you asked Gracie to smile and Gracie looked at that person like “what…how dare you say I’m a dog”….and then she smiled shortly afterwards. Too funny.

    I think the Hollywood Agents want to hire Gracie for an upcoming tv series!

    Thanks for sharing in the Pets on Quilts Show.


  5. Gracie is so adorable. Thx for sharing her story. I love the pics of her on the pretty quilts.. I esp. love the pattern and colors in the first quilt. :)

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